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2022: Year in Review

Happy last day of 2022! I can’t believe another year has passed.

This is a post I start in January and just add to each month. It’s a fun way to take a peek at the year.

Here’s a look back at 2022:


We started the year in Cincinnati cheering for the Chiefs (vs. the Bengals). It was a heartbreaking loss for our Chiefs.

Per usual, we got our first snow day(s) of the season. Sledding with friends is always fun.

On my birthday, I went to see my fave, Heather McMahon, with some of my friends.


We were still cheering for those Chiefs in February.

We celebrated Valentine’s Day with a festive lunch.

Hadley had her first dance competition of the year.


In March, Hadley had her second dance competition of the season.

6th grade basketball wrapped up for Hayden with a heartbreaking loss (why are those our ‘thing?’), but it was a great season none the less.

We *finally* were mask free at school! Look at those smiles.

We cheered on my school’s boys basketball team in the sweet 16 at Rupp.


April started off with Spring Break in Asheville.

While there, Hayden and I visited the Biltmore.

Hayden’s final year of baseball started.

I’ll treasure all of the baseball memories!

Travis and I were able to go to Keeneland with friends.

Middle school track started for both kids.

We celebrated Easter.

Travis and I went with friends to the Chris Stapleton at Kroger Field.

Hadley had her final dance competition of the season, and they came home with lots of awards.

Track season continued.


Travis and I started May by attending the Oaks.

We celebrated Mother’s Day.

Baseball continued…

Hadley had her end of the year chorus concert.

The kids had their 6th grade championship meet for track.

Sixth grade went by in a blink!


With June, came the end of baseball for Hayden.

Hadley had her dance recital.

We spent lots of time at the pool.

Hadley had swim team.

I had Covid (and cleaned my closet!)

Towards the end of June, Travis and I celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary.

We went to the lake with friends.

Hayden took another trip to the lake and realized his love for fishing.

I went to the New Kids on the Block concert with friends.


In July, we took a fun family vacay to Mexico.

Hadley went to camp for a week.

Then, we visited family in Kansas City.

We had family photos taken.

Then, we celebrated my Gma’s 90th birthday.

Before heading back to Kentucky, we made a stop at the Lake of the Ozarks with friends.


Before heading back to school, we enjoyed a family dinner at Jeff Ruby’s.

Hayden finished up summer basketball.

…and the kids started S E V E N T H grade!

Cross country began (with Travis as the coach)…

and dance started back up.


In September, cross country continued.

We attended many UK football games. (Well, I attended one…the rest of my crew went when they could)


In October, we took the best trip to 30A with our friends for Fall Break.

Love this family photo.

Right after break, Hadley got her braces off after two phases with phase two lasting almost two years.

Of course, we went to the pumpkin patch.

I got to see Heather McMahon again! She taped her Netflix special in Lexington.

Travis, the kids and I spent an afternoon at Keeneland.

Hayden had state cross country. The boys team did amazing! (Hayden made the all area team and Trav was the area Coach of the Year!)

The kids had fun on Halloween.


Basketball picked back up again in November.

Hadley reignited her love for volleyball.

We had fun with friends at the Breeder’s Cup.

Both kids ran in a meet in honor of Trav’s dad.

We went to McDazzle with friends.

…and the kids turned T H I R T E E N!

Hadley had her Winter Showcase for dance

We celebrated Thanksgiving.

We went to our favorite place to pick out our Christmas tree.


Volleyball continued (& the professional pics finally came in)

We attended a few holiday parties and carried on traditions (like baking cookies and going to the Horse Park to see the lights)

Right before break, volleyball wrapped up and Hayden made the school basketball team. Also, the kids finished their science fair projects.

We spent the first week of break finishing up Christmas shopping, baking cookies, watching movies and more.

We celebrated Christmas early at home (with snow and frigid temps outside) before heading to Louisville…

…and then KC.

Like any year, this one was filled with highs and lows. We were busy, but were able to do quite a few things as a family. I continue to feel grateful for health and happiness for all.

Now, we are ready to bring in 2023! See you next year! 😉

11 thoughts on “2022: Year in Review

  1. What a wonderful year of memories! The kids science fair boards turned out great. Though I am wondering why I never think to start my highlights post in January rather than culling through all old posts and photos and trying to pull it together in December.. what a great idea!

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  2. 2022 was a great year for your family! You guys had a lot of fun, made some great memories, and have teenagers now!! I’m so glad I found your blog and have you as a blogger friend. Can’t wait to see all the wonderful things 2023 has in store for you!

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