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August Prime Purchases

Hello! I’m linking up with Tanya for her monthly Prime Purchases link up.

As always, Amazon Prime is almost too convenient. That being said, I’ve always appreciated this option, but I certainly appreciate it more during these times as I try to limit the places I go to during this COVID life, so I typically search Amazon first for purchases.

Here’s a peek at what I’ve purchased this month.

At the end of June’s Amazon post, I said I had made one more June purchase, but it was a gift for Trav’s birthday. Anyway, I will pick up where I left off with the gift…It was a this Sipworks Coffee Tumbler. I feel like we have a lot of drinkware, but he was taking his coffee to work in some of my teacher/mom travel mugs, so I thought I’d get him one of his own.

Once we started to get out and about a bit more, I was tired of having to hold masks when we didn’t need them. I decided to order these neck gaiters for the kids to see if they’d like them. They do! For example, when Hayden had his ortho appointment, it was easy for him to just pull it up and down when needed. I’ve actually ordered a couple more, so we have extras. There are tons of color and design options as well as a two pack or four pack options.

Ice cream and neck gaiters. Very 2020.

I picked up this Monopoly Deal card game before our recent trip to Kansas City. Andrea had shared about it, and I thought it would be perfect for us to play and easy to throw in my purse for packing. It takes a few rounds to get the hang of it, but we do enjoy playing it.

I’ve shared these Amazon pjs in a Friday Favorites post, but I thought I’d share them again in this post. They are perfect for summer. They are lightweight and comfy. There are many color options, but I purchased the galaxy pattern.

Hadley’s been wanting some white Birkenstock like sandals. I told her I’d buy her some real Birkenstocks when her feet quit growing 😉 Anyway, Target has had a pair all summer, but they are never in our store and for some reason, her size isn’t available for shipping. I’m not sure why I didn’t search Amazon sooner, but these are super cute and have been perfect for her. She’s between a 7-8 (Women’s!) depending on the shoe. The 7.5 fit her perfectly with some room to spare.

While I was ordering her sandals, I went ahead and purchased these sandals for myself. I’d been wanting a pair of slides that could get wet or dirty and just something quick and easy to throw on. I did order my regular size 9, but they barely fit. I ordered the 10, and they arrived a few days later and fit perfectly.

There are tons of color options and some with cute patterns as well!

I’ve seen a few influencers share the next two jewelry items. I feel like I wear the same jewelry over and over. I love bracelets, and they are one accessory I change up when getting ready. These are great to wear in the summer as they are waterproof and just a fun accessory.

I loved these colorful bracelets, and I knew Hadley would wear the necklaces. I could have just gotten the bracelets for a little bit less of money, but thought it was a good deal for both the bracelets and necklaces.

I’ve purchased my school lesson plan book from Amazon the past few years. This year, I did buy a different planner than I usually. This one is hardback with a different layout than I am used to. I do like it, and I always feel better about the school year when I get all the dates and preps in the planner.

I also usually get myself a new set of Paper Mate felt tip markers to use in my planner. Dates and meeting notes look better in color!

I usually go to Ulta for my favorite OPI nail polishes, but Amazon has a competitive price and convenient delivery, of course. Bubble Bath is my favorite OPI color.

My last purchase of the month was a bit random. I was moving my spoon rest from the sink to the drying rack and broke it. Hadley and I were out running errands, so I checked out TJ Maxx (first time I’d been there since at least mid-March), but the store was pretty sparse.

When I looked on Amazon, this mason jar one was one of the first “spoon rest” options to pop up. I thought it was so cute, the perfect color, and fits the vibe of my kitchen.

It arrived the other day and is perfect.

Y’all, I think I purchased more than I usually do in a month from Amazon, so I may need to reel in my Amazon spending for August. #Iwilltryanyway

September 1st is the next Prime Purchases link up. What have you been Priming lately?

Thanks so much for reading.

17 thoughts on “August Prime Purchases

  1. I have that spoon rest in white and I love it! Those look like real birks and I’m tempted! I also may copy off of you with the teacher planner! I use the school issue one but it’s awkwardly big!

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    1. I usually buy a Blue Sky planner from amazon (but I’ve seen them at Walgreens, etc) . I thought I’d try this one. Polka dots looked cute 🙂 I was surprised at the size of the spoon rest but love it!

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  2. I ordered those same gold bracelets and LOVE them!! I may get another set in a different color. I also ordered some of those fun disc bracelets. My kids have been asking for gaiters lately so I’ll have to check those out. Have a great day!

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  3. Oh my gosh I want all of these things!! That nail polish, those knock-off Birkenstock’s, and that lesson plan book is giving me all the back to school feels! Great finds!

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  4. I am thinking I need to join Amazon Prime, my brother/sister-in-law use it all the time. Maybe I can get on their account. Anyway, here’s a funny story about it. I don’t go out because of Covid….I am high risk. I have been ordering Delivery from Wal-Mart and Price Chopper. I always drink water or sugar free red Hawaiian Punch singles to go. All of a sudden in March it became unavailable. I told my brother when they were going to the store keep an eye out for it. His wife googled it and it told her people were buying it up and using it to dye their hair, so much cheaper ( costs $1/bx)than dye and they didn’t have to go to the beauty shop. So for my birthday in June she went to Prime and found a case full of it, 12 boxes of 8 pks each. That was my birthday present (besides dinner from Strouds). It was the best birthday present ever!!! So now if I can’t find something on line myself, I just ask her and she usually comes up with it, and a lot cheaper than I would have. Anyway that’s my funny story. We all had a good laugh.


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