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WIWW: Teacher Edition

Hello! Today I have another peek at what I’ve been wearing this week. Writing these posts has helped me think through my outfits ahead of time which has been a time saver in the morning.

Here are my outfits over the past week:


Picking up where I left off last week

Last Wednesday, I wore this dark blue midi length dress from Target that I’ve had for a couple of years. I paired it with my Stitch Fix cardigan and sandals I found (but had forgotten about) when I cleaned out my closet!


Can you tell I love a cardigan? 😆 I paired my other flutter short sleeve dress from Target with a cardigan I’ve had for years! I love a long cardigan with pockets. When I’m not in my classroom, I appreciate a pocket for my phone and room keys when I’m out and about in the building. Of course, I continue to wear my Birks from Nordy.


Last Friday, was a verrrry casual Friday since we didn’t have students. Again, you just never know the room temp in our school, and we spent the morning in the cafeteria. I paired my new pink Aerie sweatshirt with black shorts and Birks.


On Monday, I wore a pair of Matilda Jane pants that I’d forgotten about until my closet clean out. I paired them my chambray button up from Target that I bought last winter and my comfy thin strap sandals from Amazon.


Then, yesterday, I wore this dress from Old Navy.

I’ve had this dress since the spring and bought it on sale. I got it right at the end of the school year, and I think I wore it once. I did take it to Mexico (doesn’t it look like something that could be worn to a fiesta?! 😆), but I didn’t wear it. With the lining, it is a pretty thick dress, and while I like it…and will wear it, I’m not sure I’m in love it. I’m not big on drawstring/tassels on dresses, so I tucked them in. I guess I could cut them off? It does have pockets, so bonus points for that. Anyway, it works as a school option, for sure!

I wore my woven Amazon sandals with the dress.

As you can see, I apparently have three favorite sandals that I rotate through. I will wear sandals for as long as possible which is usually until the beginning of October.

These past couple of weeks have been fun sharing my outfits. I’m definitely not a fashion blogger, but I love seeing what others wear to work. I find inspiration in what others wear which helps me pull outfits together.

Which outfit is your fave? I think mine is Monday’s outfit? I felt put together and comfy! Win-win! Guess which outfit I got the most compliments on at school (and home?)?! …the Old Navy fiesta dress…Olé!

8 thoughts on “WIWW: Teacher Edition

  1. I love this post and I love all of your outfits. They look put together, but comfortable. So, cut the tassels! And, Lucky Peacock Designs on Insta cut out the lining. It really is a lot of fabric. It looks like way better quality than Old Navy and I think it’s one of those dresses that won’t really go out of style because of the Mexican fiesta vibe. I haven’t pulled the trigger yet on cutting out my lining, but I think I will. I am starting to shop for fall and just picked out a Universal Thread long sweater with pockets in cream. Also, the Universal Thread oversized button down shirts are perfection and I plan to wear those more this year. You know I love the Matilda Jane pants. That is a great color. I think you have already proven that your new Birks were a good purchase!

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    1. I’m afraid I’ve gotten boring with my sandals. I just wear the same three haha…but they are proof that sandals can be comfy and cute and priced low or high. I’m going to wait on cutting the lining…but it’s tempting.


  2. I think they’re all cute outfits…but my favorites are last Wednesday’s and Monday’s…I love the combination of those fun MJ pants and the chambray shirt. You’re inspiring me to clean out my closet AGAIN. I keep doing this, but it’s still way too full and I gravitate toward the same things over and over. I’ve got to figure something out!

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