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Fall at Trader Joe’s


Last week, Hadley mentioned the pumpkin bagels at Trader Joe’s. I usually go there about once a week, but I realized I probably hadn’t been in three weeks or so.

She remembered last year that the pumpkin bagels weren’t in stock past September, so I decided to head there after school on Friday.

This meme feels relateable:

Here’s what I picked up on Friday:

Well, actually, I’m starting with something I didn’t buy: pumpkins. I showed great restraint when I arrived and didn’t add about seven on these to my cart. Maybe this weekend?

Because I didn’t want to disappoint Hadley, my first pick up was for the bagels and cream cheese. I actually picked up two packs of bagels and three tubs of cream cheese. Again, Hadley was so disappointed last year when she couldn’t snack on her two faves much past September.

I always pick up a couple of boxes of pumpkin muffin mix. I’ve used it to make muffins and/or a loaf of pumpkin bread.

These maple leaf cookies are so good. They are actually a pretty big bite, and you can smell the maple as soon as you open the box.

My kids love waffles. Hayden eats them plain. I thought these pumpkin ones would be good to try!

These chips are my fave. They are the perfect mix of sweet and salty.

Of course, I couldn’t resist the seasonal candles. Last year, I know I picked up the apple one, but I don’t remember them having the vanilla pumpkin scent. I’d also forgotten about the apple hand soap. It’s so good!

I didn’t buy this face mask or body butter, but I’m intrigued. I may give them a try next time.

While at Trader Joe’s, I picked up a few other things like produce, Havarti cheese, Chili & Lime rolled tortilla chips (Hadley loves them…she says they are better than Takis), mac & cheese and more. It was a good grocery haul of both seasonal items and a few other things we needed.

What did I miss? What other seasonal items do I need to try at Trader Joe’s?

15 thoughts on “Fall at Trader Joe’s

  1. I have both of those candles from last year and they have made me so happy. I am loving candles in tins lately. I mainly burn them outside. I stop at putting pumpkin on my bod. I really love the coconut lotion in the same container. Why will I put coconut on my body and not pumpkin? I am complicated like that. Ok – now you really make me want all the fall things at Trader Joe’s!

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  2. Oh those pumpkin bagels sound scrumptious! I can’t remember the last time I even ate a bagel with cream cheese– I do so love them though and could happily eat them every day if I didn’t put on weight just by looking at them.

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  3. And now I want to go to TJ’s! It’s not very convenient for me to shop there, because it’s 20 minutes away in another nearby town. All that you bought sounds so good!

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  4. I was just at ours yesterday and we didn’t have the bagels or cream cheese or pumpkin tortillas. I need to go back again. I get “grounded” from Trader Joes pumpkin shopping


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