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Prime Purchases: August 2021

Hello! How’s it going? We are holding on tight to summer over here! Yesterday, the kids helped me set up my classroom for year number 20! I can’t even believe that I am 2/3 of the way finished with my teaching career. Time sure does fly by! Then, we spent the afternoon at the pool followed by lots of neighborhood kids playing outside and an impromptu decision to pick up some carry out pizzas for dinner. We had a perfect summer Monday, that’s for sure.

Today, I’m linking up with Tanya for this month’s Prime Purchases.

Here’s what I bought this month:

First up is the mini massage gun for Travis. Travis is a runner, and he always takes the time to stretch and cool down. The massage gun was the perfect birthday gift for him!

Massage Gun

I wanted to add in a Vitamin C serum to my routine to help brighten up my skin. I’ve been using this serum once a day, and it’s been a good addition to my skin care routine.

Vitamin C Serum

I recently shared that I bought a messenger bag, and I turned to Amazon to find the perfect strap for summer. I thought this black, pink, and rose gold one was fun. There are lots of cute color and pattern options.

Purse Strap

I actually have another one ordered that will be here in a couple weeks. I love being able to change out the straps for different seasons.

I purchased this dress for an upcoming occasion, and I was pleasantly surprised with the blue and white pattern and how easy breezy it is for summer.

Plaid Tunic Dress

I love this pink top because it can be paired with my white jeans or denim shorts. It’s a great summer option that I can also wear to school.

Flowy Blouse

Hayden was in need of a new back pack, and chose this Under Armour one. It arrived, is great quality, and there are lots of color options.

Under Armour Backpack

As I prep for our back to school celebration, I continued the book tradition and picked this one up for Hadley:

Middle School book

…and this one for Hayden:

6th Grade Ninja book

As expected, this month’s purchases included some things for back to school as well as a few things for myself 😉 (+ a gift for Trav!)

Tanya’s next link up is September 7th.

Well, my kids are off to get their middle school schedules and meet their teachers today. I don’t know what’s harder to believe…the fact that summer is almost over or that I’m about to have two kids in middle school!

What have you been Priming lately?

See you back here tomorrow!

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Enneagram Backpack

Hey hey! We made it to Friday. I guess it’s technically my last Friday of summer before my teacher responsibilities start on Monday! I’m hoping to have a fun day with the kids today leading into a pretty relaxed weekend (with one baseball game).

So, back in the fall, I took an Enneagram test because I’d heard so many people talking about it. I posted a bit about my results and thoughts about the test in an About Me post in September.

I’m a 5w6. Type 5 means that I’m an “Investigator” and I have some 6, “Loyalist,” tendencies. I don’t live or die by these descriptors, but when I see something about Enneagram references, specifically with 5’s and 6’s, I usually like, “Yep. That’s me!”

Recently, I started following @cathartic_word on Instagram. Erin is an artist and her graphics are fun and beautiful! She creates various ones specific to Enneagram types focused on ideas like, “Road Trip Essentials,” “Step Inside My Mind,” and “Enneagram Colors.”

Recently, I saw her “What’s in My Backpack” series, and thought , with school starting soon, it would be fun to look at 5w6 graphics. They are pretty spot on for what would be in my backpack!

Type 5:

graphic c/o @cathartic_word July 9, 2020
  • Headphones (noise canceling) :I don’t know that I need noise canceling headphones, but I do like quiet when I work. Headphones are perfect for drowning out extra noise.
  • Notebooks: I heart notebooks. I can’t ever have too many. I tend to use one notebook (or colored pad of paper) for meetings, another notebook for lesson plan ideas, etc.
  • Books (old and new): Give me all the books! Y’all I know I love to read. I also love to re-read some books and even mark them up with pen and pencil or dog ear pages!
  • Laptop: I need my laptop for all the things.
  • Phone (for research): Can’t leave home without my phone. And, I do use it to look up many things as well!

Type 6:

graphic c/o @cathartic_word June 8, 2020
  • Water bottle: I have been working on drinking more water 😉 I do prefer to have a refillable bottle to use for my daily water intake.
  • Planner: I must have my planner. Always. I have my lesson plan book (with dates, meetings, appointments) as well as my desk calendar and my calendar on my phone to keep me organized.
  • Travel mug (or 7!): If I’m leaving the house in the morning (for school, early game, workout class), I always have a travel coffee mug.
  • Phone charger: I’m the type of person who panics if my phone battery is less than 70% 😉 So, a phone charger always comes in handy.
  • Snacks: I often have snacks on hand for myself and the kids. You just never know when you’ll need something to tide you over until the next meal!

Weekly Recap:

That’s a wrap on this week!

Go check out Erin and @cathartic_word on Instagram! What would go in your backpack for your Enneagram type?

Have a great weekend!