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Share 4 Somethings

Hello and Happy Saturday!

I’m linking up with Jennifer (Overflowing with Thankfulness) for this fun Saturday link up.

Every month, we are sharing what we are are loving, reading, learning, and eating.


Overall, the month of February was so mild. I kept hoping for a big snow, but we never got one. Not only no snow, but we had many days with temps in the 60’s and even some mid-70’s! If the weather is going to be like this, then, at this point, I hope it stays this way. Let’s just move on to spring and then summer.

A few months ago we bought a Keurig/coffee pot combo. I’ve tried a variety of K-cup flavors (my friend dropped off some options when we first got it), and Toasted Graham is my favorite. I’ve also now started buying the Green Mountain brand, and the Brown Sugar Crumble is another one I’m loving.


I just started Spare. I was so excited when I got the library notification that it was my turn to download it to my Kindle. I will say, I’m having a hard time finding time to read lately. I’m somewhat panicking that I won’t get it finished before it’s due ten days.

I will share my February books next week!


I’m (re-)learning how to be a dance mom for my #1 dancer:

It’s dance competition season! She had so much fun last year:

I can’t wait to see what her dance studio accomplishes this year.

Here’s a quick list of what dancers need on competition days: costumes, dance shoes, tights (and backup tights), makeup, eyelashes, hair pieces, bobby pins, stage earrings, safety pins, band aids, studio team t-shirt and jacket, hairspray, snacks, water and more!


Well, I’ve been nibbling on cake all week..

On Monday, Hadley made Shay’s Red Velvet Bundt cake and homemade cream cheese icing!

Meals out:

I’ve also enjoyed many meals out this week (which is rare!)…

Sushi date with Travis last Friday night,

…brunch out with friends before the UK basketball game last Saturday, and…

…dinner out with my friend Natalie on Thursday night.

Meals at home:

Otherwise, these were the meals we had this week:

  • Shay’s Sweet Potato and Sausage Hash
  • Shay’s Taco Tortellini Soup
  • Tomorrow night, I plan on making Shay’s Beefy Cornbread Casserole

I didn’t realize I’d only made Shay meals this week until I typed this post! πŸ˜‚

I hope your weekend is off to a great start! I’m spending my weekend watching my #1 dancer shine on the stage.

11 thoughts on “Share 4 Somethings

  1. I just tried one of Shay’s recipes for the first time this week- she happened to share her creamy nutella pie on the same day we were having company and I thought it looked good and sounded so easy to make. It was delicious and was such a huge hit with everyone!

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  2. Seems like being a dance mom is a full-time job! I knew there was a lot that went into it, but that’s quite a list. That cake looks amazing and I may have to pay more attention to Shay’s recipes! Happy Weekend! Visiting from SFS#10

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I missed this post so I’m late! I bet you do need an extra day! I love Keurig coffee and now I want to try both of those flavors!
    All of your meals out look so delish. Your talking about gnocchi the other day makes me want to try it and look what I found this weekend and I wasn’t even looking for it:

    Sun Dried Tomato Gnocchi! I thought it sounded so good. But, I really need to try a restaurant gnocchi, too!
    Hope your week goes well!

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  4. Wow – that cakes looks delicious….and professional!! And those are two coffee flavors that I have not tried yet – yum!


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