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Monday Memes

Hello and Happy Monday! Well, this weekend felt like a blur. I spent most of it in Cincinnati with Hadley at her first dance competition of the season.

I sure wish I had an extra day to get things done and rest a bit.


Did you catch my Share 4 Somethings post on Saturday?

Since it’s the last Monday of the month, I’m sharing some of my favorite memes.

I feel so “seen.” I do this all the time:

This is so true! I swear if we had land, I’d adopt twenty dogs!

I’m definitely an over-thinker.

9/10 I put on smarty pants…lol

This might be why this “season of life” has felt so challenging…Both at home and at school I fee like I’m forever on repeat…

I can definitely be a nosy Rosie 😂

I made sure to pick up this week’s groceries early Saturday before we left for Cincinnati. I was going to make dinner on Sunday night, but I was too tired…so we ordered Thai food. We hadn’t had that in forever, and I thought it sounded good.

I felt “guilty” for a minute because we never eat out on a Sunday, but then I let that go and cut myself some slack!

So this meme is timely:

With my current job, I don’t have to take attendance, but this one made me chuckle. I’ve definitely been there…

Just a few memes to start your week. What was the highlight of your weekend?

4 thoughts on “Monday Memes

  1. Ha! I love all of these. Don’t feel guilty about take out on Sunday! I love Thai food and have been learning to make some dishes from Slender Kitchen. I have been on a major peanut sauce kick! The noodles on our plates Friday night were from Trader Joe’s and I put peanut sauce on them and they were pretty tasty!
    I do not repeat myself if a kid is on their phone while I am talking. I ask them nicely to put phones out of sight as class begins and then if they disrespect that, it’s on them. Unfortunately, admin doesn’t really back us up on the phone thing so that’s about all I can do.

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    1. Last night’s dinner was delish…& we have leftovers for a busy night tonight. I agree about phones. I’ve been so pleased at my kids’ school zero policy and they enforce it. Then, they get to high school and we don’t/can’t (harder to do) enforce it


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