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Prime Purchases: February 2023

Hello and happy Monday!

How was your weekend? Ours was super busy. Honestly, I was in bed by 9:00 on Friday because I was so tired and kind of grumpy. Then, Saturday was non-stop which I expect…but then Sunday was too which isn’t what I was expecting.

Anyway, I’m starting the week off by linking up with Tanya for this month’s Prime Purchases.

In January, I try to limit my Amazon spending because I feel like in November and December, all I do is buy gifts. That being said, this post is pretty full which makes me feel like I need to explain myself 😂

Here are my purchases this month:

At the end of December (so technically not January), I bought:

This pack of no show socks to wear with my new Shu Shop shoes. I’ve been losing socks left and right lately, so I needed a few more no show socks.

Also, I ordered another tub of collagen. I’ve been adding a a scoop to my morning coffee for the past few months.

Once I got organized after Christmas, I wanted a place for my boots, and ordered this boot bag organizer that fits under the bed. I have two pairs of tall boots in it and then a couple of short boots too. One of the spots is still empty which is nice knowing I can still add to it.

With an Amazon gift card that I got for Christmas, I ordered…

Kelly Ripa’s book

…and these slippers that I had my eye on. I 10/10 recommend these. I love them because they are easy to wear around the house (and outside if needed), and my feet don’t get hot. The come in lots of colors too.

When I got my house organized and put back together after Christmas, I purchased two more of these mini boxwood wreaths. I have one on the candle pedestal on my coffee table, and wanted two more to add to two more candle pedestals.

With a gift card I received for my birthday, I bought…

This seven pack of flameless candles with remote! My friend had a couple on her mantel, but then I found the seven pack. I’m only using a few right now, but they provide a lovely glow in the living room when I’m missing my Christmas tree. The timer can be set for two, four, six or eight hours. Also, using the remote, you can make the candles flicker (or not!) I have a feeling this will be one of my favorite 2023 Amazon purchases.

Here is one of the candles with one of the mini wreaths:

I also picked up a pair of new black cotton leggings. I’ve had a pair from H&M for years, and wear them so much they are almost see through…so this pair has worked as a replacement.

One more thing I picked up with my gift card is this workout tank. I love it so much, and will probably order it in another color at some point. (I ordered a large, and maybe could have done a medium…but I don’t like my tanks to be tight)

Travis made a rare Amazon purchase, and picked up some Adidas & Nike socks for the kids. He ordered a pack of black and of white. Both kids have lots of socks with holes in them that they refuse to throw away! haha

One more purchase…

from my Gma…She ordered me these Ugg dupes (that I gave as a gift idea) for my birthday, and I’ve been wearing them so much. There are various colors, but I think the leopard print is fun!

So, I still had quite a few purchases this month, but really I used gift cards for most of them!

What have you been priming lately?

I’m not sure how much I will post this week. I will be at school late every day this week and the kids are super busy. *sigh* It’s only Monday, and I already want it to be Friday.

{This post contains Amazon affiliate links…Thank you for supporting my blog!}

9 thoughts on “Prime Purchases: February 2023

  1. I think that once again, you did great! I want the slippers and the booties but I have resisted. Aren’t you proud of me? That workout tank is like my favorite black A New Day tank from Target. I find I always need a black tank to go under several of my cardigans. I might order this one because I really like the high neck and the side slits.
    I am sorry you are already tired from this week. That’s the worst. And, it’s warming up so no chance of a snow day. Take a day if you need to. Put yourself first! And, my best advice when I have a week like this – take it one day at a time. It’s ok to have takeout or put Travis in charge of getting takeout a couple of nights.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know. Where is winter?!?! Haha
      I have a few crockpot meals planned…we had take out last night because I forgot to make the Sunday crockpot meal. Off to a great start haha unfortunately, Travis is isolating in the basement if you know what I mean…fingers crossed the rest of us stay healthy.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I’ve been noticing all my boys have holes in their socks too and they just keep wearing them that way! I can not do that as I feel that hold immediately and it drives me nuts. I have been eyeing a pair of those ugg dupes (in plain though!) and thought they’d be comfy to wear with my leggings.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Those Ugg look alikes are so popular right now! I hope your week goes by smoothly…sounds very busy! Thanks so much for linking up with Prime Purchases! Tanya – The Other Side of the Road

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I don’t get the sandal slipper hype, maybe i just need to try them. I wear slippers because my feet at cold and I dont feel like those would keep my feet warm.


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