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Friday Favorites {#66}

Happy Friday! Yay! We made it to the weekend.

This week was a good one, but the weather sure has been soggy the past couple of days! After two later nights with ball games, it was nice to have no scheduled activities on Wednesday night. Then, baseball practice was canceled because of rain last night, but Hadley still had a couple of afternoon and evening activities.

Also, it’s Derby week, so Travis has been busy with work (and fun) while anxiously awaiting Saturday and the fastest two minutes in sports!

As always, I’m linking up with Andrea and Erika for this week’s Friday Favorites post.

This week, I’m sharing some favorites from each day!


On Sunday, Hadley had a very early call time for her dance competition. Her team did awesome, and both dances earned gold stars!

The only good thing about at 7:00 arrival time for competition was that meant we were finished in time for brunch. We ate with some of Trav’s family at The Cafe, and the food was really good.

After brunch, we took a few minutes to wander around the farmer’s market/street fair that was right outside.

I purchased this new front door mat, and I love it. Plus, the jockey silk is my favorite color!

I purchased the doormat at a cute booth that had a quick craft opportunity. The owner had plain blocks and a jockey silk stencil, and Hadley (and her cousins) each made one of these cute little decorations.


On Monday, Hayden had a baseball game, and I was so excited for these leftovers. I’d made Shay’s Beef and Rice Skillet Supper on Sunday, and the leftovers were even better!


On Tuesday, my favorite part of the day was watching Hayden play baseball even though the game didn’t end up until really late due to extra innings!

Also, another week and more Trader Joeโ€™s flowers ๐Ÿ˜‚ Peonies are my favorite, so I always snatch them up when I go to Trader Joe’s.


Honestly, the highlight of Wednesday was having zero activities in the evening. I was in my pjs by 7:00!

Also, I picked up these personalized cups in preparation for a little get together to celebrate Hayden and Hadley in a couple of weeks.

their first day of kindergarten!


Thursday was such a soggy day, but I was able to meet some friends for drinks and dinner on the covered patio of a favorite restaurant while Hadley was at dance!

Other Faves:

Some other favorites from the week include UK Women’s Volleyball winning the National Championship! This has been quite the headline all week. Every fall, we usually go to one or two UK volleyball games because they are always so fun to watch! Of course, we couldn’t go last fall, but we had fun watching their televised match on Saturday night.

C/o UK Athletics

I will say, this exciting news has also been uplifting after hearing the the somber news of the unexpected passing of UK Men’s Basketball player Terrence Clarke. The Lexington community has definitely felt the highs and lows this week.

This is kind of a random favorite, but last Saturday night I forgot to bring my sound machine (and my melatonin!) to Louisville. #doublewhammy I knew I needed some quiet noise to fall asleep, so I downloaded this app, and it was a great substitution for my regular sound machine. What I liked about it was that you can combine noises and then save the noises to your “favorites.” So, I combined white noise with the ocean, and it was just perfect, and now I have it saved for future use if needed.

While picking up my peonies on a quick Trader Joe’s run, I also picked up these Everything but the Bagel potato chips. I’d never seen them before, and I really like them! The good news is that neither of my kids like them, so they won’t be hogging them! ๐Ÿ˜‚

Favorite Mom Meme(s):

I love this meme. It’s so true!

I feel this meme deeply. Something usually has to give!

Bonus Fave: Flashback Friday:

I love this pic from April 2013. To be honest, I took it after a very difficult week. The most difficult week of my life. I remember taking this photo and counting my blessings (times 2).

Another favorite from this week in 2013…Hadley without a care in the world looking at horses. It’s rare for her to be still, and here she is taking it all in!

Weekly Recap:

I had another full week of posts! Here they are:

What are you up to this weekend? Saturday is Derby Day, y’all, which is the biggest day of the year around here! Believe it or not, we don’t have any baseball games this weekend, but Hadley does have one final dance competition.

I hope you have a great weekend! I hope to have a post for Monday, but I will have to see how the weekend shakes out.

Take care,

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  1. I love those memes! I love Hadleyโ€™s dance costumes. Iโ€™m not aware of the Sunday market in Paristown. Do you know if itโ€™s every week? The decor you got is perfect!


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