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Friday Favorites {#131}

Hello and Happy Friday!

This week was a good one, but re-entry after a week off for break was quite the adjustment. Besides school, work, and regular evening commitments, I just felt like we had a few extra things thrown in like early Student Council meetings and flu shot appointments.

Anyway, TGIF…and I’m linking up with Andrea and Erika for this week’s Friday Favorites.

Favorite Moment:

Tuesday was a BIG day around here. Hadley got her last set of braces off! This second phase was supposed to be about two years, and she finished up three months early.

I love that smile!

Progress through the years…phase one start and finish and phase two start and finish.

A win for me…I’ve finished my first round (30 weeks) of Invisalign. One thing I didn’t think I’d ever have in common with my almost teenagers is having ortho appointments at the same time. Here we are headed to our appointments Tuesday morning.

I get my next set of trays in about a month…and fingers crossed…Hayden will be finished with braces the first of the year.

Favorite Clothes:

I had a couple favorites from my recent Stitch Fix order. I’ve been using Stitch Fix for probably five years or so. I get four shipments a year. I usually keep one to two things per box. My stylist over the past year or so is Narci, and I love what she picks out for me.

Something that SF has started doing the past year or so is sending an email in advance suggesting a few pieces they are putting in your box, and you say yes or no.

When I saw this knit jacket, I thought it would be great as a nicer outerwear option for fall and winter. I was trying on a few things for Keeneland, and thought I’d see how the coat looked with one of my dresses. I really love it.

There were two pairs of mid rise jeans in my order, and when I put on these “girl friend” jeans, I really liked them. I wasn’t sure if they were “age appropriate” for me, (read: am I too old to have holes in my jeans?), but when I showed them to Hadley, she approved and said they were “giving.” That’s a good thing, BTW.

I have Stitch Fix referral link (every customer does) if you are interested in trying it out.

Favorite Foods:

I went to Trader Joe’s for fruit, and came home with this pumpkin brioche bread (and the fruit)…and it’s delish! Hadley’s been having a slice for breakfast, and I’ve had it for a snack a time or two. Yummy.

I had Amy’s Dorito salad for lunch three times this week. Easy to prep and so good.

Other Faves:

My big blue crew are a fave. They were dressed and ready for the cooler temps. (Hayden is an example of how middle school boys dress even when the temps dip below 50…he did take a sweatshirt) for the football game last weekend. Another fave…while they were gone, I had the house to myself. haha!

Hadley had a big week! Besides getting her braces off, she also made the school volleyball team. Tryouts were on Tuesday, so she earned the red plate for dinner. When I put her dinner on the plate, she said she hadn’t made the team yet. I reminded her it was about the effort and not the outcome. After not playing much since before Covid and with many girls trying out, she was nervous. That being said, she felt good about her tryout…which is all she could ask for.

She’s excited to get back on the court this season, and we can’t wait to watch.

Ok –this is a random favorite, but do you follow Brunch with Babs on Instagram? She’s so much fun, and she shares tips pretty often. She mentioned that most washers have a delayed start, so to check it out and use that as a way to start laundry when needed. Our washer is a couple of years old, so I figured it would have that feature. Well, I checked…and it did! I don’t like running the washer or dryer when we aren’t home, so this will be a good way to throw laundry in and set the start for the early morning or afternoon.

Favorite Mom Meme:

hashtag: that mom life

Bonus Fave…Flashback Friday:

With Hadley back on the volleyball court again, here’s a pic of her at a skills session a few years ago. Seems like a lifetime ago.

Weekly Recap:

Here are my posts this week in case you missed one!

What do you have on tap this weekend? I’m really hoping for a quiet night at home watching a movie with the fam. We’ve done a pretty good job watching a movie a month together this year. Then, Saturday is state cross country. Fingers crossed, I think Hayden’s leg is much better. Not sure if we’ll get there, but I was hoping to get to the pumpkin patch this weekend too. We’ll see!

Thanks so much for reading!

12 thoughts on “Friday Favorites {#131}

  1. Hadley looks so grown up! I forgot you were doing Invisalign! I am surprised Hayden wore pants instead of shorts! It was really cold Saturday night, though. Your little lunch salad looks great! I am glad you like it. The Doritos feel kinda decadent even though it’s just a few. Thanks for the shout out! I hope you have a relaxing weekend with a pumpkin patch visit thrown in!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. He’s worn pants a few times recently which is surprising . He keeps us guessing 😂 hadley got her retainers which are clear trays…like Invisalign. I was assuming it would be old school retainer 😂she has to wear 24/7 for now, so she’s asking me for tips 😂the Doritos are the perfect touch.


  2. Hadley’s new brace-less smile looks so great! I remember the feeling of getting them removed. My teeth felt so smooth afterward! I hope Hayden gets to be finished with his when they predicted. Congrats to her on making the team! That is such a fun sport to watch. I hope you have a great weekend!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. What a big week for Hadley! I think she looks just like you now that her braces are off! I also love Brunch with Babs. That’s a great tip not to run the washer when you’re not home. I learned that lesson the hard way when ours overflowed while running when we weren’t home! Luckily there wasn’t too much damage! have a good weekend.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m the same way about the dishwasher. My very first apartment, I had an instance with a plastic bowl on the bottom that burned. Glad I was home haha
      Yes! I agree. We get the similarities a lot. Travis and I each got a mini me


  4. That jacket is amazing! Great pick!! Hadley looks so grown up without braces and I love that sweatshirt from vacation. Congratulations to her for making the volleyball team! I found that 7th grade was when my older son started wearing pants, too. My 6th grader is still holding strong with shorts only! The mom meme made me laugh. I use way too many paper towels!
    Have a great weekend!

    Liked by 1 person

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