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Thanksgiving Break Recap


Thanksgiving break is usually one of my favorite times of the year. Five days off is a good amount of time to travel, if needed. It’s also the right amount of days for laziness mixed with productivity.

This post could be alternatively titled: holiday whiplash

Over our break, we toggled back and forth between fall/Thanksgiving and Christmas.


We had a slow start on Wednesday. Travis worked, I eased into the day, and the kids slept in. They kids played outside a bit, I had a few errands, and we just mostly hung out at home. That night, we watched Uncharted. I hadn’t heard of it, but Hadley picked it out (she’s a big Tom Holland fan) We all enjoyed it, and I’m guessing there will be a sequel.


Again, it was so nice to not set an alarm. I was up around 7:30, had my coffee and watched TV for a bit. Eventually the kids got up, and I turned on the parade. I love this tradition.

We got ready to leave for Trav’s aunt’s house around 11:00. The kids let me snap a pic…

…before we headed to Elizabethtown. The weather was a beautiful on Thursday, so that was good. Trav’s family is big. There were close to 70 people at his aunt’s house! (and, believe me, that’s about half of the family!) We had a good visit with everyone, and the food was delish.

We got a pic before heading home…

…and I was in my Christmas pjs by 5:30.

That night, Travis suggested watching Friday Night Lights. Travis and I watched that entire series together back in the day. We watched the first couple of episodes, and the kids liked it.

Friday after turkey day:

I slept like a rock and was up around 8. Again, it felt so good to sleep in. While drinking my coffee, one of my first thoughts as how glad I was that I’d already decorated for Christmas. I love Thanksgiving, but by the Friday after, I’m ready to soak in Christmastime.

Travis and I both did some online shopping (from Amazon, Kohls, etc. I also shopped Antique Candle Co’s 30% off sale!) The candles arrived the next day. I couldn’t believe it!

Throughout the day, I watched some episodes of Holiday Baking Championship: Gingerbread Showdown and read my first book for December.

Then, Hadley and I went to Michael’s and Kroger. On the years we stay home for Thanksgiving, I usually go to Michael’s to pick up a couple of Christmas decorations since they are on sale that day. At Kroger, I picked up the soup ingredients for our leftover turkey soup. Then, we had lunch at home before the kids went and had fun with friends and family.

Hadley went to the UK volleyball game with a friend for her birthday, and Hayden went to hang with his cousins. Both were gone until later that evening, so I did some things around the house, watched more baking shows as well as the MU football game.

Later, Travis suggested we go to dinner since it was just the two of us. On the way, we stopped at Old Navy before heading to one of our favorite sushi restaurants. It was the place to be…we saw some friends, our neighbor, and then when we went to sit down, guess who was at the table next to us?! My brother and sister-in-law. What a coincidence! The server let us combine tables, so we ate and caught up with them.

Then, it was time to pick up the kids and head home.


Then, on Saturday, I made the soup and a pumpkin pie. Travis pointed out that I usually make one in the fall, and I hadn’t. Also, on Thanksgiving, I enjoyed other desserts because the one pumpkin pie was room temp. I like a chilled pumpkin pie!

Saturday’s temps were pretty good, so it was the perfect time to finish raking leaves and tossing the pumpkins that had been on my porch since mid-September. We also pulled the outside Christmas decorations out from the attic and got them situated. Pumpkins out, Christmas lights on!

Travis and the kids went to the UK football game, and I continued my downtime with episodes of Christmas Cookie Challenge while eating my soup and pie!


We went to church to celebrate the start of Advent season. Then, we picked out a couple of names from the Angel tree.

After church, we decided to stop by our favorite place, and pick out out Christmas tree. This Christmas shop is my fave:

Some of my favorite Santa pics have happened in this sleigh:

…and look at them now!

(I appreciate that they indulged their mother for this photo!)

The kids grabbed some hot apple cider while Travis paid for the tree we picked out.

When we got home, I finished up the Christmas decor by moving the skinny tree that’s been in the living room and adding the bow to the mirror.

…while Hadley helped at the family Advent workshop at church. Santa said she’s been good this year!

Once everyone was home, we watched the Chiefs game, had leftover soup, and prepped for back to school.

We had a really great few days at home. There were times I felt “guilty” for being a bit lazy, but I also know that I needed it…and will need it to get through the month of December!

What was the best part of your Thanksgiving (break?) ?

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  1. We enjoyed Uncharted too! While our local schools only take 2 days off for a long 4 day weekend so many families pull their kids out of school that week for a vacation that it would be easy enough to do but I never ever think of it.

    We tend to spend those 4 days at home and I just love sleeping in each day and having nothing planned. We decorate the house and I start getting in the Christmas spirit.

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