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Friday Favorites {#157}

Hello and happy Friday!

How was your week? Ours was pretty good. The week started off less busy than how it ended, but it was nice to have a couple of free evenings. We only have two weeks left of school, and thankfully, starting next week, we’ll start having more downtime in the evenings.

I’m linking up with Andrea and Erika for this week’s Friday Favorites.

Here are some favorites from the week:

Going all the way back to last Friday, one of my favorites was going to the Kentucky Oaks. It was such a beautiful day, and we had a great time.

Friday night, I was asleep by 10ish, and wide awake Saturday morning around 5. I decided to turn on King Charles’ coronation. I watched most of it but fell back to sleep around 8. I woke up at 11:30! Honestly, that threw my whole day off waking up that late, but I really needed the extra rest (obviously).

This made me LOL…

Hadley had a dance competition last week. The one they were supposed to attend in March was postponed due to the storms we had and no electricity. So, these girls hadn’t been on stage in a while, but they did awesome!

It’s so fun to watch the large and small groups perform.

The lyrical small group dance that Hadley is in earned a Judges’ Choice for best emotion, and Hadley accepted the award on stage.

Y’all know I’m pretty good about taking photos, but that’s too hard to do during her dance performances. I’d rather focus on watching her dance, and the quality of photos wouldn’t be great anyway…so I loved that this competition had the option to buy a photo package. There were so many amazing photos!

I started a new workout program this week. Another reason I love Bodi (Beachbody) is because I get to try programs that I don’t think I’d do outside of my own home.

This one has a bit of dancing, core, weights, and also some aspects that feel like Pure Barre.

The dancing combos would especially not be something I would do in public …but would certainly do in my own basement. (I do not have Hadley’s rhythm and grace!)

These workouts have been a good change in my routine.

Last Friday, when Travis and I were at the Oaks, the kids went with my brother and sister-in-law to watch Wyatt’s game. Hayden missed out the last time we went, so I’m sure Wyatt has excited to have both of his cousins there to cheer him on.

Track season is wrapping up, and can you tell that I don’t say “no” to a digital download! Hadley said the “action” shots were awkward…I think she’d prefer to smile. 😁

Favorite Kid Quote:

Hadley snagged this Olaf at a friend’s garage sale. She’s been calling him “her guy” 😆 How lucky is Olaf to get Hadley hugs?!

Favorite Clothing Item:

Sarah shared this Walmart dress recently (It’s less than $18!). I don’t go to Walmart often, but we were there a couple of weeks ago, and there was one in stock. I didn’t try it on until I got home, so I might have been able to do a medium, but the large is what they had.

On Monday, I wore it to school with one of my favorite cardigans.

Favorite Mom Meme:

The current state of our house right now…

Bonus Fave: Flashback Friday

I probably share this every year, but here’s a throw back to my first Mother’s Day in 2010.

Weekly Recap:

I had a busy week of posting:

What are your weekend plans? Y’all, this one will be a doozy. We have a track meet tonight followed by a weekend of Hadley’s last dance competition of the season.

Thanks so much for reading.

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Day in the Life

Hello and happy Thursday.

I love “Day in the Life” posts and a few of my favorite bloggers have shared them recently. Coincidentally, I have one too!

Today, I’m sharing about last Thursday, May 4. It was a typical day in most ways, but Travis was in Louisville that day/evening, so I was in charge of all things after school. Also, Hayden was under the weather, so he stayed home that day.

Anyway, here’s a peek at a pretty typical May day for me.

Well, I forgot to screenshot my phone when my alarm went off, but I woke up at 6:00, per usual.

I always turn on my candle and light a couple more while my coffee brews.

Then, I watch the news, drink my coffee, and read a few blogs. It’s about 45 minutes of quiet time that I need to start my day.

Around 6:50, I washed my face, brushed my teeth, and made the bed.

Then, I went and packed my lunch for the day.

The kids slept in a bit because Travis could take them to school. Since Hayden wasn’t feeling well, Travis was going to take him to the dr. when they opened up.

I got dressed around 7:45.

Then, I told Hadley and Travis goodbye since Hayden was still sleeping.

I got to school around 8:00. I always go to my classroom, unpack my lunch, open my planner, and then write on my white board the classes/agendas for the students I’m helping that day.

I’m still doing intervention classes this year which means I work with students who need additional help in their English classes. This year, I’ve been helping quite a few social studies students as well, especially with writing. Because I’ve been doing this job for a few years now, teachers are more proactive with sending me students when they need help…and not after they’ve failed. It makes this an all around better experience for everyone 😉

1st hour– These English 1 students had finished reading Night, and had a motif assignment.

2nd hour – I helped a group of English 2 students analyze two poems by Emily Dickinson. Another student read the poem 5pm Tuesday and I helped her answer the questions.

3rd hour – I checked my mailbox and made a couple of copies. The last half hour of 3rd, I helped some English 3 students with a mini essay for Long Way Down.

While they worked, I checked Canvas to see what the afternoon classes had planned.

Advisory -I don’t have an advisory class, but pretty often student come work in my room during these 25 minutes of study hall. I helped some students look at IXL which is an online program we use for grammar…Commas with compound and complex sentences…so much fun.

Then, it was lunchtime. Sometimes I eat lunch with other teachers, but often times, I eat at my desk before students arrive who need help that hour.

4th & 5th hours -same assignment as 1st hour

6th hour – I had a group of English 1 students who I meet with every Wednesday and Thursday during 6th hour. They had a Romeo and Juliet close read assignment that we worked on.

After school, I had lots to do, so I left ASAP. Hayden was still at home, so I went and checked on him. Then, I stopped by Peacocks and Pearls to pick up an online order…one more dress for Oaks that I thought might work.

When I got home, I had a few dresses that had finally arrived and were waiting on my front porch. I tried them all on. I do like to snap a pic (not just for the blog) to see what the outfit looks like with my shoe options.

Honestly, I really liked them all. I’d ordered the top left one a couple of weeks prior, and thought I’d wear it if I didn’t find a shorter one I liked. I love midi style dresses, but it almost felt too fancy.

The pink in the middle is what I ended up wearing to Oaks. The second I put it on, I loved it.

Some of the other dresses — top right, bottom middle, and bottom right all came from Avara. Honestly, I loved them all, but top right and bottom middle had thicker fabric with lining…and I wondered if I would get hot. I loved the bottom right one so much that I kept it too!

The bottom left dress is what I picked up from Peacocks and Pearls. I really liked it, but wondered if I’d be too hot in the sleeves. Also, it has one button on the chest, and it gaped a little.

{I linked the dresses for y’all because I really did love them all. Some are sold out, but maybe they will come back in stock!)

Once I decided on the pink dress, I second guessed the fascinator I had and sent a couple of photos to my friends to see if they had one I could borrow. My friend Krista saved the day!

Then, I headed to the basement for my 30 minute workout.

After I worked out, I had about 45 minutes before I needed to pick up Hadley from track. I wanted to visit Sun Tan City again for a spray tan. It was going to be a wait for the booth I used last time, but I could use the Xpressions booth which is the older version of the Versa. Anyway, it all worked out, and I was in and out in twenty minutes.

I picked Hadley up from track, and we decided to quickly pick up dinner before I had to take her to dance.

We called Hayden to confirm his order, and then went to Jason’s Deli. We were home about thirty minutes before I had to take Hadley to dance.

On the way to dance, we stopped at my friend’s house to pick up the fascinator. Hadley immediately put it on. 😆

After I dropped Hadley off a dance, I had to go pick up the tickets for Oaks from one of Trav’s co-workers.

Once I got home, I talked to my dad on the phone for a few minutes and sat outside to finish my Jason’s Deli chicken panini.

Then, I came inside to finish the blog post for Friday.

I unloaded dishwasher and had a bit of downtime before I had to pick up Hadley. I read for a few minutes and watched some Beat Bobby Flay.

After I picked Hadley up, I had a glass of wine and watched an episode of The Diplomat.

As the kids got ready for bed, I did too. I skipped my PM skincare routine because of my spray tan.

Around 10:00, I got into bed and watched an episode of King of Queens. (I love that show!)

I was pretty tired, so I was asleep around 10:30.

Overall, it was a good but pretty busy day…especially solo parenting in the evening!

See you tomorrow for Friday Favorites.

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Mother’s Day Gifts: Enneagram Edition

Happy Wednesday! 

I was scrolling Instagram, and one of my favorite accounts popped up with Mother’s Day guides for Enneagram types. I’ve shared before, and I love when she shares gift ideas.

I always think these are fun to look at, and I’m a 5w6. Here are the gift ideas for 5’s and 6’s…

Enneagram 5:

Blue blocker glasses – I still occasionally wear a couple of the pairs that I ordered during online learning days.  

Collectors Book Set – Gimme all the books!

Comfy Sweaters –I love a sweater, but will never say no to a comfy sweatshirt – I feel like I need a “Homebody” one. 

Book Marks – I miss the days of homemade bookmarks from the kids. I’ve seen an ad for a cute felt corner bookmark that I’ve been tempted to buy. 

Add to their coffee station –You can never have too many mugs in my opinion. 

Home Thermostat – Cozy vibes! 

Reading chair – Oh I’ve always dreamed of having a reading nook with a comfy chair in our bedroom. There’s no space though…maybe someday.  

Enneagram 6:

Comfy sweaters – Same as above! 

Personalized jewelry – I’ve received some meaningful jewelry through the years, and I always love that idea. 

Cute storage – I can always appreciate storage. We have one of those cute IKEA carts, and it’s in my favorite teal color. 

Water bottle – While we don’t need any more water bottles, I am tempted to get a Stanley cup for the summer. 

New vacuum – haha – No thank you! 

Home security – I feel like this is more of a Father’s Day gift 😉 

Purse organization – How about a new purse? Haha  

A few other ideas:

I shared this post a couple of weeks ago (some Amazon options too) but if you are on a time crunch, here are some additional ideas…(forward this post to your husbands if needed😆)

Travis had these flower planters made, and then planted flowers in them. I was so surprised!

I’ve shared these cute flower pots from Etsy before, but kids could paint ones for their mom and plant some flowers. Travis had the kids paint a flower box for me when they were three or four. I loved it and uses it for a few years.

I LOVE the Birks I bought last summer from Nordstrom. They would be the perfect gift with a gift card for a pedicure.

These Amazon sandals are cute options too:

(FYI: I sized up from my regular 9 to a 10 on both)

So many boutiques (& even Amazon) have these crossbody hobo purses. I love mine that I got a couple of years ago from a local boutique. I change out the straps, and a couple of the straps are from Amazon.

Target pj’s and a gift card for a massage would be perfect too!

*some of these ideas could work for teacher gifts, birthday gifts, or even a “treat yo self” gift.

I’ve always loved just a low-key day whenever possible for Mother’s Day. We usually go to church and then brunch or a late lunch. We typically go pick out hanging ferns for the front porch, and I always appreciate a card and a day with minimal bickering from the kids. 

I know Mother’s Day is difficult for some. Mother’s Day 2013 was a painful one for me. I do think others now do a good job of remembering that Mother’s Day can be a sad day for some. 

This year, Hadley has a dance competition on Sunday, so I’m not sure what all we will do, but I’m sure I’ll feel the love 😉

{This post contains Amazon affiliate links…Thank you for supporting my blog!}

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Kentucky Classics: Oaks/Derby

Hello and happy Tuesday.

While I think most people know that the Kentucky Derby is the “greatest two minutes in sports,” many aren’t as familiar with the Kentucky Oaks. Last year, I wrote this post sharing all about the Oaks.

The first week in May in Louisville is pretty festive. It used to just be Oaks and then Derby, but as the years have gone on and there’s horse racing all week, there are many days of fun.

Thurby (Thursday before Derby) is another busy day at Churchill Downs. Now, another big day is the Tuesday before Derby which is dubbed “502-uesday” (the Louisville area code). Now, many Louisville locals use that day the have fun at the track because so many from out of town are now there the rest of the week.

Anyway, Travis is pretty busy throughout that week, but he usually goes to Thurby with friends, and then I join him in Louisville on Friday for Oaks. We’ve done this for quite a few years as when the kids were little, it was hard to get away…or they had sports on the Saturday of Derby. Honestly, I think Travis really enjoys Derby at home now because he watches the races all day, has the tv on, his computer out, and has fun keeping tabs on everything and placing bets. I’m sure some day we’ll get back to going to Derby, but for now, this schedule seems to work for us.

We talk about having a Derby party, but the month of May is just so busy and hectic with kids’ activities and school, I’m usually just lucky to commit to going to the Oaks.

I always buy a new dress for Oaks, and I usually order a few, hoping one works, and then return the others.

Since pink is the color for Oaks (as the Oaks race honors breast and ovarian cancer survivors), I always look for a dress with pink in it…or one that could be worn with a pink fascinator. That’s what I did last year…

Well, this year I was really cutting it close, and had a few dresses arrive on my doorstep Thursday afternoon. (I did have one in my closet that I was going to wear if all else failed, but was hopeful one of the ones I ordered would work).

Well, guess what…I had a couple I liked, but my favorite was this one…from Amazon!

As soon as I put this dress on, I loved it so much. (I honestly want to get it in another color!)

Once I decided on the dress, I second guessed the fascinator that I had, and reached out to my friends.

My neighbor let me borrow this one…and Hadley snagged it off her porch.

Who wore it better?! haha (Actually, don’t answer that!)

Hadley wearing the fascinator reminded me of a few years ago when I borrowed one from the same friend…and Hadley looked like quite the fashionista!

Anyway…off to the races!

I picked up Travis from our friends’ house in Louisville, and took a quick photo!

Then, we headed to…

Thankfully, Travis knows a guy who lets us park right by the track. My feet were already thanking him.

Every year, we seem to end up sitting somewhere different, and it’s always a fun experience. We’ve sat in the Finish Line suites, an outside box near the finish, the Turf Club, and this year, were were in the outside Winner’s Circle suites.

Trav’s work had two suites in that area for Oaks. One was right behind the winner’s circle and the other was on the end.

I never really place any bets. If I do, it’s a simple bet based on the name (or if there’s a connection to Trav’s farm).

The Lily is the signature drink on Oaks Day. There was also a buffet inside with food and desserts. There is a bartender for each suite as well as one near the food.

We went to the paddock area before a few races. On Derby day this is where KC Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes said the famous, “Riders up!”

After a few races, we walked around and found our friends/neighbors. I have Krista to thank for the fascinator!

The green space in front of the suite was a nice spot to watch the races, and snap a couple of pics.

The weather was amazing. Honestly, it was hot. That being said, I’d take a hot day over a rainy one. The past few Oaks have had a significant chance of rain. Friday’s forecast called for afternoon showers, but we never saw a drop of rain. Derby day weather was the same…it did eventually rain, but it was after the race.

Before the Oaks race, breast and ovarian cancer survivors walk around the track. It’s a moving experience seeing all the survivors in pink and Rachel Platten sang “Fight Song” as they walked.

The Oaks race is always exciting. Congrats to this year’s Oaks winner, Pretty Mischievous.

Then we stayed for the race after the Oaks because Trav’s farm had a horse running.

Then, we headed home. Thankfully, the walk to the car wasn’t too bad. Traffic was a bit hectic at first, but Travis knows the back ways. haha

We pit stopped for a snack, and then told the kids we’d order some pizza to pick up on our way home. We were both so tired that I also told the kids Travis and I were going to bed by 10! I really was asleep by then. It was such a long (but fun!) day.

Derby Day

Y’all, I couldn’t sleep Saturday morning, and I woke up around 5:00. I ended up watching quite a bit of King Charles’s coronation. Around 8:00, I told Travis I was going to shut my eyes for a bit. Then, I woke up at 11:30. Can you believe it?!

Thankfully, we didn’t have much planned…and spent most of the day at home. Like I said above, Travis worked a bit (phone calls, etc), watched all the races, and placed some bets. (He does a few large group bets too.) Hayden wasn’t feeling well, so it was a good day of downtime for him too.

I guess we all just needed a day to recoup.

My mom does more on Derby day than we do! In KC, she throws a party every year. It’s fun to see her friends in their hats, holding their Derby draw winnings, and “loser” cups. She has a quite a few cute decorations that she’s acquired through the years.

I did go to the grocery store before the Derby to pick up steaks and sides for dinner.

Then it was time for the race…

Congrats to Mage, the 2023 Derby Winner!

After the race, Travis grilled out, and we ate as a family on the patio. Overall, it was a really great day at the track and then a relaxing day at home. To me, that’s the best of both worlds.

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Not Just a Mom – Pet Peeves

Hello and happy Monday.

How was your weekend? We had a really good one. Travis and I had an amazing day at Oaks on Friday, Saturday we did a whole lot of nothing, and yesterday we watched Hadley dance all day at her dance competition.

We’re ready to get the ball rolling on the week.

I’m linking up with my favorite ladies for our Not Just a Mom post.

So far this year, we’ve discussed:

Also, guess what…I wrote this post last month and was just about to link up for Let’s Look and realized the topic sounded really familiar. PIVOT!…Instead of posting, I saved it and updated a few things for today’s link up.

This month’s topic is our pet peeves

Oh, don’t even get me started 😆

That being said, because I try to stay positive, I’m going to limit myself to only a few pet peeves for this post!

  • Well, I’d like to say loud chewing, but really just hearing other people chew is a pet peeve. I swear I must have a touch of misophonia because sometimes at dinner, I have to give my family the side eye because I hear every slurp and bite they take.
  • Speaking of “side eye,” people who talk during movies get a look from me!
  • Empty boxes/containers in the pantry…and dishes in the sink.
  • People who litter…hello! Let’s save the world, please.
  • My #1 pet peeve is those who don’t put away their shopping cart. Seeing a wayward cart in the parking lot just runs right through me!

I will be the first to admit that I’m not perfect. I’m sure I do things that get on other peoples’ nerves, but I try to at least not do the things above.

What are some of your pet peeves?

We’d love for you to join us next month when we talk about…how we became a mom.

After today, we only have two more Mondays in the school year! I can’t believe it.

I hope you have a great start to your week.

You are invited to the Inlinkz link party!

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Friday Favorites {#156}

Hello and happy Friday…and happy Cinco de Mayo!

How has your week been? Overall, we’ve had a good one. It’s been busy per usual, but productive as well.

As always, I’m linking up with Andrea and Erika for this week’s Friday Favorites.

Here are some favorites from the week:

The kids had some awesome track meets this past week.

Friday night’s invitational was the best. We were very thankful there was no rain. The Friday before that, we sat in a torrential downpour for most of the meet. So, even though Friday night was still pretty cold, we were glad to be dry!

Hayden’s first big race Friday night was the mile. I’ve mentioned before that he had the goal to run a sub 5 mile….and he did it! (See below…4:59). I will cheer for them, but it takes a lot for me to jump up and get super crazy…well, I did when I saw the time on the clock! He also now holds the school record in the mile.

Then, it was Hadley’s turn. She’s been wanting to qualify for state in the 400. She’s been close, and Friday night she did it! The time she needed was 1:07.2, and she ran 1:07.03!!

Hayden didn’t run the 400 because he was still recovering from the mile. That being said, he ran the 800, and ended up qualifying for state in it!

They were so happy after their races on Friday night! My mom got these pics of them after the mile and 400.

Monday night, Hayden ran the two mile, and had a state qualifying time as well.

The kids are also on 4×800 relays, and Hadley usually runs the 4×100 and/or the 4×400. Hayden sometimes runs that one too. Anyway, those are fun to watch as well!

Both of them have had relays qualify for state too. At state, I don’t know if they will run everything, but it’s been fun seeing them achieve their goals!

On Saturday morning, we went to my nephew’s baseball game. He’s such a cute 1st baseman! I love that he’s using Hayden’s old baseball bag. Too sweet.

Saturday night, just Hadley and I were at home. She suggested Taco Tico for dinner, so we went there after some errands. Fun fact about Taco Tico: you can get a margarita to go. I can confirm that the watermelon marg is great!

Since my mom was in town, we celebrated her birthday a bit early with dinner at my brother’s house on Sunday. We brought dessert. Hadley made these Peanut Butter Blossom Bars, and they were a hit.

My mom was able to watch their track meets on Friday and Monday, so that was great as well.

On Monday, I went on a field trip with some classes. The Criminal Justice classes needed an extra chaperone on their tour of Eastern Kentucky University. We even saw the library. You know that made me happy.

Hadley brought home some artwork, and I love it…

How cute is my new purse strap? I picked it up at Joseph Beth when I was getting my mom a gift card.

Favorite Kid Quote:

Hayden wasn’t feeling well on Wednesday. Hadley thought Hayden was “faking” until a friend confirmed that he had his head down in class, so the teacher sent him to the nurse. When I asked Hayden what the nurse did for him, he said she had him gargle salt water and gave him some ice.

Hadley said not much happens when you get sent to the nurse. She said, “Mom, she literally just gives you a mint or ice for anything that’s wrong.” 😆

Favorite Mom Meme:

I’m telling ya what…I have to start my day with some quiet time.

Bonus Fave: Flashback Friday:

This Facebook memory popped up this week. My mom took this pic in April 2013, and it’s so cute.

The kids still eat “pot hearts” for breakfast, but they do call them Pop-tarts now.

Weekly Recap:

I had quite the mix of posts this week:

Not Just a Mom

Monday is our monthly Not Just a Mom link up. This month’s topic is: pet peeves

We’d love for you to join us!

What are your weekend plans? I’m headed to the Oaks horse race with Travis today. Tomorrow is the Derby, and we don’t have any big plans. Sunday, Hadley has a dance competition that will keep us busy!

I hope you have a great weekend.

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Blog Challenge Part 11


Another week, another Blog Challenge post!

I left off with Part 10….

…and today I’m goin to share about topics 21, 22, and 23.

21. Something I miss

The first thing that popped in my mind was that I miss when the kids were little. As they have gotten older, I appreciate what the next phase brings. Right now, they are pretty independent, but with that comes a sense of worry, expectations and guidance. 

I miss having little ones to rock to sleep, sit on my lap to read a book, hold my hand when crossing the street, and smiling when they see me pick them up from school. 

My grandparents – Of course, I always miss loved ones who are no longer here, but I tend to think of them more often now as I get older. I feel very grateful to still have my Gma, and that the kids have shared life with her as well.

22. 10 Favorite Songs

I’m not the best with songs. Truly – I never know the names of artists or song titles. That’s never been my strength. I do love to listen to music in the car. I can certainly appreciate 80’s and 90’s songs, but it’s usually country that I have on the radio.

Right now, we love American Idol. I even vote for the contestants using the app! 

That being said, you know how when you hear a song, it “takes you back” to a time…that does happen for me. I will hear a song and think about high school or college…or a breakup, or some other moment in time. 

Some of my favorite music memories include: 

My first concert was Billy Joel– I think I was in 7th grade, but he was married to Christie Brinkley and she was in the helicopter crash around the time of the concert. The concert was postponed until the following year. I went with a friend and her parents, and it was a great time. 

Travis is a music guy. Where I tend to stay in the “country lane,” he loves quite a few artists, and he has certainly introduced me to musicians I wouldn’t have known otherwise. The first concert we went to was David Gray in St. Louis, and it was so good.

For my birthday one year, we went to Nashville. I knew we were going to Ryman Auditorium, but I didn’t know we were seeing Eric Church. He was just getting started, and it was before he was so well-known. He only played a few songs (there were other performers), but we loved it. 

We finally got to see Chris Stapleton last spring. He was supposed to come to Kroger Field in 2020, but that got postponed….it was postponed again in 2021. Last April, he finally came to Lexington. Sheryl Crowe and Willie Nelson opened for him. It was all worth the wait. The weather was amazing that night, we went with friends, saw so many people we knew, and just had a great time. His voice is amazing. I hope to see him again.

I went to the  NKOTB concert with friends this summer. Talk about “blast from the past.” We loved every minute. 

I had two surprises from Travis for our wedding. I let him choose the honeymoon location (as long as it had a beach), and he surprised me with our wedding song. I will never forget hearing “Someone Like You.” While it had sweet meaning behind it and the lyrics are wonderful too, I gave him a hard time about it because of the movie…and his his love for Ashley Judd. Haha    

23. Pet Peeves

You’ll have to come back to the blog on Monday. Pet Peeves is the topic for Monday’s Not Just a Mom post.

Well, I’m making my way through this blog challenge. I guess I still have a few posts left!

See you tomorrow for Friday Favorites.

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Bookstore Love

Hello and happy Wednesday!

Speaking of “happy,” besides a library, a bookstore is one of my “happy places.” We are so lucky to have an awesome bookstore in town…Joseph Beth. Besides Lexington, there is a location in Cincinnati as well.

At Joseph Beth, you can get coffee, sit in a cozy chair and read, and enjoy the food at Bronte Bistro. Of course, they have books, but you can also find various things like clothes, purses, seasonal items (like Derby decorations), bath/body items, candles, sweets, and more.

My mom’s birthday is coming up. Since she was visiting, we had a birthday dinner and dessert over the weekend. We decided to get her a gift card to Joseph Beth for her birthday, and she could use it before she left town.

Whenever I go, I love to walk around and see what they have on display.

Here’s a peek at a few of the favorite things I saw:

  • Banned book puzzle
  • The Bookstore Lover’s Birthday Book -This seems to be a “diary” of sorts where you can write each day, but also make note of what you’ve read.
  • Wristlet purse – super cute!!
  • Bogg bags -perfect for the pool
  • Book bag
  • Tea mug (and various teas): I actually got my mom this mug to put the gift card in. She likes tea, and I thought this mug was cute because it has a little holder on the side for the tea bag.
  • CUTE! colander and shaker
  • Recipe box and cards
  • Sweets!
  • Volcano candle -so good!
  • Journals
  • Herb garden markers: I thought these were super cute!

My mom ended up picking up some books on Ireland because she’s going there with friends later this year.

While she probably would have liked any of the above, I did want her to choose something she would really want and use.

Do you love a bookstore as much as I do?

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Workout Diaries: April 2023


Well, once April hits, I start getting serious about getting my workouts in.

Honestly, I workout pretty consistently year round. That being said, like most of us, December can be a struggle with the extra busyness of the holidays and then we recommit in January.

In January, I did regroup (at least better than December!) with what I was eating and started to get back in a true workout groove.

Then, usually around spring break when the weather starts to warm up…and I realize I will have to wear shorts soon, I really get a plan for working out and eating better.

So, starting April 1st, I started keeping track of my workouts. While I’d love to commit to five workouts a week, I knew four a week should be doable. I decided to “split the difference” and try to get in 18 true workouts.

While walking counts as a workout, I was really aiming to get in my Bodi (Beachbody’s new name) as well as a few elliptical workouts at the gym.

Here’s my month of movement:

April 1:

I was in the midst of Fire and Flow which is a Bodi program. I did a Restorative Flow workout before we hit the road to Greenville, SC. (Restorative Flow is a yoga type workout)

April 2– This is the day we biked 15 miles and I walked 11k steps. That was definitely a workout!

April 3– It was a rainy day, and I was sore from the bike ride! I could have lounged around the hotel while the kids and Travis went to do a track workout, but I did go for a 60 min walk around town. I ended up with 8,000 steps that day. I’m sure it would have been half that if I didn’t go on the walk.

April 4– We went on a 2 mile trail hike before heading home. Once we got home, I went on a 30 min walk to stretch my back and get a few more steps in.

*same outfit –one on the trail and one in my neighborhood!

April 5 – I did a Mobility Flow workout the day after we got home. I was tired from the trip and wanted to do low impact. This type of workout is yoga/Pilates… but with weights. It’s slow paced but makes you sweat!

April 6 – After a few previous days of lower intensity, I was ready to sweat. I did a Lower Body Fire workout which is weighted circuits and fire finishers (HIIT).

April 7 – I took advantage of a Friday with no school (still on spring break), and went to the gym for an elliptical workout.

April 8 – On this Saturday, I hit the gym again for an elliptical workout before picking up my grocery order. I do like the elliptical because it’s a good workout, it goes by quickly, and I can listen to a podcast and watch tv.

April 9– This was Easter Sunday. After church, we went to Elizabethtown to see Trav’s family. I easily could have skipped when I got home, but I knew life would get busier since we were headed back to school. Also, I wanted to walk off the big lunch and get some steps in, so I walked for 30 minutes.

April 10– We were back to school and the kids had their first track meet that evening. I squeezed in a quick Job One back/glutes/core workout. I finished this program a few months ago, but it’s a great one to go back to because the workouts are only 20 minutes.

**Also, I love when workouts have the countdown clock!

April 11 – Tuesdays are our least busy evenings. I tend to use those days for cardio which also then becomes a hair washing day. haha. I did Cardio Fire which is all cardio…no weights.

The workouts had sets of ladder workouts (20,40,60 seconds) with one minute HIIT “fire finishers” in between and core at the end. The Fire workouts always leave me tired!

April 12– no workout (track meet day)

April 13– I did the elliptical at the gym. Since Hayden had injured himself, he could only do the stationary bike at the gym. With that workout, I ended up getting 10k steps that day.

April 14– no workout. *I will say this is why Friday morning workouts used to be the best idea…because then I could guarantee getting a workout in to wrap up the week.

April 15– I did a 21 Day Fix Lower Body workout. I LOVE 21DF…it’s one of the original Beachbody programs, and I always turn to it if I need a random workout if in between programs or wanting to mix things up. All the workouts are 30 minutes which is a selling point for me as well.

April 16 Sunday is usually a rest day but I decided to walk after being pretty lazy most of the day. My friend wanted to borrow the book I had finished reading, so I walked it to her house and still walked for about 30 minutes.

April 17– I did a quick 20 min Job One workout before a track meet.

April 18– no workout – I was actually “disappointed” in myself this day. I had planned to workout, but it was a doozy of a day…I was up extra early, crazy busy at school, and then had all kinds of evening activities. I was just tired, and wanted to put my pjs on as soon as I could.

April 19Fire and Flow: Functional Flow (yoga)

April 20Muscle Burns Fat: Power Ignite– I did both the MBF and MBF Advanced programs last year and really enjoyed them.

I like the Power Ignite workout because she does EMOM – “every minute on the minute” style workouts. There are two five minute blocks and a 10 minute block, so it’s a quick by challenging workout.

April 21 – (Friday) —no workout. I headed straight to the kids’ track meet after school. It lasted until 10pm, but I did get 8k steps that day.

April 22 –I love Autumn as an instructor (from 21DF and other programs), so I did one of her Bod Exclusive workouts —Dirty 30 Sculpt. The 21 Day Fix program has a Dirty 30 workout that’s one of my faves. I enjoyed this one too.

April 23 – Restorative Flow which was much needed because I sore after Saturday’s workout. Finishing this workout meant that I finished the Fire and Flow program.

April 24- No workout (not even a quick one) before the track meet.

April 25 – I clicked around the Bodi programs, and decided to try Get Strong. I’d never seen it before, so I’m assuming it’s a newer program. It only has about two weeks of workouts.

The Strong 1 workout included 3 supersets and one tri-set. I don’t think I’ve ever done a tri-set before!

April 26 – I was so tired and really didn’t want to workout. I rallied and did another Get Strong: Sculpt workout.

April 27– I didn’t do a workout because I had a hair appointment after school. Priorities, obviously 😆

April 28- Another Friday with no workout, and I headed straight to the kids’ track meet after school.

April 29-This was a Saturday that I just didn’t get a workout in. We were up and at my nephew’s baseball game by 10:00, and then had other errands and spent time with family most of the day. It’s not that I was disappointed in myself for missing a workout, but this just reaffirms why I need to get those in early on a Saturday or the day just escapes me.

April 30- I wrapped up the month with another Get Strong workout. This was a Cardio Sweat workout and just what I needed to make up for missing on Saturday.

Fun fact: I hate cardio, I don’t mind walking or the elliptical. That being said, if it’s part of a program I will do it. That’s why I think I don’t struggle to workout at home. I might rearrange days but I will still get cardio in, so I can continue with a program.

So, I had a goal of 18 workouts. My workout total for the month:

  • Workouts: 19
  • Walks: 3
  • No workout: 8

Overall, I think April was a pretty good month of intentionally working out and making it a priority.

Even just knowing I was going to write this post motivated me to workout out a few of those days. It might sound silly, but I knew I was logging those workouts in this post, and wanted to meet my goal. I guess y’all are my accountability partners…and you didn’t even know it!

After completing the Fire and Flow program, I liked being able to turn to the Bodi workout library and pick and choose from other programs that I was familiar with but also a new one to try.

I know many aren’t motivated to workout at home…I’m actually more motivated to just go down to the basement and get the workouts in. Bodi is seriously the best investment for me. There are so many options of workouts, and I look back on some of the days I would have done nothing because I didn’t have a lot of time, but instead I “pushed” play on a 20 minute workout.

Before 2020, I was in a decent habit of getting up early two days a week to workout. On Wednesdays, I’d usually go to the gym, and on Fridays, I’d usually workout at home. That just kind of went to the wayside. Now, that life feels extra busy, I guess I just prefer the extra few minutes of sleep and the guaranteed quiet time I get in the morning with my cup of coffee.

This month, I did try to make better food choices. Again, I wasn’t perfect, but I was intentional with tracking my foods, working out, and limiting sweets as much as possible. I did end up losing 5 pounds which I’m happy about. I will be happy if I can get back down to where I was –5 more to go!

My weakness continues to be drinking water. I do drink water daily and during/after a workout. I’ve found that I tend to drink more water on the weekend, but need to drink more during the week.

Anyway, whether I post about it or not, I think I will track my May workouts as well. It’s almost pool season! 😆

What’s your workout routine like?

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Prime Purchases

Happy Monday and happy May 1st! I can’t believe it’s already May.

How was your weekend? We had a good one with not too much going on after Friday night’s track meet.

Did you catch my bonus Saturday post?

Today, I’m linking up with Tanya for this month’s Prime Purchases.

This was a pretty light Amazon month. I think Travis even noticed that there were less packages on the front porch. 😆

This month I bought…

Jen Reed shared this, I think. I believe some of her followers told her about it, so she shared it. Anyway, I figured I’d add it into my moisturizing routine. I have noticed that crease on my chest (I’m a side sleeper), and if it can firm up my neck a bit, I wouldn’t be mad about it. I’ve been using it for a few weeks. The price point is good, and no matter what, I figure I will take as many moisturizers and vitamins on my skin as I can take.

Yes, I’m over 40. Why do you ask? 😆

Speaking of skin–I had my dermatology skin check on Friday. The past couple of times I’ve gone, she’s said my skin looks good, and I can come back every two years unless something of concern pops up. Just a friendly reminder to get your skin checked by a professional!

I swear…we are always looking for phone chargers in this house. Also, when all four of us are in the car, we all seem to need the one charger that I leave in there. I bought this three pack of the 10 foot “lightning” chargers…10 feet is pretty long, but I leave one in the car for whoever is in the backseat or third row. Also, sometimes I want a longer cable if charging my phone certain places in the house.

The one beauty product I seem to just buy whatever I can find is my daytime serum. I always just look for something with Vitamin C and go from there. I’ve been using this now this month, and I really like it.

Hayden got a new phone, so he needed another screen protector. I’ve always just purchased those from Amazon.

I’ve shared this toothbrush a few times. Both kids and I have it.

Once Hayden got his braces off, I bought him a new one. I’ve had mine for a couple of years, and Hadley has had hers for almost as long. Hayden —well, he tends to be tougher on things…or loses them. So, we’ll see –hopefully this one will last a while. Believe me, it’s user error as to why he’s on his third (or fourth!) one.

I also needed more toothbrush heads, so I added those to the order too.

Amy shared these sandals, and I just couldn’t say no. I wear a size 9, but sometimes I need a 9.5 (or 10!) in sandals. The 9.5 fit me perfectly.

That’s a wrap on my April purchases. I have my eye on a swim cover up that I will probably get this month because it’s almost pool time! I’m sure I will pick up some other odds and ends as the school year wraps up too.

What have you purchased lately?