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Friday Favorites {#151}

Hello and happy Friday!

This week was the first time we’ve had five days of school in a while. That being said, I had to take a sick day yesterday and today because I feel awful. I was negative for Covid, flu, and strep. I didn’t feel this bad when I had Covid…it definitely feels more like the flu, but I guess it’s a virus.

Hopefully, by tomorrow, I will feel better.

As always, I’m linking up with Andrea and Erika for this week’s Friday Favorites.

Today’s Friday Favorites post is a bit different. I wanted to share this earlier in the week on the first day of spring, but I also wanted to share a recap of the weekend on Monday. So, I just pushed this post to today to share some favorites about spring.

Honestly, spring is probably my least favorite season. As a teacher, the springtime is so busy with testing and finishing up school. Also, spring feels extra busy with my kids’ activities, but I do love a good day of sunshine and 70 degrees for sure. I also love the grass turning green and flowers blooming.

Here are my Top 10 faves about spring:

1. The weather

Once March hits, I don’t want it to be cold, but I do love warmer days but also still being able to wear light sweaters and sweatshirts….you know..kind of easing into summer.

2. Kids’ sports

Well, this spring has already started off differently with Hayden not playing baseball. As busy as we are, we are definitely less busy with no baseball. We’ve hit a “sweet spot” with both kids having track right after school which frees up our evenings…until the meets start. Hadley still has dance a couple nights a week, but we are used to that since she’s been doing that all year long.

I really love outdoor track season because both kids are doing it. It’s fun to watch them improve each week and have fun with their teammates.

3. Keeneland

I’ve shared a few posts about Keeneland, and it’s still one of my favorite places. You can’t beat a sunny day at the track, and Keeneland is such a special atmosphere. We always have fun whenever we go.

4. Oaks/Derby

There’s nothing like the first week of May in Kentucky. The city of Louisville comes alive for the week of Oaks and Derby. While Travis is usually busy with work that week, we often go to Oaks. Sometimes, he will go to Derby too.

5. Outside

Once the time springs forward an hour and the weather warms up, my kids are outside playing quite a bit. Once they started middle school, I wondered if my kids would be outside as much as they did when they were little, and they are. They still ride bikes, play basketball in the driveway, hang out at the playground and more.

We have a great neighborhood full of kids, and not all of them go to my kids’ school. I love that they all run around and hang out together when they can.

6. Grilling out

Dinners get easier in the spring. We’ll often grill out which means I’m not really cooking. So many times when we grill out, it’s easy to throw together side dishes like pasta salad, baked beans, fruit which I appreciate.

Many times, Travis and I end up eating dinner together on the back patio because we can’t convince the kids to come in from playing. I’ve decided to embrace that too.

7. Front porch sittin’

I love sitting on our front porch in the spring. It’s the perfect spot to hang out, sip a glass of wine or read a book.

8. Baseball

Of course, I grew up in Kansas City, so I’ve been a fan through the (many) bad and the good years. Now, my brother and I stream their games using the MLB app. Even if they are having a bad year, I still like having the games on when I can. Just having the game on as we do other things makes me feel nostalgic because the games were always on our tv at home growing up.

While we live about an hour from Cincinnati, we don’t follow the Reds. Even Hayden prefers to cheer for the Royals.

9. Flowers

Whether it’s the flowers at Trader Joe’s or our front porch flowers, I love how pretty they look. Also, for Mother’s Day, my gift is always the hanging ferns for the front porch. I look forward to that tradition.

10. Almost summer

Well, spring also means we are on the downhill slide to summer.

As of today, we have 40 days left in the school year! I can’t believe it. Summer will be here before we know it.

Weekly Recap:

Here are my posts from this week:

What are your weekend plans? If I can, I hope to have a Share 4 Somethings post for tomorrow! Hadley has one more weekend of volleyball, but otherwise, we don’t have much going on.

What’s your favorite things about spring? I hope you have a lovely spring weekend.

17 thoughts on “Friday Favorites {#151}

  1. I like spring a lot! But, I’m also not as busy. I love being able to come home and walk Ernie and then sit on my porch. Ahhhh…. I don’t want to get up to make dinner, but I do.
    I am so sorry you are sick! I have been sick every other month this school year which is NOT normal. I was sick in September, November, January and March. November was the worst I think. Try to get a medicine ball tea (or make your own version) and use the Neti pot. I also made a hot toddy before bed a couple of nights. We think the best meds are Dayquil and Nyquil and Mucinex. Those were things that really helped me.
    Boo for sicknesses!

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    1. I definitely feel like I can’t catch a break. I’m hoping no one else gets it. Today, I feel better than Wed/yesterday, so I hope I’m on the right track. medicine ball sounds good! Maybe Travis will go get me one


  2. I’ve been so surprised by all of the people who say spring is their least favorite season lately! I LOVE spring. 😂 For all of the reasons you listed too.

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  3. Hope you’re feeling better real soon!! I can’t say I love spring either but I definitely prefer it over winter. The sunny skies, the warmer days, that slide into summer…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! I was convinced it was flu because that’s sure what it feels like. I do feel better today than yesterday. Hopefully by the weekend I will be much better. Can’t catch a break. I hope no one else gets it.


  4. We also have 40 days left in the year after today. I hope you feel better soon! There is a bad virus going around here, with flu or covid like symptoms that so many have right now. I hope you’re able to enjoy your weekend, friend.

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    1. That must be what I have. It stinks going to the dr and not having real answers. Just meaning I like a test result to show something so I know what I have and can get meds if applicable 😆


  5. I love Spring too, it’s my second favourite season after Summer. Our weather is starting to warm up now too and although we have one last weekend of skiing, I’m ready to put away all of that winter stuff and bring out my sneakers! It’s nice to know the kids are still outside playing even as they get older.

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  6. PC is the most devoted Reds fan I know. Rain or shine, years of losing seasons and he’s still cheering them on. Hope we can catch one game in person this year.

    Your kids have great strides. I love watching track. Hope they both have a very successful season.

    With all of my many, many trips to Lexington over the years, I have been to Keeneland once. Would like to go again someday. Your fascinator is perfect.


  7. It is so nice that baseball is almost back! I’ve been streaming preseason games through the MLB app too because, even though we’re on the East Coast, my dad is a Dodgers fan and my favorite player ended up with them for Spring Training. Funnily enough, they were just playing the Royals yesterday! Baseball does make for some nice background noise during the spring and summer!

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