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Friday Favorites {#80}

Well, we made it to Friday! This was our first five day week of school, and we handled it pretty well! The kids started to have a little bit of homework this week, so I think middle school is starting to feel real for them 😉

As always, I’m linking up with Andrea and Erika for this week’s Friday Favorites.

I’m sharing a few favorites from the week, day by day.


On Saturday, I stopped by the cross country fundraising car wash. My car was all sparkle and shine after a wash for Hayden and his crew!

We enjoyed the evening at the pool. The kids swam, I read for a bit, and we even had dinner there. It felt like a great summer night!


On Sunday, we were back at the pool for the Back to School Bash. This is a fun event with lots of prizes that are given away. Poor Hadley…there are at least two other Hadleys at our pool, and they both won prizes. When their names were announced on the loud speaker, Hadley thought she won not only once, but twice! Oh well, the weather was great, and it was a good way to wrap up the summer.

Then, we had our neighborhood block party. It was nice to see neighbors, and we kept it simple this year. Instead of people bringing an appetizer to share, we had a local taco truck come by. We really enjoyed our evening with neighbors and friends.


On Monday, I tried a new recipe shared by Andrea. Her Bacon Ranch Penne Pasta is definitely a new family favorite and will be in the dinner rotation this fall and winter.

Hayden earned the red plate for starting the school year off strong as well has for effort in baseball and cross country.


Tuesday was a fun day because the first cross country meet of the season was that evening. Even at 7:00 PM, the feels like temp 98 degrees! The fire department had the hoses going at the finish line for the runners to cool off. Hayden’s team did great and earned 3rd place!

Since we’ve moved up to middle school, that means more (and bigger!) kids running the meets. That combined with the heat, made for a tough race, but Hayden did an awesome job.


No photos, but on Wednesday night, we grilled out with friends. One of the moms organized a get together for the middle schoolers to hang out, reconnect, and compare middle school notes after the first few weeks of school.

Thursday :

On Thursday, Hayden started playing in a fall PGA junior league. He was so excited. We haven’t been able to make a lot of time for golf, so he’s excited to have that on his schedule this fall.

Favorite Kid Quote:

I have two favorite quotes this week…one from each kid…

I was reminding Hadley of a few things before bed one night this week, and she said, “Mom, I don’t live under a rock. I’m a tween!” Oh….don’t I know it! haha

Yesterday, Hayden was taking forever to get out of the car. I asked him why he was taking so long, and he said, “Mom, when you turn 11 things to start falling apart, and then you move slower.” If I only he knew what it felt like to be 41!

Favorite Mom Meme:

Right?! Things just go missing because of my tweens! Random things!

Bonus Fave: Flashback Friday

Since yesterday was National Dog day, here’s a throwback to when we first got Homer two years ago:

Weekly Recap:

I had a few posts this week. I shared some funny memes that I saw this month. Then, I linked up for What’s Up Wednesday and Monthly Musings (fall planning and back to school.)

I hope you have a great weekend. We have a busy one ahead! I do hope to finish Four Winds this weekend, and share my August books with you next week.

9 thoughts on “Friday Favorites {#80}

  1. What a great idea to have a get together to compare notes shortly after school starts! How long do you get to golf there? All year round? Our clubs usually stay open to October/early November. Last year my son and husband golfed on November 1 and there were flurries!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think they are open through October? It’s still very warm here (sometimes too warm!) in October..but I honestly don’t know because Travis takes him 🤪 A couple of the kids were having a tough start to the middle school transition…so it was nice let them get together and get to know a few kids a little better (who went to a different elementary school) 🙂


  2. Those quotes are too funny! Hooray for finding time to fit golf in the schedule this fall! You might be surprised about the golf course – ours never close officially. They only close on days that it’s snow covered, I think. I’m glad you and your kids are having a good start to the year. Let’s hope it keeps going! Have a great weekend! I hope you can finish your book.


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