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Friday Favorites {#41}

Happy Friday! We’ve had a good, but busy, week around here! Sometimes getting back on track after a break can be difficult, but we all rallied to get it together with our schedules, school, work, and activities. I hope you’ve had a great week too!

Per usual, I’m linking up with Andrea and Erika for their weekly Friday Favorites post.

Here are some favorites from the week:

Favorite Food(s):

Saturday, after we returned home from Asheville, we headed to my brother’s house because my mom and Gma were visiting. My Gma made sloppy joe’s and tots for dinner. My brother made this delicious cake with apple butter and homemade icing!

I hosted Sunday night dinner with soup and cornbread. I tried a new recipe my dad shared with me where you use a box of Jiffy cornbread mix and yellow cake mix. It was delicious.

The kids (with the help of my mom and Gma) made the first pumpkin pie (for us!) of the season.

ready for the oven

This was our dessert on Sunday night!

Also, on Sunday, I went to Trader Joe’s with my mom, Gma, and Hadley. I’d just been grocery shopping, but picked up some of our Trader Joe’s faves.

Favorite Moment(s):

Of course, my most favorite moment was having family visit. It’s hard enough having family that lives far away and then throw Covid into the mix which makes it even more difficult.

Honestly, we didn’t do much, so I don’t have any pictures except Hadley did a countdown selfie on Monday morning before they left…which meant no makeup and very tired eyes. 😊

I mentioned last week, that Hadley earned the red plate for dance, cross country, and because her teacher shared such positive thoughts about her on a phone call home.

It was Hayden’s turn for the red plate for his efforts with school and sports.

And…Hadley picked up her flute yesterday. 5th grade band starts next week, and she wanted to give the flute a try!

And after Hadley got her flute…

Hayden got…braces. And, while that’s probably not a favorite, he does have a good attitude about it all and is happy to move onto this next step of the phase 2 process.

Favorite Kid Quote:

My kids weren’t funny this week. Kidding. Kidding. I just can’t think of a specific example as I type this post.

Favorite Pic:

Still reminiscing about our Asheville trip…

but then we returned home to the leaves on the trees starting to show off!

Favorite Clothing Item:

I’ve seen all the people talking about this Aerie sweatshirt, and when I saw it was on sale, I went ahead and purchased…two! I will say I’m wearing them on repeat. I tried on the small and it fit, but I liked the over-sized fit of the medium, so I could wear it with leggings. Also, I do feel like I may be too old to shop at Aerie, but not mad about this purchase 😉

Good Vibes Oversized Quarter Zip in Light Gray Cheetah.

I also love the corded option in Mystic Mauve.

and, yes, y’all–I moved my mirror to the hallway for better light! …but I’m still headless.

Other Faves:

My mom brought this basket with her that she found after cleaning her garage. I do give her a hard time about the fact that she always brings things with her when she visits. She made this basket many moons ago…and it actually does look perfect on top of the antique cabinet (from my dad’s side of the family) in my kitchen.

This kids finally received their yearbooks from last year. The covers were so cute with their school pics on them. (I probably paid for that extra touch and have forgotten. 😂) I love looking through the yearbook as much as they do!

Hayden went to a friend’s house for school on Tuesday, so I told Hadley I’d treat her to lunch. She wanted Jason’s Deli, so we had lunch together before she headed outside for recess.

I clicked on my Netflix app to add a show to my viewing list, and saw that Hadley changed our profile pics….which she does often. It’s always funny to see what she chooses. The pic for Hayden cracks me up the most!

Favorite Mom Meme:

This of all the Mom Memes I’ve shared has to be funniest one I’ve seen! Every time I read it, I chuckle!

Friday Funny:

My mom shared this with me and then I saw it again on Facebook 😂 My love for the GG runs deep…and Dorothy’s side eye is on point!

Bonus Fave: Flashback Friday

This pic of Hadley in 2010 is a fave. I love Facebook memories. #thebiggerthebow…

FYI she was a very serious baby for the first year of her life. 😳

Here’s another set of faves: a flashback (2012), Hadley, picking pumpkins, and Trader Joe’s!

Speaking of pumpkins…(I feel like I’m always speaking of pumpkins)… We hope to start the weekend off right with a trip to the orchard! I see more pumpkins and apple cider donuts in my future!

Weekly Recap:

Don’t forget to check out the other ladies’ post! Have a great weekend!

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  1. What a nice week! The cake and pie look so good and I have done that cornbread! I can’t remember what restaurant does that? The braces! Love your sweatshirts! Have fun at the pumpkin patch!

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