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Hello and Happy Wednesday.

We’ve continued to have pretty mild temps until Sunday, and then it’s really been feeling like January…but without the snow. *sigh*

It’s been a while since I’ve shared my outfits, so that’s what I’m doing today.

I started to track what I wore Wednesday to Wednesday. Most days, I’d remember to snap a photo with just a bit of daylight left. *sigh* not a fashion blogger!


Looking back, Wednesday was about my only “pop” of color for the week. Hello winter wardrobe, I guess.

I picked up this pink Free Assembly popover at Walmart in the fall. I paired it with my joggers and new Shu Shop sneaks. This was a very casual Wednesday because it was a testing day.


On Thursday, I wore my black and white Target flannel with skinny pants and boots that I got at Nordstrom years ago.


On Friday, I had to support the Chiefs with my Etsy sweatshirt that I got last year. I wore my favorite Loft jeans and Shu Shop shoes.


I was so tired on Saturday morning. To Hayden’s game, I just wore black leggings, an old sweatshirt, and my new Amazon boots (Ugg dupes) that my Gma got me for my birthday. I love them!

…and like a typical Saturday that is hair washing day, I wore a ball cap until after my workout.

That afternoon, I put my Chiefs sweatshirt back on for the game!


On Sunday, I wore an older Amazon dress with one of my favorite Amazon cardigans to church. I wore my brown Target booties too.

Then, it was back to leggings and sweatshirt for the rest of the cold and dreary Sunday.


I knew Monday was going to be a long day. Besides school, I knew we’d be at Hayden’s basketball game most of the evening. So, I wanted to be comfortable both at school and after school. I wore black skinny pants, a gray H&M sweater, and my favorite leopard flats (Walmart clearance). I’ve had all of these pieces for years.


Yesterday, I wore black pants that I got at Target last year with a light blue sweater that I believe was from a Stitch Fix order last year. Again, I wore my leopard flats.

This week’s worth of outfits feels a little “meh.” I kind of feel like I’m in a fashion rut, but not really wanting to buy anything new. This was probably the first Christmas that I didn’t really get any clothes and then didn’t shop for clothes after Christmas. (I guess I do enough of that year round!)

Skinny pants and sweaters are kind of my winter “go to,” but I feel like I usually wear more than gray and black! haha I guess gray really is my color.

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12 thoughts on “WIWW

  1. I was going to say lots of grey, but I love it! This is the time of year that is hardest to dress I think. Love your new boots! I think you look put together in all of your outfits and I am glad you are tracking them!

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  2. I have a closet full of neutrals too, with some color mixed in here and there. I’ve been finding myself reaching for those brighter colors here lately, because I am ready for color in my life again. I do like all of your outfits this week, though! We’ve had the same weather- very mild and now it’s getting cold again, with possible snow on the horizon.

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