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New Paint Project

Hello and happy Monday. With some extra time on my hands, I recently tackled another quick chalk paint project minus the actual chalk paint.

As I’ve mentioned before, I went through a phase of buying more traditional furniture, most of which was dark wood. This console table has been a basement piece in both our previous and current home. It didn’t bother me how it was, but I knew I could use the Limewash Glaze to freshen it up a bit.


Hadley helped me move the table into the garage, so I could paint it.

Now, Limewash glaze is usually a top coat after painting with chalk paint. But, I didn’t have a color I wanted to commit to, and have used only the Limewash in the past.

I started by wiping down the table with a dry cloth to get rid of the dust bunnies. Then, I used a paint brush to paint on a coat of glaze.

Vertical pic: Limewash Glaze; Top pic: ready to be painted; Bottom pic: one coat of glaze

I wasn’t sure how many coats would be needed, and to be honest, some purplish undertones appeared after just one coat. So, I decided to paint one more coat of the Limewash Glaze on all parts of the table.

Then, I put a coat of Sealing Wax only on the top of the table. Again, I’ve painted pieces before and skipped that final step, but I went ahead and did it this time.

Top pic: after second coat of Limewash Glaze; Bottom left: sealing wax I used after painting; Bottom right: after being sealed


The table is back to it’s original spot. The whole project took about two hours. I did let everything dry overnight before moving the table from the garage to the basement again.

Closeup of the Limewash Glazed brushstrokes.

I snapped this pic a couple of days later when more natural light was shining in the basement.

That’s it! A pretty easy project from start to finish. The Limewash Glaze updates this piece I already had and makes it more my style!

Check out my previous Chalk Paint post if you missed it last time.

I’m off to home school a couple of kiddos while working from home! Wish me luck!

3 thoughts on “New Paint Project

    1. Yes! I felt like the lime wash was easy have control over …more so than the other stains. You can put it in really lightly (light brush strokes) and add more if youโ€™d like.


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