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Friday Favorites {#103}

Hello and Happy Friday! We’ve had a pretty good week around here, and the best part is that it’s been feeling like spring.

As always, I’m linking up with Andrea and Erika for this week’s Friday Favorites.

I’m breaking the week down and sharing some favorites from each day:


For the first time in forever, we didn’t have to set an alarm on Saturday morning!

Another fave was trying out The Press. I enjoyed my smoothie, and Hadley loved her acai bowl.


The best part about Sunday was watching American Idol. It’s definitely a family fave.


Speaking of family faves, I think Shay’s recipe for Frito Pie was delish. It was the perfect Monday meal after a long day. The whole fam enjoyed it.


Hayden had a mid-day doctor’s appointment which meant that he missed lunch. We hit up Freddy’s before heading back to school. A weekday lunch with Boo is always a fave.


Wednesday morning was Hadley’s turn for an appointment. We had a few minutes to spare before her school started, so we stopped at Chick-fil-A. A weekday breakfast out with Sis is, of course, a fave.

Also, the weather was beautiful, and Trav grilled steaks for dinner. We were all excited about that.


Thursday was another day of beautiful weather, and it was so nice to come home and see the sun shining through our new shutters.

When we moved in over seven years ago, we got shutters on our family room and office windows and white faux wood blinds on the bedroom windows. Through the years, the kids pulled the strings off their blinds and a few slats were bent, etc. So, we ordered shutters for the five bedroom windows back in late November. They were installed Wednesday night, so I loved seeing the daylight on Thursday afternoon.

Favorite Clothing Item:

I’m still wearing my Walmart pjs on repeat. (top, bottoms)

…and Hayden’s loving his new kicks. He’s been a big Oregon fan for years (big track school!), and Travis ordered him these shoes. He was in need of a new pair before track season begins next week. (He’ll train in his old shoes and these are now his school shoes)

Favorite Kid Quote:

Hayden was on a roll this week. After his doctor’s appointment, we stopped at home to pick up his basketball bag. He saw our neighbor who was working in his yard. Hayden said, “Imagine all the things I could do if I was retired. Instead, I have to go to school.”

Then, we were driving by the kids’ elementary school, and I commented on the car line. He said the elementary years were the “OG years.” haha

Favorite Mom Meme:

With the exception of last weekend, this meme is very true.

Bonus Fave: Flashback Friday

I always love this 2014 memory. We’d gone to a UK women’s basketball game. The kids stood in front of the Wildcats sign, and I told Hadley to take a few steps to her right! She was definitely the “WILD”one back then!

Weekly Recap:

This week, I shared about the weekend, my February Amazon finds, and the two books I read this month.

What are your weekend plans? This weekend includes all the things: basketball, baseball, and dance! (Thankfully, none of them start before noon!)

See you back here on Monday! I hope you have a great weekend.

11 thoughts on “Friday Favorites {#103}

  1. We had Shay’s Frito Pie a couple weeks ago and everyone has been asking for it again ever since — a winner for sure! I went to Wal-Mart to buy those pj’s but the tops had 3/4 sleeves (which I don’t like) but see you have long sleeves in your picture. Anyway, I’m wearing the bottoms I bought right now — very comfy and a nice transitional wear. Have a great weekend — we are all sunshine here in East Tennessee!!


  2. Love the shutters! We are looking to update our window treatments and wonder if you could share where you found them? Thank you!


  3. We ate at a Freddy’s on our trip to South Dakota in 2019; it was delicious! What fun favorites you have this week. We had a mid week/mid day doctor’s appointment too and my son tried to get me to eat out with him afterwards but since we homeschool we had plenty of time to make and eat food once we got home.


    1. Freddy’s is kind of new in town, and hayden loves it. We ate quickly before returning to school. They eat at 1:00! So late…compared to when they were in elementary school


  4. LOL, love the quotes from your son. My dad is retired, and I now WFH, and “Imagine all the things I could do if I was retired” is a thought I have pretty much daily, haha! He’s out golfing, and I’m stuck at a desk all day! The audacity!!

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