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Friday Favorites {#128}

Hello and Happy Friday!

I kind of feel like I’m limping into Friday. It was a good week, but filled with later days at school and hectic evenings. Then, Hadley ended up with strep (again!) to round out the week.

As always, I’m linking up with Andrea and Erika for this week’s Friday Favorites.

Favorite Moment:

The weather deciding to feel like fall! Yesterday, was bliss! The ten day looks amazing as well.

Favorite Clothing Item:

I’m loving my new dress from Shop Style You Senses. I follow Mallory and crew on Instagram, and picked out this purple dress that’s perfect for the transition from summer to fall. I wore it this week and had lots of compliments.

Favorite Accessory:

I ordered two new bracelets recently from Daily Gold Co. I got the Ashley bracelet in silver and the Randy bracelet in rose gold. They can apparently be worn 24/7, and that’s what I’ve done over the past few weeks. Additional bracelets will probably be a gift idea for anyone who asks in the future.

Favorite Show:

My mom told me about Abbott Elementary, and it’s so good. I’m watching season 1, and season 2 started this week. I will get to it soon.

Favorite Kid Quote:

On Sunday, Travis was working, so I prepped dinner before taking Hayden to basketball. I asked Hadley to bake the chicken while we were gone and heat up the Bob Evans mashed potatoes. When we got home, she had dinner ready and said, “Uh…being a mom is hard work. I had to set so many timers. Also, I hope I marry a husband who cooks.” lol 😂

Favorite Mom Meme:

While this is true of my kids, I also get sucked into watching bakers ice cookies, so I guess I can’t really get too torn up about it.

Bonus Fave: Flashback Friday:

Fun fact: Hadley was a very serious baby and toddler. She mastered the RBF early. Thankfully, she lightened up a bit, and has been pretty “happy go lucky” ever since.

Here she is in 2011…and really couldn’t be bothered 😉

Weekly Recap:

I had a few posts this week! I recapped the weekend, shared some of my fall purchases at Trader Joe’s as well as my fall decorations.

What are your weekend plans? Actually, we don’t have much on tap. Hayden doesn’t have a cross country meet, so that frees up our Saturday. We’ll probably go to the UK game (or…at least Hayden and Travis probably will), and see where the rest of the weekend takes us.

I hope you have a good one!

11 thoughts on “Friday Favorites {#128}

  1. I love your new dress and bracelets! I skimmed that website and the prices are not bad at all and the stuff is super cute! I will look more later!
    My kids and I watched Abbott this summer and they loved it and really “got it”. I can see Mason being a teacher, but he hasn’t looked into adding it yet. I asked him to look into it soon if it was a possibility.
    I think I am going to Trader Joe’s right after school and then finally doing up my house in all the fall stuff! Happy Friday!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve ordered a few things from SSYS and it’s always cute and good quality. I hope to watch more Abbott this weekend. I’d like to finish season 1. I hope to check out TJ pumpkins today. Have a great Friday


  2. I love the dress and bracelets! That dress looks so comfy. Hadley’s RBF is adorable! I love that little arched eyebrow she had sticking up when you took the picture. I hope you enjoy your weekend…sounds like it’ll be restful, which is nice. That weather for your ten day forecast looks perfect! Maybe you can find your way outside at some point.


  3. We have a birthday party for my youngest this weekend but other than that it should be pretty quiet. I have heard good things about Abbot Elementary but have yet to watch it.

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