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Winter Solstice

Happy Winter Solstice Wednesday (#workingtitle)

It’s officially the first day of winter.

I love winter. (My dad will read this and shake his head). I’m not sure if it’s the holidays or the fact that I have a January birthday, but I have always loved winter. On top of that, January is one of my favorite months (Again, probably because of my birthday, but January also feels like a fresh start, and it is considerably less hectic than December.)

Here are five of my favorite things about winter:

Snow! Even better…a snow day! I love the beauty of freshly fallen snow. If it’s going to be cold, I want there to be snow on the ground. The kids (and Homer) love to play outside.

Sweater weather and flannel/fleece pjs!

Sweaters and pjs on repeat with the cold temps of winter.


Don’t get it twisted, of course I love candles year round, but I love seasonal winter scents like peppermint, fireside marshmallow, and cranberry. They make the house feel extra cozy.

Comfort food! Bonus- I feel like meal planning is easier in the winter months because soups and chili are favorites in my house. Also, they provide leftovers which is another bonus. I use the slow cooker the most in the fall and winter which means getting dinner on the table quicker.

Celebrations!…followed by a fresh start. Of course, December is jam packed with Christmas festivities, and then I just love the quiet that January brings. It’s a time to start fresh, have a bit more down time, and ease into the new year.

What about you? What’s your favorite thing about winter? (if you have one) 😉

14 thoughts on “Winter Solstice

  1. I do love how pretty the ice and snow look but I can’t say I love going out in it! LOL. I do like that we tend to have more fireside days and our woodstove keeps our basement nice and toasty warm but winter is my least favorite season of all and I’m trying to convince my husband we need to move someplace where winter is at least shorter once he retires.

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    1. A shorter winter isn’t a bad idea! I also think I can like snow / winter because I don’t have to go to work if we get snow or ice because I get a snow day. I would certainly feel differently if I had to work outside or drive in it


  2. Ok, ok, you’ve convinced me that winter isn’t all bad! I do like the candles, the cozy clothes, the foods. I love a snow day! Our district still hasn’t given us the deets – will they be traditional or virtual learning days? Or, will they be on a case by case basis? I think kids need a traditional snow day!

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    1. We got the deets. If they know something is coming, I think we will do NTI. Teachers have assigned two hour times (elementary/middle/high) to be on zoom if a kid needs help. No new curriculum and students have three days to turn in work. But we should get traditional days sprinkled in throughout too / if needed


  3. I always hated winter (it hits a bit different up here in Canada!) but made a conscious decision a few years ago to embrace it, and to help with that we took up skiing so the arrival of more snow is welcome! I think it also helps when you have kids to love winter because they are excited by it and we get to go skating and sledding with them. Even shovelling is kind of fun as a family activity. Happy Winter 🙂

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      1. If you live in the country and kids take the bus to school, yes you get snow days (we always had a few when I grew up), but if you live in Toronto like us, there are never snow days because people can usually get to where they need to be. We did have one last winter which was supposed to be the first day back after a COVID lockdown, but my kids will never really know that very specific joy.

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  4. Jen, this was such a great post! These types of blog posts are always some of my favorites to read. I am like you and I love the winter! I also love January and said something similar on my own blog today- how the quiet and long month of January feels so good after the hustle and bustle of December. I also always think that it’s a month we need after being so busy and overwhelmed with all the things.

    I wholeheartedly agree with everything you love about winter and second many of those things! The slow cooker, cozy clothes, all the candles and cozy vibes…I even love how it’s dark for long periods of time and never mind the time change in the fall.

    Thanks for sharing this today! Do you mind if I share that first winter image on my blog Friday? If you don’t mind, I’ll share it and link back to your blog. I hope you’ve been enjoying your week and catching up on all the Christmas movies!

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    1. I’m channeling you and watching lots of Christmas movies this week! I love the “fall back” time change too. Always have. Of course you can use the image. I can’t take credit for it. Thanks for you thoughtful comments.


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