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Easter Weekend Recap

Hello and Happy Monday! How was your weekend?

I’m linking up with Tanya and others to recap our Easter weekend.

Easter looked a bit different this year, but more “normal” than last year.

On Saturday, the kids dyed Easter eggs. We did the “classic” egg dye, but Hadley tried a tie dye egg decorating kit. It was kind of a mess, and I didn’t have high hopes with the final product, but they turned out a pretty purple color! I love this tradition, and I hope that we can keep it up forever!

Finished products…

Trav’s aunt usually hosts Easter, but, like last year, the extended family didn’t get together. This year, we hosted some of Trav’s immediate family at our house yesterday.

During the day, I prepped for Easter lunch. I ran a couple of errands, set the table, and made dessert, and stuffed the Easter eggs for Sunday’s egg hunt.

I made Chocolate Graham Cracker Pudding which is a family fave.

For the tables, I tried to mostly use what I had around the house. TJ Maxx did save the day as I needed a couple more white plates. (and then still borrowed a couple more from a friend!)

Last year, I traced a bunny to add to napkin rings for our family of four place setting. This year, I decided to trace more bunnies, and I bought laminating paper at Target which was so easy to use. Hadley helped me hot glue the cotton balls on to the bunnies and put them on the napkin rings, and they turned out so cute.

While at Target, I picked up a plastic table cloth for the kids’ table and a few more cloth napkins for the main table. Trader Joe’s had the perfect flowers for the table centerpiece.

Kids’ table:

Adults’ table:

Now that the bunnies are laminated, I can really save them and use them in the future.

I like to try to use what I have, and sometimes I move things around. The wooden tray on the kitchen table is what usually sits on the living room coffee table. The white stand on the kids’ table is what is usually on the kitchen island. Anyway, I was pleased with how everything turned out especially because I was able to use mostly things I already had and I was working on a time crunch.

Saturday night, the kids put out their eggs for the Easter Bunny to hide them, per tradition.

Sunday morning, the kids enjoyed their Easter baskets, gifts from us, and found all the dyed eggs that the Easter Bunny hid.

We headed to our church for the first time in over a year. Easter service is so special, but especially this year being reunited with our congregation.

Also seen at church ๐Ÿ˜‚

The kids obliged for a few more photos before family arrived at our house for lunch.

After lunch, we had the traditional egg hunt. The younger kids (my two and their two cousins) found all the eggs we hid. They were filled with candy and with money.

**Of course there’s a Homer story…He was pretty well-behaved considering all of the people who were in and out throughout the afternoon. After the egg hunt, apparently Homer was left unattended with the leftover turkey…so he ended up having quite the feast!

We enjoyed the beautiful weather and desserts before everyone left in late afternoon. Then, it was time to prep for school starting back!

Easter Sunday was a great way to wrap up our Spring Break.

This was me late Saturday night:

but, of course, woke up to this reminder on Sunday morning:

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and Easter. This week, I hope to share this month’s Amazon purchases as well as a recap of our stay in Nashville last week…but I will have to see where the week takes me!

Take care,

12 thoughts on “Easter Weekend Recap

  1. Your table turned out beautiful! I love those glasses and I think those are the same I almost bought at World Market. I am out of space for more dishes until we renovate. Your dress looked so pretty! Have a great week!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I bought one of those glasses years ago and still use it with a votive candle. Then, last year, I saw a set of 6 at TJ Maxx and thoughtโ€”duh! Drink ware ๐Ÿ˜‚ I hope you have a great back to school week!


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