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Happy Homer-versary!

Today’s post is all about Homer! It’s our Homer-versary with him on Monday, June 8, so of course we need to celebrate him! 😉

I’ve shared previous Homer posts, but thought I’d share one more to celebrate one year with our Homer (AKA Pookie, Biscuit, Homster, and Pook-a-to)

We’d lost both our our beloved Boxers within a year of each other as of last spring. I wasn’t sure when my heart would be ready for another dog, but the practical side of me figured summer would be the best time to look for a dog. We’d never rescued a dog, but some friends and neighbors had mentioned the Petfinder app. I set my search for Labradors/Lab mixes within 100 miles. Travis wasn’t sure about having a puppy again, but I was the kids’ age when we got a new puppy, and I remember how exciting and memorable it was to be surprised with a puppy.

After searching the app for a couple of weeks, I realized how quickly some pups are adopted. So…when I saw this face, I did some quick convincing to Travis for us to apply for him.

His name was “Glorious” and his two brothers “Notorious” and “Victorious” were found abandoned on the side of the road. Tails of Hope Rescue in Cincinnati, OH nursed them back the health before making them available for adoption.

I submitted an application on a Thursday and the next day, Friday, I received the approval email while sitting in a summer professional development session! Needless to say, my lunch break turned into a stop at Petsmart with my friend to buy all the puppy goodies I thought we needed.

We surprised the kids on that Saturday morning with the news, and drove to get our pup. There was much debate about his name…I wanted to name him Sunny and nobody was having it! As we pulled into the parking lot, Hayden said, “What about Homer?” (As in the fact that Hayden loves baseball- Homer/ home run/ Homer Bailey) and we loved it.

I will always remember how excited the kids were when we finally had him in our arms. It was such a sweet ride home, and they were so excited to show Homer to everyone!

Car ride home
Day 1 at home

While he’s cute, he is a handful…and has been since day one! The number of things that have been #homered in our house are too many to count 😂

He loves to be near us which is so sweet and both the kids are obsessed with him. While the kids loved our other dogs, the kids were either too young to appreciate them or as the kids got older, our other dogs were slowing down and aging too. So, to see the love the kids have for Homer and the joy that Homer brings to our family is simply the best. Homer has definitely helped our hearts heal from the losses of Shiloh and Scout. I’m very grateful that we made the decision to adopt. He needed us as much as much as we needed him.

Now, according to my Shutterfly app, I’ve taken 400+ photos of Homer. I will just share a few faves 😉 (ok—“a few”=25!)

#spammingyouwithpuppypics 🐶😂

Baseball Boo and Homer
The number of bandanas I’ve ordered off of Etsy…too many to count.
Bad boy
Go Chiefs!
His ears kill me!
Hayden requested Homer on his birthday cake.
Christmas card 2019
Homer’s first time in the snow.
Helping Hadley get ready for the Father/Daughter dance!
Homer loves to go on a walk!
Homer kisses!
Happy Birthday, Homer!
We guesstimate mid-March as his birthday.
Sleepy Biscuit
Patriotic Pookie!

Clearly, we are oobbbbsessed with our Homer. Good thing he is cute because he sure is ornery!

Homer “Glorious” White (as the kids call him when he misbehaves) 😂, you’ve certainly changed our lives for the better; we wouldn’t trade you for anything in the world.

Have a great weekend!

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