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Monday Memes: October

After a busy weekend and rolling into another busy week, I thought I’d keep today’s post short, sweet, and funny. I live for memes!

It’s finally feeling like fall, and this meme literally makes me laugh out loud…because it’s true!

Kids’ activities…am I right? Thankfully, my kids aren’t too wishy washy on what they want to participate in, but I feel like there’s always some kind of sign up sheet for something…

I always have big dreams of healthy eating on Sunday when I place my Click List order, but by Thursday, I’m reminding my kids to open the fridge for a snack or two rather than binging on Pringles.

There isn’t a chore I hate more than doing laundry. I’m really good about starting it, really bad at leaving it sit in the dryer for days, and even worse about putting it away. I do find that it’s easier to wash all of Hadley’s clothes in a load, all of Hayden’s in another, and then do Travis and my clothes later. The kids tend to have a full load to wash each week…especially Hadley…girlfriend, changes her clothes a few times a day. #killingmeslowly I usually get away with doing my laundry every other week or so. Once the kids started coming home with a sitter after school (rather than stay at the after school program), they now have more chores…one of which is to put away and hang up their clothes…which tends to be a Tuesday chore. I think they probably listen to the sitter better than they listen to us, so I appreciate that she handles this chore on Tuesdays.

Me. Always. Forever. Amen.

With a very hectic week of school for me last week, on top of a busy Saturday with state cross country meet, and Hayden’s soccer game, Travis and I almost didn’t cash in on having a free sitter (my mom was in town) for Saturday night dinner out…but we did. That being said, everyone in my house was in bed by 9:00 on Saturday, and I spent Sunday trying to get my life together and get organized for the week. If you are keeping track, I still don’t have my life together (haha), but at least I always feel better starting the week with a solid plan.

One more funny…

The kids took a government test in class…both received a good grade, but I had to laugh at Haydenโ€™s test…The correct answer was all of the above , and, well, Hayden did circle all of the above. ๐Ÿ˜‚

I hope you have a great week! Happy Monday,


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