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Blog Challenge Part 7

Hello and Happy Thursday!

Today, I’m continuing with my blog challenge and covering topics #14 and #15.

14. What is in my handbag?

When I saw this one, I thought it sounded familiar….and realized it’s because that’s also one of our Not Just a Mom topics…but not until August! I carry different purses different times of the year, so that will be fun to look back on this post and compare.

Anyway, I have three purses that I tend to carry this time of the year. My big purse that holds all the things, a crossbody if I don’t need to carry as much, and then my belt bag if I’m really try to be more minimal with what I carry.

In my Barrington tote, I have:

  • my wallet which holds cards and money (of course)
  • two smaller bags

The two smaller bags (which I’ve had forever):

  • White/pink bag: hair ties, lip gloss, Airpods, toothbrush, a few gift cards
  • Multicolored bag: hand sanitizer, medicine, wet wipes, cloth to clean sunglasses, and a few other odds and ends

Also in my purse I have…

  • Two pairs of sunglasses (the smaller black pair, I tend to wear if I’m wearing a hat)
  • My Invisalign compact (pink) + light up compact mirror (light blue), rubber bands
  • Kleenex
  • Hand lotion
  • Hair brush
  • Pens
  • A pair of socks — this is more of a winter thing, but if I’m wearing boots, sometimes I want socks and sometimes I don’t.

Last but not least…

  • my Kindle! I never leave home without it.

The other purses…

  • I love the cross body with the interchangeable strap. I tend to carry this one April -September before switching over to my larger bag for fall/winter months. This bucket bag holds quite a bit, and I use it some on the weekends when I can just pull out what I need from my bigger bag. I feel like I carry less in the warmer months, and maybe that’s because I’m also home more in the summer and don’t need to have everything on me all of the time.
  • For example, this weekend, when we were out of town for Hadley’s competition, I left my big purse at home, and just put what I needed (the essentials) in my cross body. It holds quite a bit…and that weekend, I even threw in some snacks for Hadley as well as a few extras like some things she needed for dance.
  • The belt bag is perfect for if I go for a walk or a sporting event. I do laugh every time I see it because there’s a small stain on it from a drop of guacamole that missed my mouth in Mexico this summer. I’ve tried to rub it out, and it just seems to stay. It’s probably not noticeable to others, but I notice it!
  • If we are going somewhere “nicer,” and I want a smaller bag, I have a few clutches or even a small black Kendra Scott crossbody that I will use the most.

15. Timeline of my day:

Well, I’ve done quite a few “Day in the Life” posts, so I will keep this answer pretty simple:

  • 6:00 wake up
  • Quiet time with coffee, blogs, news until 6:45
  • Get ready and make lunch
  • Wake kids ay 7:15 (and help with whatever they need)
  • Leave for school 7:45.
  • School from 8:00-3:30 (sometimes 4 or 4:30)
  • Pick up kids from school at 4:00 (if they don’t have after school activities)
  • After school activities: practices, games, dance, errands (if needed)
  • If there aren’t many activities, I try to workout 3 days a week.
  • 6:00 start dinner
  • Work on blog post while dinner cooks
  • 6:30-7:30 dinner (varies day to day)
  • After dinner, kids do homework, sometimes we have pick up from activities
  • 8:00 shower and skincare
  • 8:30-10:00 watch tv, relax if there’s time to do so
  • 10:00 bedtime and read for a bit

**Of course, every evening is different. There are times we don’t even get home until 7:30, eat dinner, help with schoolwork, etc. I do the best I can to cook Sunday-Thursday (with leftovers once or twice during the week). The slow cooker is a life saver at this point in my life. Thankfully, the kids are pretty self-sufficient, and help around the house. I do feel like I’m constantly playing “catch-up” on the weekends. So, when we have a busy weekend last last weekend, I often feel “thrown off” during the week trying to get caught up. Oh well, I always say “blessed to be busy!”

This month, for Not Just a Mom, we are sharing Day in the Life: Weekend Edition on March 13th.

When I started this “blog challenge,” I wasn’t sure how many posts I’d have to cover it…and I still don’t know! πŸ˜† These topics have been fun to think about though.

5 thoughts on “Blog Challenge Part 7

  1. Love seeing what are in handbags! I love all three of your bags. I have a tan Lulu that is just so small that I don’t use it that often. I like my faux leather one better because it holds more, but maybe I’m thinking about it all wrong and it should just be for walking or as a complement to my bigger bag?
    Your school year schedule is my summer schedule – getting up at 6 and going to bed at 10. Maybe if we start an hour later I will have more of a schedule like that. We still don’t know about next year. I think you have a pretty good schedule, but you do get done so late that there is hardly time for an appointment or errands.


  2. I enjoyed both of these! I love seeing what people have in their purses. My timeline is very similar to yours- the dinner part is the only different thing. We have from 5-6 each night and I do laundry while it’s getting ready. I also usually come home and do a chore of some sort, whether vacuuming or dusting. I’m usually comfy and sitting from 7-9 and spend that time doing blog things, reading, watching a show with my husband and talking, and getting up to do laundry. I go upstairs for bed at 9, but I never really fall asleep until 9:45 or 10. I like to watch a show in bed.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Eek! Thanks for the reminder– I need to make sure to document my weekend with photos and notes. I often need a few tries to get a day in the life post done since I often forget 1/2 way through the day that I’m documenting it! LOL

    Liked by 1 person

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