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Three Things

One of my favorite posts that Andrea does on her Momfessionals blog is when she posts three things about each family member. It’s usually a little update on school, activities, etc. So…I thought I’d give that a try for my family.

  1. Hayden is into all things sports. He loves to play sports, he loves to watch sports, and he even loves sports stats! He’s been known to write down the entire schedule for NFL teams or keep score for the baseball games that he plays at home. Cross country wrapped up this past weekend at the state meet, he has one more weekend (I think!) of soccer, and then it will be time for basketball to start up!
  2. Hayden loves to read. It makes my heart so happy that he enjoys a good book…or five! I hope his love for reading never ends.
  3. He is quiet but so observant…doesn’t miss a thing…and is so inquisitive.

Here’s Hayden at the state meet. His time qualified him to run in the 4th grade championship race where he placed 26th out of 373 runners! I was so proud of his effort!
  1. Hadley is always on the go. I’ve always said, since she was a baby, that her feet hit the ground, she starts her day, doesn’t stop moving, and passes out at night. She doesn’t move when she sleeps…I think she’s too tired from being so busy during the day.
  2. Hadley loves to be involved and is very social–from dance, to Girl Scouts, to cross country, to chorus to basketball…and on and on and on…She’s also the best friend…she tries pretty effortlessly to be very inclusive. She’s never met a stranger, and she certainly doesn’t get that from me. I stand back in awe sometimes at her outgoing nature.
  3. She has a heart of gold. Hadley is so helpful (usually without much prompting). She’s silly, sassy, smart…and simply the best.

Here she is in the state meet last weekend. Like Hayden, her time qualified her to run in the 4th grade championship race. There were 327 runners in her race, and she placed 25th…with a smile on her face.
  1. This has been a big week for me as I’ve started a new teaching position at my school. I’ve left the classroom as an English/Language Arts teacher to now be a reading interventionist. I’ve done similar work before at my previous school, so I was excited when this opportunity presented itself. I will work with students who read below grade level as well as students who need help with study skills and closing content gaps in learning.
  2. I feel like Trav’s job keeps him forever busy, but September-November seem to be the busiest time in the horse industry. I don’t know how he does it all. There are weeks he doesn’t get a day off, and then this year he added “Cross Country Coach” to his plate. I’ve never met anyone who enjoys their job as much as Travis does (or talks on the phone more than he does ;))…and, of course, he loved coaching the kids this cross country season as well.
  3. Homer—well he’s still cute and still a handful! He’s seven months old, into everything, chews on random things, runs laps around the backyard, and is fun to snuggle with, of course!
Proud Dad alert! One more cross country pic with coach and kids (and their hardware!)

One more pic…

The kids had some of their biggest fans at the State Cross Country Championship…more family visiting to cheer them on.

Cousin Emily, Aunt Tammy, GG, Mamaw

I hope you enjoyed this first Three Things post…See you back here on Friday…for a fun Flashback Friday!

Have a great day!


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