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Prime Purchases: January 2023


I’d love to say, “Happy Monday,” but this Monday morning brings the end of break. Teachers report back today, and the kids come back tomorrow.

Also, Happy 2 0 2 3!

I love that Tanya is continuing to host this link up this year, and I always love seeing what others have purchased.

This is a super sized post/gifts edition. I purchased these items over the past few months but didn’t want to share until my people had received the gifts 🙂


The shower in my bathroom had very little pressure and was taking forever for the water to get hot. Finally, Travis ordered this new shower head, and my showers are back to being amazing. Also, goes to show what little I know about plumbing. The water gets hot immediately now. It was taking up to five minutes before I would even get warm water.

The rest are gifts. Amazon sure came in clutch again for me this year.


Here are a few gifts that Hadley received:

  • She gets her love of pjs from me. She sent me a pic of plaid flannel shorts/button up that she like from Aerie. By the time I went to order, they were sold out. She ended up really loving these green plaid pjs.
  • I’d seen these “varsity letter” bags all over the internet. I figured the “stuff” one would be good for when we travel. She took it with her to KC, and would hold it up and say, “I better get my stuff together” 😂
  • She requested a pair of “Ugg like” slippers, so I sent these to my mother-in-law as a gift idea. Hadley has worn them most of break, both inside and outside of the house!


Here are a few gifts Hayden received:

  • I thought this light up Chiefs sign would be great for his room.
  • He’d been wanting a medal holder for a while now, and I chose this one because it has a shelf for trophys as well.
  • This Under Armor jacket was at the top of Hayden’s list.


Travis continues to be hard to buy for, but I picked him up a few things via Amazon.

  • This Under Armor shirt is great for running.
  • I was going to put this LED magnetic tool in his stocking, but ended up wrapping it. It’s a flashlight that has a retractable/flexible neck, but it’s also a magnet for picking up things. I figure he can mostly use it for the flashlight feature.
  • This travel power strip was already used on our trip to KC/hotel stay. It has four outlets and three USB ports, so we could charge everything in one spot.
  • This waterproof dry bag is something I thought Travis could use especially during cross country and track season. The number of times we’ve tried to keep towels dry for after a race or keep wet running clothes from getting other things wet are too many to count. I could see where this would come in handy while camping as well (We don’t camp…just another suggested use 😆.) They come in a variety of sizes, but I got the 5L one.


Here are a few stocking stuffers I picked up:

  • This pack of sticky note “to do” lists made the perfect stocking stuffer. I put one in everyone’s stocking (including mine and my mom’s stocking) I’m going to take the remaining ones to school.
  • I put this bottle opener in Trav’s stocking.
  • These spider clips looked like something Hadley would wear, so I put a couple in her stocking. I kept one for myself, and then she gave the other remaining two to friends.

Other gifts:

Here are a few other gifts I gave (or received!)…

  • My Gma suggested a warm and cooling neck/shoulder wrap as a gift idea for her. I got this Sharper Image brand one, and she’s already used it and loves it. I didn’t realize that it was scented, but it does say “herbal aromatherapy,” so I should have known. It’s a “lavender and herb spa blend” which does smell like a spa!
  • I saw this stove top glass teapot as a gift suggestion and thought my mom would like it. It’s pretty, so it can sit out, and it can be used on the stove or microwave. It includes two teas.
  • My mom mentioned a belt bag for travel, but I thought this cross body seemed more practical because it holds so much more. It comes in a variety of of colors.
  • My mother-in-law got me this dough bowl candle, and I can’t wait to use it.

January is my self-imposed break for Amazon, but I did order a few things after Christmas that I plan on sharing in February.

I’m off to a faculty meeting with a strong cup of coffee! Have a great day.

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13 thoughts on “Prime Purchases: January 2023

  1. What’s the verdict on the cross body bag? I am looking for something similar for a couple of trips in ’23? It looks really nice.


  2. Well, this is the only time JCPS has beat FC – you should be off today like most people that don’t even work for the schools! I am so sorry.
    As usual, you find the best stuff on Amazon. I love the Stuff bag and that is so witty! We have a boutique that was just selling the letters that you could put on anything. Cute trend!
    I am also taking a bit of an Amazon break for non-essentials. I continue to use it for vitamins, dog treats, food adjacent items I can’t easily find in the stores, and stuff like that.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s still been a two week break but I’m bitter 😂Travis and the kids will be at home all day. Definitely feels good to take a spending break. I did buy a few things post Christmas with Christmas money, but trying to take it easy these next couple of months


  3. You found some great products on Amazon! I was hoping to take a break from Amazon this month as well and ended up placing an order today already… since our handvac died and won’t recharge.


  4. Those are some great gifts! The bottle opening tool is something my husband would love. I’m making all kinds of notes for next year, or birthdays coming up. I LOVE that glass teapot. It’s so pretty! Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Oh my goodness – that last meme is hilarious! So many great gifts this month, and yes the husbands are so hard to buy for. I’m saving that showerhead for future reference. Thanks so much for linking up with Prime Purchases! Tanya – The Other Side of the Road

    Liked by 1 person

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