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This or That: Holiday Edition

Hello! I hope your week is off to a great start.

Y’all know that I love a good This or That post…

…so today I’m sharing this one (and my answers) that I found on Pinterest.

T or T Holiday Edition:

  • Real tree or fake tree: When we first got married, we bought a tree that lasted for years. Then, we purchased another artificial one and didn’t have great luck. So, for about six years now, we’ve picked out a tree at our favorite place.

That being said, you know I love my two pencil trees from Michael’s. They stay up November-January.

  • White lights or colored lights: I think one year we had colored lights on our tree (probably a request from the kids), but otherwise I do prefer white lights.
  • Matching pjs or matching Santa hats: Well, I don’t know about matching, but I’m all about Christmas/winter pjs for myself. The kids have kind of “out grown” that phase, but I still always buy them Christmas (plaid) pjs for their November birthday. I miss the days of little ones in cute Christmas pjs though.
  • Angel topper or star topper: Neither…and for no real reason other than we never had either, and one year I purchased a big bow that we’ve continued to use through the years.
  • Santa leaves wrapped or unwrapped gifts: I grew up with Santa leaving unwrapped gifts, and that’s what we do. I remember when Travis and I first had this conversation once we had kids. I didn’t realize Santa would ever think to wrap presents. haha
  • Gingerbread houses or Christmas cookies: both. One evening, we usually decorate gingerbread houses. Honestly, I wouldn’t be upset if we didn’t do this, but Hadley, especially, loves this tradition. Now, the kids are old enough to do this themselves. Also, we bake cookies the week before Christmas. I find that we really don’t have time before break, so I just wait, and we usually bake the first day we are out of school.

Home Alone or Elf: Home Alone all the way. It’s one of my favorite holiday movies!

I’ll share this on Instagram. I’d love to know your answers!

Twelve more sleeps. I can’t believe it.

12 thoughts on “This or That: Holiday Edition

  1. Fake trees; though we did start out married life with real trees. Then we moved into this house and it’s so sunny and so dry that the first year our tree was completely dead by Christmas day and not one needle made it out the door. I bought a fake tree and never looked back. We prefer white lights and have never done matching pj’s or Santa hats (though my boys used to get new pj’s for winter each year around this time). We have a snowflake tree topper though I did buy 2 stars this year for the new trees we put up. Santa leaves wrapped gifts but his wrapping paper was always different from ours with different bows and handwritten gift tags too. Growing up Santa even wrapped the gifts in our stocking but he started slacking off when he came to our house! LOL. Then my answer would be both for cookies/ gingerbread houses and elf/ Home Alone.

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  2. I just watched Home Alone last week! I love that movie…have you seen that meme about what in the world did Kevin’s dad do to afford that huge house and a trip to Paris with the entire family? I was reminded of that again as I watched. I would love a real tree, but they’re just not practical for us. We did real trees the first few years of marriage, then switched to artificial. We’re purchasing a new one for next year. I’m excited about that!

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    1. I have seen that meme. So funny. There’s another one catered to tired parents about Kevin being smart about making his family disappear haha
      We just haven’t had luck with artificial ones. I need a Christmas in July sale or something because we also would hate to spend a lot on a fake one this time of the year


  3. What a fun post! Here are my answers:

    We have had an artificial tree for a few years but I think I’m ready to go back to a real one!

    White lights – the warm white

    We have a star currently but I would love to find an angel topper

    Matching PJs with Santa hats 🙂

    We do a Gingerbread house and Christmas cookies every year

    Home Alone is my favorite! It’s a classic. But, I do love Elf also.

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