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Life Lately

Hello! We are getting back in the groove of school and work (the at home edition) this week. I thought I’d share some of out activities from “spring break” in this Life Lately post.

I thought I’d start with a laugh. This meme below had me chuckling with the Oregon Trail reference.

Scavenger Hunts

Hadley actually had the idea for an indoor scavenger hunt. I started to look on Pinterest, but she put one together herself based off some that she had seen.

Of course, this activity didn’t take long and I had to set some rules (no running in the house, no pushing each other, …my kids are both very competitive…especially with each other…haha), but they had fun. Home base was the couch, so first one with their item and on the couch won the round. For the record, Hadley won 8-7!

After that activity, I thought it would be fun to do a (non-competitive) outdoor scavenger hunt. Again Pinterest has lots of ideas, but that evening I so happened to see Jen Reed post this (a re-share) on Insta Stories.

Hadley started to write it out, and I helped her finish the list up. We wanted to put it on a clipboard as we walked through the neighborhood. So, last week the kids and I took about thirty minutes to just walk through the neighborhood and see what we could find. We found most everything—even Christmas lights. We never found a license plate that spelled a word or a camper in the driveway. We had fun and got fresh air at the same time.

April Fools Day

Hadley brough her “A” game to April Fools Day! She tricked Hayden by offering him the last sips of my Diet Coke, but she had put soy sauce in the bottle instead! Then, she put Vaseline on his door. Her third prank was she offered him two “mint” Oreos filled with toothpaste. He doesn’t like mint Oreos, so he declined…and also realized what day it was!

I’m no good at pranks, but I tried to help him out. She didn’t fall for apple cider in her apple juice, but he did make a comeback filling her pillow case with baseballs and then freezing her toothbrush overnight. So, the morning of April 2, she had the frozen toothbrush surprise!

Outside Activities

Hayden “played” golf a bit in the backyard. He really started liking golf last summer, but then other sports kind of took over as usual, so it was fun for him to get back at it. We learned our lesson last summer after he broke a neighbor’s window; now he uses plastic golf balls in the yard! Also, I cracked up because he used one of our decorative 4th of July flags for one of his holes!

The kids ride their bikes pretty often, but we’ve tried to go on at least one bike ride as a family each week.

We use our fire pit pretty often in the spring and fall (and sometimes in the summer). Who doesn’t love s’mores?! ๐Ÿ™‚

First s’mores of the season

Hayden helped Travis with some yard work on Saturday. Real talk: the yard work came about as a punishment, but Hayden ended up having a good attitude and being quite helpful. Hayden and Travis ended up playing catch in the yard afterwards.

We woke up to a sweet surprise yesterday morning. We were “egged”! Unfortunately, I didn’t realize until around 11am, and some of the chocolate had melted in the eggs we found. This was definitely a fun (and sweet!) treat.


Last week, the kids had some trial runs with Google Meet with their teachers and classmates. I went in to wake Hadley (early for her—at 8:40) on Friday for her 9:00 meeting to find her still getting her beauty sleep!

Sleeping Beauty
Homer wanted in on the 4th grade meeting!

Arts and Crafts

This craft popped up on my Pinterest feed. When I clicked on it, it just sent me to Google, so I winged the project! It’s probably a craft I would have planned when the kids were younger, but Hadley loves to paint, and we have plenty of eggs (cartons) on hand.

I just used good scissors to cut the bottom of the carton into three flowers. Then I snipped around the edges and cut in the “V” for each flower to make the “petals” better. Then, Hadley and I each painted a flower. I have cute straws in a jar on our kitchen table, so we each grabbed one and I taped them on the flowers for the stem.

Finished product:

I put them out to freshen up the sun room…and then realized they’d probably get attacked by Homer sitting out there that low and unattended! So, I moved them inside. This would be a cute craft to leave on a neighbor’s doorstep or stick in a pot of real flowers as an addition.


I honestly think Homer loves having us home so much! He continues to keep us on our toes…and Saturday he got in trouble because he pulled the box of Trader Joe’s Molasses Cookies off the counter and ate at least 7 of them!

So, that’s a bit of what we’ve been up to lately. While it wasn’t the Spring Break we envisioned, I’d say we definitely made the most of it. That being said,…

More real talk, y’all: Some days are difficult. I feel like we are all ok being at home (well, Hayden and I are…Travis struggles with having time on his hands, and Hadley misses socializing with her friends), but I just feel like there are times when our best sides aren’t showing…whether we are stressed, anxious, tired, missing friends, etc., I just feel that it’s a rarity for all of us to be on the same page and bringing our best attitudes to the table at the same time.

So, these activities have been fun and some of them we wouldn’t necessarily do but for the fact we have this extra time on our hands, but we are still navigating these waters every day. I do love that most days I’ve done all the things I love in one day: reading, watching a show, working out, napping! BUT my kids get sent to their rooms every once in awhile; heck, I send myself to my room just to get through the next half hour.

Thankfully, the weather continues to be in our favor, and I do feel like this new school routine will continue to provide the structure that we need. The kids love seeing their classmates and teacher in their daily Google meetings, so that brings some sense of normalcy to their lives.

I know we’ll look back on this time and cherish the extra time at home, the extra time together, and the extra slow pace that is being forced on us, but some days are difficult juggling all the hats all the time.

See you back here tomorrow for the Let’s Look (at Easter at your house) link up with Shay and Erika.

Take care,

3 thoughts on “Life Lately

  1. You guys really did a lot considering! I understand about the moods not all being in sync. My husband still goes to work every day but if he were here he would be so restless and unable to focus. The boys and I kinda feel like this is summer and we are used to being the three of us.
    Yesterday went well with meetings and planning and I hope I can be productive today! Take care!

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    1. Yesterday was first day of virtual learning for my kids + me trying to get a plan for myself …& it was crazy town! I already know today will be better and even by next week, we will be in new routine but I almost cried yesterday…two 4th graders about to take me down ๐Ÿ˜‚

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