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Hello Monday

Hello {Monday!} How was your weekend? I’m telling you…it was either 0 or 100 around here these past few days.

I’m linking up with Holly and Sarah to recap my weekend for Hello Monday!

Let me take you back to Friday…

When I tell you that Friday was crazy busy, it was so busy that it was basically planned hour by hour (sometimes by the minutes!)

Months ago, a friend let us know about a surprise party she was planning for her husband with an afternoon at Keeneland, dinner, and then drinks at a favorite bar. Well, I knew Hayden would probably have track meet in the evening and that Hadley had a dance competition that weekend, but I figured we’d at least be good for the afternoon at Keeneland, but the dance competition threw a wrench in those plans. (more on that in a minute)

I will say that I can’t complain because Friday started with a day off for me.

Once the kids were at school, Travis and I tried out a new place in town for brunch. Biscuit Belly was so good!

Dance competitions start on Fridays, but Hadley has always danced on Saturday or Sunday. Well, her small group was scheduled to dance at 5:25 on Friday…in Louisville!

I almost skipped Keeneland, but we had friends coming in from out of town who we rarely see. So, I decided to go to Keeneland for a bit before getting Hadley from school.

The weather was great, and I got about an hour and a half at the track, and was able to see a few friends from near and far.

Then, I picked up Hadley from school, came home to change and get her dance stuff. We stopped at Chick-fil-A because I wasn’t sure when she would get to eat! We hustled as fast as we could out of town and arrived about 40 minutes before her first group performance. I was a little stressed until we were on the highway, and I knew traffic would be ok.

Meanwhile, back at Keeneland… Travis was on a Zoom call from a kindergarten class in California! I told you…he never stops working 😉 One of his client’s kids had to do a presentation about Kentucky, and Travis reported live from the track, and let them watch the 6th race. How fun is that?

Hadley’s small group jazz performance did an awesome job. Then, there was about two hours in between the two dances, so the moms and I walked to a local bar/restaurant for a bite to eat.

We made it back in time to see the large musical theater routine, and the entire group knocked it out of the park.

The awards weren’t until later, so I headed back to Lexington to catch up with Travis and our friends while Hadley got a ride home later. {Travis had been with Hayden at his track meet, and I arrived back to Lexington around 10:00 which was when Travis and Hayden were finished with track. (No photos, but Hayden ran six seconds faster in the mile this week. He was really pleased with his performance.)}

Hadley was texting me telling me about the awards they’d won. They scored platinum and platinum plus in their two routines and won other awards like best choreography, a golden ticket, and the large musical theater performance earned first place overall.

She was soooo happy. This competition season has had its ups and downs, and they really did finish strong. I was so happy for her!

12:30 am and still smiling

I was bummed to miss out on the awards ceremony, but it was great to hang with our friends for a couple of hours before I picked Hadley up at 12:15. It was 1:00 before we were all in bed. Shew! What a day!

I slept until 8:30, and had a very slow morning. Hayden slept until 10, and I woke Hadley at 11. I know we all needed the extra rest, but Hadley woke up not feeling well (again). I’m assuming the very busy Friday caught up with her and strep really did knock her out earlier in the week.

Around lunchtime, I ran some errands and then went to the gym for a workout. I usually do my workouts at home, but I do love the elliptical, so I’ve tried to make that my Saturday workout when I can.

I came home and had some lunch. Then, I tidied up the house a bit and took a quick nap. Hadley still wasn’t feeling well and napped off and on all day. Honestly, you know Hadley isn’t 100% if she naps! She’s been that way since she was little…hardly slows down, so when she does, you know she must need some rest.

I actually drove to Richmond (about 30 minutes away) to check out a boutique. They handed me a watermelon mimosa upon arrival, and I wasn’t mad about it! I was looking for a dress for Oaks, but didn’t find anything I loved.

Once I got back to Lexington, I made a grocery list while Hadley napped again. Then, I had time to read for a bit and then shower.

Hadley woke up, and I made her a grilled cheese. It was the first thing she’d eaten all day. We got carryout dinner for the rest of us from Drakes.

I ordered the Teriyaki Chicken Rice bowl, and it hit the spot.

Then, we all watched our “April family movie” #forcedfamilyfun

We chose (the newer) Adventures in Babysitting, and it was cute.

Everyone was in bed around 10!

Travis was up at 4:00 to head to Churchill Downs to watch Epicenter run. (He’s running in the Derby and is connected to Trav’s farm). Thankfully, I didn’t hear Travis get up that early, and I slept until 8. Then, I placed our Kroger Clicklist order, drank coffee and caught up on some of my blog reading.

Then, I caught up on some of my shows for a bit. Travis got home around 10:30, and I woke the kids up a 11! My kids have always been great sleepers, but I know they were extra tired and needed the rest.

We started laundry and then, I had lunch. This is the second Sunday I’ve made myself a “one eyed sailor” (What do you call it? I know there are other names) and had some apples.

Then, I went to Trader Joe’s to pick up produce items, flowers, and a few other things.

I came home and put the clean sheets on the bed, read my book for a bit with the Royals game on in the background. Well, again, I was tired…I only read a few pages before dozing off.

If you can’t tell, I love naps.

Then, I did all the things for dinner including meal prepping a few lunches and cutting up veggies for the week.

We had dinner outside which was so nice.

After dinner, Hadley iced the Trader Joe’s lemon cake that I made.

Then, it was time for the kids to study for their vocab test, I took a shower, and we ended the weekend watching American Idol.

It was such a great weekend.

{Before I go…a random note to my blogger friends…I read most of my blogs on my phone. For some reason, right now, I can’t comment using my Google account…even when I’ve logged off and back on. Then, if I try to comment using my URL, it says “invalid.” That only leaves me with commenting “anonymously,” and I don’t want to do that. So, I’m still reading so many of my favorite blogs…I’m just unable to comment unless I’m on my home computer which is rare. (If you have a Word Press blog, I read and comment on that app no problem) Anyway, I just know how much it means when people comment, so I wanted to let y’all know that I’m still reading them.}

Mondays can be hard, but we only have three left in the school year after today! Happy May!

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Hello Monday/Weekend Wrap Up

Hello! How was your weekend? As predicted, mine kind of got away from me, but I’m going to do a quick Weekend Wrap Up!

Hadley and I left Saturday to head to Gatlinburg, TN for her final dance competition of the season.

We had a great time, but it was a jam-packed couple of days. We arrived Saturday afternoon, checked into our hotel, and met up with some of Hadley’s dance friends (and their moms!) We rode the skylift to the top of the mountain, and then walked across the Skylift Bridge. It was definitely a memorable experience. My favorite part was the ride down as the views of the Smoky Mountains were really pretty.

Then, Saturday night, we headed out to dinner at the Cherokee Grill and then went to the Gatlinburg Space Needle and checked out the views of Gatlinburg, at night, from the top. Then the girls got some ice cream, and we headed back to the hotel and to bed after a busy day of travel and sightseeing.

Thankfully, we didn’t have to set an early alarm on Sunday because her dance studio had a reasonable call time! We met up with the other mom/daughter combos for breakfast before heading to the convention center. The girls performed their tap and jazz routines, watched the other dancers’ performances, and then wrapped up their block of time with awards.

Hadley and I headed back home right after the awards. Travis and Hayden fared well without us 😉

Here are a few favorite photos from the weekend…

The creek by our hotel.

The view after we exited the skylift.

The Sky bridge…(the longest pedestrian suspension bridge in North America) …

…with glass floor panels at the mid-way point.

Don’t be fooled…they had us take this pic before getting on the lift 😉

On the way down after walking on the Skybridge…

After dinner, we went up on the Gatlinburg Space Needle.

skylift and space needle pics

The girls can always find ice cream!

Sunday’s competition was a really great experience for the girls. We were the only team during out block of time making it a very safe experience, the call time was perfect, and their team had their best performances yet earning “high gold” for both dances.

So that’s a quick wrap up of our weekend. I hope to be back this week for:

Prime Purchases on Tuesday,

Currently on Wednesday,

My latest Trader Joe’s haul on Thursday,

and then I will wrap up the week on Friday with some of my favorites.

Shew, we’ll see if I can make all those posts happen, but I sure hope so! I’m just a girl dreaming of a few more minutes in the day 😉

I hope your week is off to a great start. See you back here tomorrow.

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Just Dance!

As I mentioned in Monday’s post, Hadley had her first ever dance competition on Saturday. This could be the first of many or a short season of her dance life, but I wanted to document the day because it was so special for her and was also “different” because of Covid protocols.

Friday Night:

We took some time to get organized. I labeled all the things, organized her make up and bobby pins, and packed her bag. We double checked that she had her jazz and tap shoes, put her costumes together (costume, tights, mask), and gathered clothes (studio jacket and clothes to wear home) in order to be ready for an early wake up call.


I woke up at 6:30, and Hadley slept until 7:15. I made her breakfast while she got dressed, brushed her teeth, and put her hair in a low pony tail. Our sweet sitter, who has been a dancer for all of her life, came over at 8:00 to put on Hadley’s eye lashes (I took notes for next time!), help her with eye make up (those eye have to “pop!” ….especially while wearing a mask!), and bobby pin her bun.

We left around 8:45, stopped at Starbucks and hit the road for the competition. (Hayden and Travis had to be at the ball field early, so they met us at the competition.)

We were early (yay!), so we had plenty of time to find the auditorium, park, get wrist bands (audience was very limited), and make our way to the dressing room. (On the way to the dressing room, we took a peak at the stage!)

After Hadley’s other team members arrived, they all got dressed and accessorized, and obliged the moms with some photos.

There was a “step and repeat,” and the girls were “here for it!” 😉

They performed their jazz/musical theater routine first…

Then, it was time for a quick change for their tap routine.

Then, they girls let us take another group photo in their tap costumes.

We were so proud of them, of course. After changing, they sat and watched the other group routines as well as the remaining solos and duets.

After their block of time, all the girls from the dance studio went and sat on stage. The judges handed out awards and invites. Since the other dance studios still had to perform throughout the rest of the weekend, the final results weren’t posted until Sunday night. That being said, they did announce scores for the routines, and both of Hadley’s team dances scored 5 stars! They were excited. Like Hadley, it was the first competition for some of the girls on her team.

When the results were posted on Sunday night, the girls’ jazz performance received a Golden Ticket Award. One more thing to celebrate!

Without ever being at a dance competition, I know how “lucky” we are that this competition ran as smoothly as it did, had protocols in place, and only took up a few hours of our weekend.

Some of the protocols they had in place:

  • Dance studios each had a block of time for their performances.
  • They sanitized after each block of time.
  • Dancers (everyone) wore masks.
  • Limited audience (Live stream for people to view at home)
  • No in person (overall) awards.

I think last year, the girls who were on competition team were able to perform one time before everything shut down, so I think everyone was feeling very grateful that they were able to perform.

Saturday afternoon:

After the competition, we enjoyed some pizza outside at a local restaurant before heading home.

Hadley was asleep within minutes, and slept for most of the car ride home!

Overall, it was such a great experience. Hadley already received her pins for the two team dances, and her dance teachers are encouraging her to try a solo or duet for next year’s competition season.

The sky is the limit for my little Dancing Queen!

I hope you are having a great week!