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March Monday Memes

Hello and Happy Monday! How was your weekend? We had a successful Saturday at Hadley’s dance competition, and by “successful,” I mean that her group did an amazing job with their two dances, and I’m gaining street cred as a “dance mom!”

I will share more later, but these girls did amazing on their jazz and tap routines. They are beauties on the inside and the outside.

Then, this was me yesterday…๐Ÿ˜†

The weather was beautiful this weekend, so we were able to have lunch outside at a restaurant after Hadley’s competition, and then watch some of Hayden’s baseball scrimmage on Sunday.

We have a full week of school, and then it’s our district’s Spring Break! Today, I’m sharing some of my favorite memes from the month. I hope they’ll start your week off with a laugh or two!


I shared this one in InstaStories in early March. I think the month of March will have us thinking back to March of 2020 for many years to come.


This is definitely me!


All last week, I was thinking around 9:30-10:00 PM, “Why aren’t these kids tired?!” I’m tired no matter what at 9:00 whether it’s Daylight Savings Time or not. My kids really weren’t tired at their normal bed time, and it was probably Thursday before I realized maybe their bodies and minds were still on pre-DST time.


Classic marriage meme right here ๐Ÿ˜‚


One more week until Spring Break…

I’m just going to keep swimming…


This meme was a late addition to this post…I saw it on Friday, and literally laughed out loud.


I’ve feel this deeply…


I’m over here still adjusting to back to school life + the time change + kids’ activities and more!

Funny stuff, right? Which meme can you relate to the most?

This week, I plan on sharing my Easter decorations, a brief review of my new Happy Planner, and another post or two!

I hope you have a great week. It’s definitely feeling like spring around here!

6 thoughts on “March Monday Memes

  1. Cute dance outfits! My friends were able to stay out until pretty late and I looked so lame. I had one drink to their how knows how many so that had something to do with it. Daylight savings didnโ€™t affect me one bit! Lol! One more week!

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  2. Previous dance mom here…it can get crazy so don’t get sucked into it! ๐Ÿ™‚ My daughter did competitive dance from ages 6-18 and by the end she was in (I think) 14 dances! She is 22 and in a PhD program now, so those days are behind us and truthfully, I’m not sad about it! Loved watching her (and the others) dance, but I don’t miss all the nonsense that can sometimes go with it. BUT there were a lot of great times and all the time we got to spend together and that I truly do miss. Wishing your daughter and her team lots of luck and hope that they have a great time!

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    1. Thank you! So far, it hasnโ€™t been too stressful but I think Covid โ€œhelpedโ€ with that. Her studio had a block of time to perform on Saturday, so we were only there 3 hours. ๐Ÿ˜„ shew with a great group of girls, so I hope they all remain supportive of each other


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