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Friday Favorites {#57}

Hello! Shew…this week has been exhausting. I’m so happy that it’s almost the weekend. I hope you’ve had a great first week of March. I saw this meme and thought it was very timely 😂

This week was nice with family visiting and beautiful weather, but with kids’ activities and return to in person learning, I feel like I usually feel those first few weeks of August! The “Back to School” exhaustion is real!

As always, I’m linking up with Andrea and Erika for this week’s Friday Favorites post.

Today, I’m sharing a random assortment of favorites!

Travis made a “deal” with Hayden and and his friend that if they scored a combined 40 points in their four games last weekend, he’d buy them dinner. Their teams ended the weekend 3-1, and the boys scored a combined 43 points. Hayden was excited. The meal is still TBD, but it was fun to watch them play their games.

Sunday night, Hadley packed her lunch for the pod on Monday. I didn’t check on it until Monday morning, and saw that she’d packed Easter candy, a crumbled up chocolate Cliff bar, two Hawaiian rolls, pepperoni and…more pepperoni. The random assortment made me laugh.

The kids requested Air Fryer donuts on Tuesday morning. After I made them, I sat them on the counter with my coffee, and caught the sun light shining! So pretty…and the donuts were delish.

Homer had his yearly check up and shots this week. Pooks weighs almost 55 lbs…I honestly thought he’s weigh more than that. He’s certainly our favorite.

My dad usually visits around St. Patrick’s Day, so I typically make corned beef, cabbage, and Irish soda bread. While we still have a couple of weeks until March 17th, I went ahead and made our traditional feast on Tuesday since he was in town. Honestly, the Irish soda bread is my fave.

My dad visiting was a favorite of the week. He always asks for a pic with the kids all lined up on the front porch steps…and then my brother and I hopped in for a quick photo.

Due to Covid, we haven’t seen our Missouri family as often as we usually do. Now, it’s my mom’s turn to visit.

The final pod photo was also a favorite of the week. On Tuesday, the kids all had pizza for lunch, and then were sent home with fresh baked cookie and a sweet note from their pod teacher.

Our “Back to School” breakfast was a fave. Of course, that tradition is usually in August, but I decided to serve up donuts, yogurts, and juice boxes for their return to in person learning on Wednesday.

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Hadley’s “Back to School” light up sign was so fun. She was definitely in the “back to school” spirit.

Hadley’s email to me on their first day back was the highlight of my week.

Then, I received the sweetest email from school with their photos! I missed them more than I thought I would on Wednesday. Of course, I was excited for them to get back to school, but we really have been together most days over the past year, so it felt odd not having them around.

My new New Balance shoes arrived this week, and they are definitely a favorite. I ordered them from Joe’s New Balance Outlet, and I’ve used that site before with great success. These are even cuter in person than I expected them to be…and I got them for a great price…(which is always a favorite!)

Favorite Mom Meme:

These memes cracked me up when I saw them this week…

This is SO true in my house!

Bonus Fave: Flashback Friday

This sweet pic of the kids playing at the park is from March 2013 is a favorite from the past. Hadley’s little pink Chucks are the best!

Weekly Recap:

Here are my posts from this week in case you missed one!

Monday is the Not Just a Mom link up, and the topic is Favorite Phone Apps. I hope you’ll link up if you’re a blogger!

This weekend, we have a few activities, my mom is visiting, and the weather looks very much like spring! See you back here on Monday.

13 thoughts on “Friday Favorites {#57}

      1. This week I’ve gotten up earlier, been to school each day and yesterday was part 1 of freshman orientation. I was back to school August tired last night 😂


      2. Oh gosh – that is what I am dreading – that back to school tired when I want to be ramping down for the year! Ha! And, my boys will move home April 19. But, it will all be o.k. I think we are going to be allowed to work from home on Wednesdays which will be awesome.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. I’ve never had the traditional corned beef and cabbage St. Patty’s meal, and have always wondered if I’m missing out on something delicious. I think the cabbage part has me mystified. I’ve never thought to myself, “man, cabbage sounds good today.” But I feel like I need to try it at least once in my life. Happy Friday!


    1. I’m not a cabbage person either but the corned beef and soda bread I make are so good. I put a couple pieces of cabbage on my plate, add a little butter and salt and that’s the only cabbage I eat all year 😂


  2. What a great week! That flashback picture is too cute! Every time we have changed from virtual to hybrid to virtual back to hybrid, I feel that first week of school tired. It gets you! I love that Hadley emailed you! My oldest emails me midday sometimes and it always brings a smile to my face! Have a great time with your mom this weekend!


    1. I found the recipe on Pinterest. Basically, you just cut a hole in the biscuit, put them in air fryer for 4-5 minutes, drizzle melted butter on them and the sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar


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