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Friday Favorites {#112}

Hello and Happy Friday!

The first weekend in May is pretty big around here…today is Oaks and tomorrow is Derby for those of you who know about horse racing. The city of Louisville is the place to be this week.

As always, I’m linking up with Andrea and Erika for this week’s Friday Favorites.

Here are some favorites from the week:

On my way out of Keeneland last Friday, I saw this painted horse with the portrait of Keeneland. This time of the year, there are many different painted horses around town. I’m not sure who painted this one but local students and schools have been painting them, including one at my school.

I know my KC peeps have been spotting painted hearts all around KC. This is our version of that 🙂

We had dinner on the patio on Sunday…this is Homer enjoying the sunshine…and begging for food.

Speaking of sunlight…the Trader Joe’s tulips on the kitchen table were enjoying the morning light.

We’d had the same brand of coffee pot for years…and even had the same coffee pot twice! While our most recent one was only a couple of years old, it kept leaking which caused a coffee stain on our counter. Kristin (@fancythingsblog) shared her new coffee pot recently. When I checked out the link, it took me straight to Drew Barrymore’s line at Walmart. When I saw the price, color options, and confirmed that it was programmable (a must for me!), I decided to go ahead and buy it. She arrived, and she pretty 🤩

You should check out all that Drew’s line has to offer: touch screen toaster, electric kettle, air fryer, slow cooker and more!

Very on brand for me …kids activities are favorites this week

Hadley’s friend shared this photo with her at the dance competition on Friday. There’s Hadley…front and center. These girls did an amazing job.

The kids school winter sports photos finally arrived. The team photos were perfect…the dance team was smiling…the basketball team was not. 😂

We had some major storms roll through town on Tuesday. The game before Hayden’s had a rain delay in the 5th inning. That means his 7:45 game didn’t start until 8:30. We didn’t leave the ballpark until 10:30. Ugh.

That being said, they did have an exciting come from behind win!

lucky number 7 up to bat

Track is starting to slow down a bit. The kids had a meet on Wednesday, and it was a good one!

They were in a few races each. Here’s Hayden running the 3200, and he had another PR. Hadley had an exciting 200m race and came from behind to get 2nd place in her heat.

They are both in relays as well which are so fun to watch. I’ve so enjoyed this track season!

Favorite Clothing Item:

When I knew there was a chance we’d go to Oaks or Derby, I went ahead and ordered this green dress from Nordstrom.

I typically have great luck Nordstrom and finding dresses…and their return policy is so easy, but the shipping was taking a bit longer. Last weekend, I had a free Saturday afternoon, so I checked out a couple of boutiques, but I didn’t have much luck. While in Richmond, there was a shopping center across the street from the boutique I went to, and I popped into JC Penney. We have one in our mall, but I rarely go there.

Well, I found this navy floral ruffle dress, and liked it enough to take home and return later if needed. Well, once I threw on my new wedge sandals and stood in better lighting than the JCP dressing room, I really liked the dress!

Bonus: when the green dress arrived, I liked it too! {Travis has a love/hate relationship with this time of the year: he loves the racing, but hates that his wife buys 10 dresses and keeps two! 😆)

I will probably wear the green one today, but it will be a game time decision. {Unfortunately, I don’t know that it matters much…as I will probably be in my rain coat most of the day *sigh*}

A note about my new wedges from DSW: I’d shared before that these were on my “wish list,” but when I tried on my regular size in the store, I needed a half size bigger which they didn’t have. Then, I tried on these in my regular size, but needed a half size smaller…which they didn’t have. {Only shoe shopping with me can turn into a Goldilocks and the Three Bears story.}

Anyway, as I walked the aisle one more time, I found these which ended up being the cheapest of the three, and they reminded me so much of my tried and true pair that I’ve been wearing for years.

I wore them to Keeneland last Friday, and they were perfect!

Today, will be the real test, but honestly, I should probably just wear my rainboots. Ugh!

Favorite Kid Quote:

Speaking of Oaks and Derby…you know you are in Kentucky when friends drop off fascinator options!

Hadley sent me this text: (lol)

which reminded me of this photo from 2018:

Quite the fashionista

Favorite Mom Meme:

Just in time for Sunday, this meme speaks the truth:

Bonus Fave: Flashback Friday

In honor of Mother’s Day, here’s my first one as a mom in 2010. We all look more tired now!

For fun…another pic of just them on that same Mother’s Day. This seems like both yesterday and a lifetime ago all at once.

Weekly Recap:

On Monday, I recapped the weekend (which was mostly about my never-ending (but fun) Friday), then I shared my Amazon finds from the month followed by the books I read in April.

Not Just a Mom:

On Monday, we’re hosting our monthly Not Just a Mom link up. If you are a blogger, we’d love to have you join us. This month’s topic is: go to gifts.

With Mother’s Day on Sunday, these sentiments certainly ring true:

I hope you have a great weekend. We have a busy but blessed one coming up!

Thanks so much for reading,

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  1. It must be wild to live in KY during the Derby. I’m on the East Coast, and it did not remotely cross my mind, haha. Def have never come home to fascinator options, so now I really feel like I’m missing out! That coffee pot is SO pretty! And I don’t even make coffee!

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