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Prime Purchases: March 2022

Hello! Happy March 1st! Where did February go?! I’ve been really pleased with my Amazon purchases this month, so I’m linking up with Tanya to share them today.

Here are my purchases this month:

Hayden has had the same bed skirt for years…and it’s been ripped for years. Earlier this month, I just figured I’d see what Amazon had to offer, and of course they had a navy blue bed skirt!

Since both of my kids are in braces, they really needed good toothbrushes to make sure they are doing a good job brushing their teeth. After their last cleaning appointment, I purchased this electric toothbrush in black for Hayden and pink for Hadley.

Once theirs arrived, I decided to replace my electric toothbrush with one of these as well. So, three electric toothbrushes were ordered in less than a week. There are five cleaning modes, and it came with a pack of brushes. The charge lasts for 60 hours!

How cute is this stool? Once I put away all the holiday decor, I wanted something for height that could hold a plant in the living room. This stool is perfect.

Hayden has been having some neck tension, so Travis ordered this heat wrap for him. Well, really it’s ended up being for everyone! We take turns popping it in the microwave. It stays so warm for quite a while, and it’s the perfect way to relax those neck and back muscles.

Tell me you’re a dance mom without telling me you’re a dance mom! Hadley needs a red lip for competition, and this is the brand/color her studio uses.

Homer loves to hop up on the couch, and his other blanket had a hole in it. Much like when I ordered the bed skirt, one day I just got tired of the small, ratty blanket with a hole in it, and upgraded Homer’s bedding to this blanket.

Homer approves…

**I should say, “Homer approved.” Not sure why, but after a few days of lounging on the blanket, Homer refuses to get on the couch if the blanket is out. Now, he rests on his dog bed…on the floor…where he should be. While I give this dog blanket a ringing endorsement, I’m not sure how Homer would rate it?! That being said, he’s now on his dog bed more than ever…which is a win!

*follow me for more dog training tips* 🤣

I’d had the same magnetic clips on the side of the fridge for all of the elementary years. While middle school does mean less papers, I still needed some clips after one of the originals broke. I only need a couple, so I’ve used the others as chip clips!

Travis bought this cube power strip in order to get our TV cords under control on the living room built in shelves. He didn’t realize that it would be a bit bigger than the hole we have cut out for the wires, but he figured it out and made it work. It is a better option than the black power strip we had previously.

In the history of my Amazon posts, his may be my most random share. A couple of months ago, my dad found these fruit cakes on Amazon, and asked me to order them for him. Well, he loved them enough that he asked me to order them again! I’m not sure if you are in need of a fruit cake, but the Major gives this brand two thumbs up!

What have you “Primed” lately? I’m sure next month’s purchases will include some Easter basket ideas! Now that it’s March, I’m ready for warmer days and regular doses of sunshine.

On Thursday, I’m sharing the books I read in February. See you back here then.

{this post contains Amazon affiliate links…}

7 thoughts on “Prime Purchases: March 2022

  1. The fruit cake definitely wins the award for most random prime Purchases item! I was laughing out loud at the dog training comment. Thanks so much for linking up!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Reading through Friday Favorites posts today, one blogger suggested this sweater ( and I immediately ordered it. Usually I put things (like your magnet clips) on a list and cull the list later to order. The blanket is a hoot! Whatever keeps them on the floor or in their bed is a “win” for sure, I would say — unless they like to cuddle, but ours doesn’t.


    1. Oh that sweater is so pretty! Saving it down. Homer is skittish about the most random things. Today he hopped right up on the blanket after not touching it for a week. Who knows with him


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