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July Prime Purchases

Of course I’ve made some Amazon purchases over the past month, so I thought I’d link up with Tanya again for her Prime Purchases post.

Y’all, Amazon Prime continues to be the real MVP. From clothes to water bottles to an inflatable pool, Amazon has it all. Here are a few of my recent Amazon purchases.

I’ve made it a goal this summer to drink more water, and this water bottle had done the trick. Hadley says it’s somehow embarrassing, but I love it 😉 I fill it up at least twice a day to get in my daily water goal.

My dad usually buys me a big Nest candle for Christmas. For Father’s Day, I thought I’d get him one that has a summery scent. I didn’t even know Amazon had Nest candles, but he received it the next day, so I was very happy with that purchase!

I’ve shared this pool in the past. Since we didn’t join our club pool this summer, I purchased this inflatable pool. It’s done the trick for keeping us cool. I use it the most, and Travis hates that there will be a big patch of dead grass in our backyard, but it’s been a good solution for this atypical 2020 summer.

And because the kids need to earn their keep…pool skimmer…to get the random leaves out before taking a dip.

I tend to only wear stud earrings. I also tend to lose earrings under a dresser, down the shower drain, or out in the yard. This is why I can’t have nice things. Anyway, I recently purchased these earrings and love them.

Shay shared this visor in one of her posts. I love wearing ball caps and have worn visors in the past. I love that these are plain, and I can keep my hair up high off my neck in the hot days of summer. I’ve purchased this visor in a couple more colors too!

Homer “needed” a larger patriotic bandana just in time for the 4th. Amazon….for the win!

The BEST Amazon purchase of the month (and maybe even the year) were these water shoes. After seeing them on social media, I saved them to one of my Amazon lists. After reading the info for our canoe trip, they mentioned wearing close toed shoes, and I remembered I had saved these. They were perfect for our canoe trip last Friday, and I know that I will wear them during the summer when we go for walks or hikes because I won’t have to wear socks and my feet can breathe!

I bought one more thing recently but it’s a gift for Trav’s birthday, which is today. So I will share it next month as I don’t want to give it away just yet.

Here are the other link up dates for Tanya’s Prime Purchases posts. Make sure to check out her post too.

Have a great Tuesday. Thanks so much for reading.

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    1. I originally ordered on in navy knowing I’d wear them to baseball games and Hayden’s uniform color is navy. Then I bought one in black and green too! I may just keep one in the car, one in pool bag, etc

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