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Hello and Happy Saturday!

Guess what happened yesterday? I got up, poured myself a cup of coffee, sat down on the couch…only to hear my phone vibrating. It was our school district calling at 6:15 to tell us we have a snow day. I looked outside and saw no snow and pretty dry streets. Well, apparently, the northside of town was a disaster with icy roads, wrecks, and stalled traffic on the interstate.

I’m not sure if we’ll have to make this day up or not, and I kind of hate to have a snow day with no snow, but that’s what we got.


Today, I’m trying something new! I’m linking up with Jennifer (Overflowing with Thankfulness) for her monthly Saturday link up: Share 4 Somethings

Every month, we are sharing what we are loving, reading, learning, and eating.


I am loving this quilted pullover from my favorite boutique, Shop Style Your Senses. I love how it can be worn multiple ways. It comes in three colors, and I think they are all sold out for now, but this shop is one that I love.


Just finished reading Remarkably Bright Creatures, and it was SO good. It could be a top read in 2023. I didn’t want it to end.

I also started reading Carrie Soto is Back, and I think I’m really going to like it.

I will share my January books next week.

Also, I shared that I’m going try to do this A to Z challenge this year. Well, I’m now realizing maybe I’m supposed to read books in ABC order? I’m not. I’m such a rebel. I just thought it would be fun to fill this in as the year goes on. As I have some spaces left, I will have to be more intentional with my titles, I guess. It’s just something different to do.


This girl has become quite the baker. She has certainly learned how to bake all kinds of things including cakes. One of my friends and her (grown up) daughter baked a cake each month of 2022. Hadley and I are stealing that idea for this year.

With January almost over, we baked on our day off yesterday. Hadley did 90% of the work! This chocolate chip cake was so good.


…well, now I’m eating cake 😂 but…

for the past month, I’ve subscribed to a meal plan that has been so convenient. Every Friday, Elizabeth posts a meal plan for the week with one new recipe. She tends to follow the Faster Way plan, and while I don’t necessarily do that, I still intermittent fast and have been trying to clean up my eating. I usually end up using two lunch ideas and two dinner idea each week, but they’ve been so simple, and I love that I truly don’t have to think about what we are going to eat.

Also, I have lots of cookbooks I use, Pinterest, and recipes from bloggers, but I had just gotten to the point where meal planning and making a grocery list were the last thing I wanted to do. So, I’m paying $15 a month for a few months just to get some ideas and get me through the start of the new year.

This was such a fun link up. I’m going try to remember to join Jennifer every month.

I hope wherever you are that you are staying warm!

17 thoughts on “Share 4 Somethings

    1. I was so impressed. I helped her ice it a bit but she did most and we found a pillsbury piping bag that had icing in it and the tip…and it was so easy for her to decorate the top.


  1. That cake looks professional! I am also on a cake kick where I use half a box mix and 1/2 cup water and 1/2 Greek non fat plain yogurt and bake it in my airfyer in a small round pan. People need to eat more cake! Ha!
    I am so ready for that book to come in for me at the library! I also have Carrie Soto requested. I never thought I would want to read about an octopus or a tennis star, but I also never thought I would go viral on Tik Tok, so here we are!
    Enjoy your Saturday, friend!

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  2. I’m visiting from the Share 4 Somethings link-up. I enjoyed reading your answers. Hadley is adorable and that cake looks delicious! Hope you have a great weekend.

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  3. Happy Saturday! I do reading challenges, including one that’s very similar to your alphabet plan, but I don’t read the books in order – that’s a step too far. 😉 How fun to bake regularly with your daughter – that cake looks delicious!

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  4. What an amazing cake! I’m glad you liked that book, it is on my TBR pile and I need to pick up a good book after some clunkers. Our school district is run by county and ours is so large and oddly shaped that we often get completely different weather than the west side — with snow days without snow like you got. 🙂

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