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Share 4 Somethings

Happy Saturday!

Well, this Saturday post kind of snuck up on me. Next Saturday will be April 1st. How is that possible?

Anyway, since it is the last Saturday of the month, I’m linking up with Jennifer for her fun end of the month post.

This month I’m…


Two new bracelets that I’ve add to my stack. I added the rose gold bangle first a few weeks ago. I loved it so much that I purchased the silver cross bracelet next. These are less than $12! Can you believe that?

So far, I’ve worn them both almost 24/7 with my other Daily Gold bracelets. That being said, I take them off before I shower just because I’m not sure how they will hold up. Otherwise, they’ve been the perfect addition.

I loved my black SSYS quilted tunic so much that I purchased it in grey (size large). I think grey is mostly sold out, but they also have it in pink and navy in more sizes.

I can’t wait to wear it even more in the spring.


I’d read the first book in the American Royals series, but had forgotten about the other books. Majesty was available on the Kindle, so I added it recently. I’m enjoying it, and might just go ahead and read the third book after I finish this one. I see the 4th book is coming out later this summer.

It’s been a while since I quit on a book…but I was 40% through Family Remains and just couldn’t do it anymore. I will share more about my thoughts next week when I share my March books.


Oh my word…we tried a new recipe earlier this week thanks to Andrea, and it was so good. This Taco Pie was perfect and hit the spot. We had it for dinner Monday and Tuesday along with green beans and salad. Then, I still had some for lunch on Wednesday.

You know I love a recipe if I take the time to write it on a recipe card to save forever which is what I did on Wednesday.


Well, Easter baskets hit different when you aren’t a little kid: {sigh}

With only two weeks until Easter, I need to order a few things. Of course, in their baskets, I put some candy, but then I always pick up a few others things. Gone are the days of sidewalk chalk and bubbles, but I’ve always picked up a few things for summer like swimsuits, flip flops, or goggles. Any good ideas on what I should get my teens? I think I’m going to make a list this weekend and place and order or two.

I hope your weekend is off to a great start. See you back here on Monday for some of my favorite memes!

10 thoughts on “Share 4 Somethings

  1. We always used to put goggles and swimsuits and things like in our baskets too but I stopped putting them together entirely a few years ago when I couldn’t come up with anything to put in them and my boys had zero suggestions for me. Now they get a card and a chocolate bunny each…. speaking of which I need to get on making those cards!

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  2. The bracelets are pretty! The tunic is super cute and versatile! My kids are 20 & will be 18 Easter weekend…and I am also thinking about Easter baskets, LOL! I am sure at some point that should stop…Have a great weekend! Stopping by from Share Four Somethings.-Cindy

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  3. For Hadley, a hair accessory and for both, maybe a gift card for an ice cream shop or something where it has to turn into a family activity when you cash it in because you have to drive them! Ha! New sunglasses are good. A graphic tee about a favorite show?
    Your new bracelet stack looks so good! I need to work on that. My bracelets are lacking these days!

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