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Some of my favorite…


One of my favorite things about Christmas is putting ornaments on the tree. It’s always fun to open the ornament boxes and take a trip down memory lane. The kids always have a few faves, and I do too.

I will say that I wish that I’d done a better job through the years getting the kids ornaments every year. I’ve even been “bad” about picking up ornaments from places we have traveled. Maybe I can focus on that in the coming years. I just know when Travis and I got our first tree in December 2004, I was able to put a few ornaments from my childhood on the tree. I’d like the same for Hayden and Hadley. The kids definitely have ornaments because my mom is good about getting them for them, but I just wish I’d think of it throughout the year.

Also, I love the look of an assortment of ornaments. I don’t need the tree to be “matchy matchy.” That being said, both of the pencil trees are filled with neutral unbreakable ornaments because those are easy to put up in November when I pull those trees out. This year, I did add a few faves to the other pencil tree once we started decorating.

Here are some of my favorite ornaments on our living room tree:

My childhood ornaments.

I have quite a few from my childhood including the 1980 silver bell (that could use a good polishing), two angels (one of which I painted when I was a kid), and an ornaments from Mrs. Overby, my 3rd grade teacher.

While the one of Trav doesn’t hang on our tree, I love it (and look for it every year on his mom’s tree.)

From the kids…

The kids have made quite a few cute ornaments through the years at school. We always loved receiving those. The snow globes are faves and you can’t beat a salt dough ornament.

I love the snowman family hand print.

Also, we used to make an ornament every year to give to the grandparents, and I always had them make one extra for our tree. One year, we made the little present to give to family.

Other faves:

My grandpa used to carve, and he made the Santa ornament. We all have one. Last year, my friend gave me the Betty White ornament, and I love it. My dad’s cousin who hosts Christmas Eve, always gives us a nice glass ornament. I love the cardinal one, but we’ve received so many beautiful ones through the years.

Of course, I love the “first Christmas” for the kids, and this was the main gift I gave in 2009! The kids were one month old, and I couldn’t really do much shopping. We have a few other “first Christmas” ornaments for them, and I also love our wedding ornament someone gave us.

My mom cross stitched this ornament…

Newest ornament

Shutterfly helped me out with a few new ornaments this year, and I decided to get one of Homer because we don’t have one for him!

What about you? What’s your favorite ornament on your tree? I plan on having blog posts the next couple of days, so come on back!

9 thoughts on “Some of my favorite…

  1. So many wonderful ornaments and memories! We have lots just like those; photo ornaments, handmade ornaments, ornaments from trips and special skills learned and earned. None of our trees are matchy-matchy either and I like it that way.

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  2. I love ornaments too! I always pick my favorites and hang them the night that we decorate. That being said, I need to organize our ornaments better so that I can find them all. I am missing a few of my faves this year! Okay, I am off to make ornaments of our dogs. What a great idea!

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    1. I’d never seen the metal ones from Shutterfly ( but it’s been a few years since I’ve made a personalized ornament). The homer one turned out cute. It’s front/back of a few of our fave photos


  3. I love filling our tree with sentimental ornaments too. I have started making an annual Shutterfly ornament with our Christmas card photo – it’s a fun tradition. And we always laugh about one of Grace’s preschool ornaments – a saltdough cross that she decided to paint BLACK. Perfect for the Christmas tree… 🙂

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  4. I love the mix of old and new. We have some of my childhood ornaments too and some homemade ones. Decorating the tree is one of my favourite things, just to have all of those memories in one place. And then there are those “back of tree” ones, which Quinn tried hanging on the front this year and I had to redirect his efforts. Haha

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    1. We have a few back of the tree ones too lol . Putting ornaments on the tree is one of those things that has become a favorite only in the past few years. I guess because my kids are getting older and I’m getting more sentimental


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