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Girl Scout Cookies

Hello and Happy Monday! (and Happy March 1st!) How was your weekend? Hadley and I went to Target for a few things on Friday including something for her to wear on the first day back to school this week. Somehow, we left with four pairs of workout tights/leggings for her. I think I was #Hadleyed.

Hayden had four total basketball games this weekend which are always fun to watch. And, in true Kentucky weather fashion, we’ve gone from snow and ice to sunshine to rain all in the matter of a week!

One of the tasks Hadley and I accomplished yesterday was sorting her third and final order of Girl Scout cookies. I thought I share about her cookie sales through the years. This last year of elementary school has me feeling all kinds of nostalgia!

Image c/o

Every year, she sells to family and friends, and Travis and I take the cookie form to work. That being said, they are her cookies to sell for her troop, so I always tell her that if she wants me to share about cookie sales on social media, she has to make a video.

These videos have cracked me up through the years. One year, when she mentioned her troop, she said, “Toot toot!” instead of “22” haha! We couldn’t stop laughing.

She always shares any cookie updates, what the favorite cookies are, the new cookies, how much the cookies cost, and whatever else she can think to share in her one minute video.

She also sells door to door in the neighborhood, and she learns so much from interacting with “customers” on those direct sales. Also, her troop typically sells at Kroger during a two hour window of time a couple Saturdays or Sundays in February.

Of course, Covid made things different this year, so there were no cookie booth sales for her troop, but we did go door to door to neighbors who I knew would feel comfortable with her selling cookies; we of course, kept our distance and wore masks during those sales.

She definitely loves this time of the year, and while sorting hundreds of boxes can be daunting, we make it a family affair! Hayden will even help us if needed πŸ˜‰ (Also, of note: the mom in our troop in charge of cookies is an absolute saint! I’m forever adding to orders I’ve given her, swapping cookies, or asking how much money we owe! I don’t know how she does it, but we sure do appreciate her!)

Cookie Time through the Years…


I’m fairly certain this wasn’t the first year her troop sold cookies, but it must have been the first year they had a cookie booth a Kroger.

They were so cute in their little cookie costumes. Who could say ‘no’ to these sweet faces?


Cookie booth at Kroger in 2018 in their second year as Brownies.

I took this picture of Hadley to share on Facebook as a “thank you” post for supporting her sales.


The cookie booth smiles continued in 2020.

2020 “thank you” photo…


Who knew when they sold at Kroger in 2020, that there would be no booth sales in 2021?! They always have so much fun together greeting the customers, giving their sales pitch, tallying the cookies sold, and providing the (hopefully!) correct change when the customer makes a purchase. They always worked so well together playing off of each other’s strengths and weaknesses!

2021 cookie photo when her first two rounds of orders were picked up!

We made the final tally over the weekend and Hadley sold…

630 boxes!!! She was so excited.

2021 “thank you” photo:

It’s always fun seeing who orders what, and which cookie is the winner in most boxes sold…It’s always the Thin Mint cookie as the winner! The new “Toast-Yay” cookie was really good, and this was the last year for the S’mores!

  • Toast-yay 45
  • S’more 48
  • Lemonades 55
  • Shortbread 61
  • Thin Mint 134
  • Peanut Butter Patties 92
  • Caramel deLite 111
  • Peanut butter Sandwich 42
  • Gluten Free Chocolate Chip 28
  • Donated: 14

This year, I think so many people took advantage of cookies being shipped. We were able to reach more than our Kentucky friends and family, and we, of course, appreciate their generosity.

Our family favorites:

  • Hadley: Peanut Butter Patties or Toast-yay
  • Hayden: Lemonades (Every year, he gives Hadley his own money for one box to keep all for himself!)
  • Trav: Caramel deLites
  • Me: Peanut Butter Patties

Thank you:

I created this form a couple of years ago as a way to help with sorting and keep orders straight. Again, I feel like it’s important for Hadley to help and also give thanks to those who have placed ordered.

Being in Girl Scouts has taught Hadley so much. Being a servant leader, navigating life skills, and building confidence are certainly just a few of the things she’s learned while being a part of this sweet little troop!

I can’t believe cookie season is over. We actually did a good job pacing ourselves with the cookie eating! We still have quite a few boxes, and I’ve hidden them in the basement πŸ˜‰

What are your favorite cookies? Thanks so much for reading, and have a great week!

5 thoughts on “Girl Scout Cookies

  1. In Canada we only have two types of Girl Guide (that’s what they are called here) cookies. We have the Oreo cookie style kind with all chocolate in one sleeve and all vanilla in the other sleeve. And the other kind is chocolate mint, a chocolate biscuit dipped in chocolate.
    I have no idea what American Girl Scout cookies taste like but I was amazed when I first learned about all of the different kinds.
    We don’t have any kids in the program but we usually pick up a box or two when we see them.

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    1. Wow! I didn’t realize the cookies would be different in Canada…although, I know here that a couple different companies make the cookies and have different names for same cookies. Both of the cookie options you mention sound delish!

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