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Friday Favorites {#139}

Hello and Happy Friday! We made it! After today, we’re on a two week break.

This week has been filled with many tests at school for my kids, activities, science fair projects and more! I feel like we had to plan out every second of our evenings for studying, schoolwork, and activities. Anyway, we made it to the weekend (and break for some).

As always, I’m linking up with Andrea and Erika for this week’s Friday Favorites.

Here are some favorites from the week.

While it’s not a favorite that the volleyball season is over, it’s been a favorite to watch Hadley play these last couple of months. I told her that I’ve never been happier that she took a leap of faith and tried something (newish) to her. This team was so fun to watch, they supported each other, and they all improved so much!

Trav’s work had their Christmas party on Saturday. The kids let me snap a pic before we left…

…and then we got a pic with Santa at the party. It was a nice evening, and Travis has been at this farm for 15 years. They always speak a bit about the employees at the five, ten, fifteen, etc. year milestone. Of course, we’re proud of all of his hard work!

Both kids needed others to help them get their science project data. Hayden chose to focus on resting heart rate/heart rate of kids who play various sports. Hadley baked cookies for three different times to see which time makes the “best” cookie. So, the runners were able to eat cookies after that part of the science experiment. No cookies before running!😆

They finished their projects last night. We are happy to check this off our list.

I had told Travis not to worry about outside Christmas lights because I’d been striking out finding my Trader Joe’s garland and just really hadn’t had the time to tackle the outdoors. Well, I found some on Friday after school, so I told him I changed my mind about wanting lights outside. Thankfully, he obliged and took creative license with the extra strand of garland. He put in on the railings and added lights there too. I’m glad we made this happen. Now we are festive both inside and outside.

Look who was comfy and cozy inside…looking oh so merry 😂

I don’t have a pic, but on Tuesday the hospitality and culinary arts classes hosted teachers for lunch. We had a choice of two dishes that were served with salad and dessert. Well, I didn’t know that it was going to be such a formal occasion. I arrived to a dimly lit classroom, a hostess who seated me, black table cloths, tea lights, and fancy dinnerware. My vegetable lasagna was so good, and it was the best experience. I told them that the ambience was “giving proposal vibes” and that they’d outdone themselves.

Narci shared that she was making Santa pics again this year. Even though my kids are older, I still love putting these in frames during the holiday season.

The package included three images, and this one is my fave!

Y’all. The fact that I have wrapped presents this “early” in the season is some kind of Christmas miracle and certainly a favorite. I love having a little something under the tree now.

When Amy shared her Christmas traditions post, I remembered how much I like the idea of displaying our Christmas cards from previous years. Anyway, I need to find some of those, but in the meantime, I went to put a few cards in our card basket, and decided to pin a few on the arches that I have on the entryway table. It’s a festive touch and nice way to see some of the cards. Maybe next year this is where I will put our cards from years past.

Favorite Mom Meme:

This was basically my Monday. (kidding, kind of)

Bonus Fave: Flashback Friday:

How cute is Hadley elf in 2015? Never trust a toothless elf! 😉

Weekly Recap:

I blogged all week. Here are my posts:

What are your weekend plans? We have a few festive things going on including a couple of get togethers, possibly some cookie baking, and I would definitely like to watch a holiday movie or two.

See you back here on Monday.

12 thoughts on “Friday Favorites {#139}

  1. Oh I wish Alec’s school had next week off… I’m betting at the rate they’re going he (and then all of us!) will be sick by Christmas… but he still has all of next week too. The house looks lovely with lights on outside! Best of luck to your kids with their science projects.

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  2. I love the lights your hubby added outside! It looks beautiful. We were also a little late to the outside light game, but better late than never. We’ll just leave it up until January 2nd, most likely. I know you’re thrilled to have made it to the break! I’ve been watching some favorite older movies like the Home Alone movies, but I also want to watch some others this weekend. My favorite from this week was my birthday on Wednesday. My boys all outdid themselves with their gifts for me this year and I was blown away. I loved every second.

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  3. Those Christmas pictures are so sweet. I clicked on Narci’s name and the last post I see is from July 2022. Am I doing something wrong?


  4. Not sure how I missed reading your post yesterday – probably because I was rushed with it being the last day! Love the pics of your kids at the party. Don’t hate me, but they really look like high schoolers now! I love the arches and the cards you put there! The Science Fair ideas are great. I really love looking at Science Fair projects but I do not want to be involved in any way! One of my kids made it to regional or state one year at the Louisville Science Center and it was cool. I have no idea what the project was.
    Your outdoor lights look amazing! I need to wrap a few and put under the tree, too!

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