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Summer Reading 2022


My Summer Reading title made me laugh when I typed it out. Students see “summer reading” and groan…I see it and get excited for sunshine and reading by the pool!

Last year was my first year sharing books I wanted to read in the summer.

This was my 2021 list, and I read four of the six books. The two I didn’t read were Big Summer and That Summer.

My 2022 Summer Reading List:

  • Summer Love
  • One Italian Summer
  • Under the Southern Sky
  • The Hotel Nantucket
  • The Summer Job
  • The Boardwalk Book Shop
  • The Summer Getaway
  • Out of the Clear Blue Sky

Some of these books were already on my “Summer Reads” list on Goodreads, and others I added to that list thanks to Sarah’s extensive book list!

Now, I highly doubt I will read all eight. My goal is to read five of these. I love a list, but I also don’t want to feel forced to read. Some of these books aren’t even out yet, and some I’m on a long wait list at the library.

That being said, I did pick up three of them at the library on Friday.

So, I will just continue to see what becomes available and read as I go. Of course, I will read other books too, but I’m sooo looking forward to lounging by the pool and getting caught up on reading.

What are you reading this summer? I’d love to add it to my Goodreads list!

Tomorrow is the last day of school…and we are ready for it! Like really, really, really ready for it!

10 thoughts on “Summer Reading 2022

  1. Love your graphic! I love summer reading and our school didn’t require it when I was a student. I guess that is why the term doesn’t trigger me. My nose has been in a book since I was 5, too! I have some of those books on my list. I seriously requested 30 books from my library! Some are non fiction about health or habits. The library saves me so much money and clutter! I go twice a week in the summer!

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    1. I miss the days of taking my kids to story time at the library. We used to do that at least twice a week when they were little. I’ve been reading for as long as I can remember too. I very rarely buy books too. I might end up buying one or two this summer but who knows. I need to find a few books to put on my kindle because I like having at least one on my kindle too


      1. Me too! We went to at least 3 of our public libraries on the reg. One has a castle you can read inside! I ordered one e book and will try to read in my Kindle app on my iPad or phone.


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