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Monday Memes

Hello! How was your weekend? We had a great one. I’d been wanting a peppermint shake from Chick-fil-a, but hadn’t gotten one yet this season. So, we started off break with me picking up the kids and a couple of their friends after school. We headed to CFA for a treat. It was fun hearing the kids talk about all the middle school things, and they were definitely excited for break.

Friday night, we celebrated a close friend’s 40th birthday. We all had a great time.

Saturday started with a basketball game for Hayden. Then, the four of us went out to lunch and then split up to let the kids pick out their gifts for each other. I took Hayden, and Travis took Hadley. I love this tradition, and it is always fun to see what they pick out for each other.

Sunday, I was up before everyone else, and enjoyed my quiet time.

Then, we went to church, I ran a few errands, and then I got some time at home to relax and wrap presents while Travis took the kids to Louisville for the afternoon.

This morning, I was excited to not set an alarm and to be able to ease into the day. #itsthelittlethings

How in the world is it already only five days until Christmas?! Before this month wraps up, I wanted to share some of my favorite memes with you!


Y’all, one night last week at 9:30 I was so tired and wanted to go to bed. I opened my spice cabinet to put something away and couldn’t handle how unorganized it was. I’d been needing to purge it for some time. Not even ten minutes later with fifteen expired (hello! 2014!) spices in the trash, and it was a whole new cabinet! I slept really great after that 😉


Hmmm…who could this be about? #rhymeswithmaiden


My morning time before the rest of the house wakes up is some of the best time of the day for me.


I feel seen.

A few holiday memes…


I wrap most of my presents while in the basement. No matter how organized I try to be, I swear I have to come upstairs at least twice for scissors, a marker, or tape!


Haha! The kids each have a Trader Joe’s advent calendar, and they enjoy their morning chocolate. Thankfully, I can show some restraint.


For some reason, all last week, I would wake up about a half hour before my alarm. I swear my brain would just turn on thinking of everything I needed to do that day.


I’m forever sitting there doing the math trying to figure out if it’s worth it to buy something else in order to get the free shipping. Thankfully, with Amazon, I don’t have to do that kind of math. #freeshippingforever


Speaking of shipping…

…and, I don’t want to jinx anything, but I haven’t experienced many delays in what I’ve ordered.


This one just made me chuckle. It’s so easy to get stressed out this time of the year. I’ve been trying just take each day as it comes and enjoy this holiday season as much as I can.


as of Friday at 3:30, everything officially became a “January” problem 🤣

I hope these memes started your week off with a laugh or two.

We don’t have much to do today, so I hope to finish wrapping presents. I plan on posting tomorrow and Wednesday, so be sure to come back!

Take care,

9 thoughts on “Monday Memes

  1. That last one is the best!
    I saw a meme once about a wrapping drinking game – take a drink every time you lose the tape or scissors – I’d be lucky to get through three presents! Hahah.
    Have a good Monday.


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