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Weekend Top 5

Why do the weekends always seem to fly by?! Per usual, we had a busy weekend filled with athletics, but we also had a few other fun activities too.

My dad was visiting this week, so the kids were excited for him to pick them up from school on Thursday and Friday. Hayden later told me, β€œI love when Major picks me up. AND I love the smell of his car!” πŸ˜‚ #cigars

Also, when my dad visits, he always requests a pic of him with all the grand kids on the front steps…each time, the pic gets easier to take because the know which step to sit on and know to sit and smile ASAP.

From oldest to youngest: The Major (haha), Hayden, Hadley, Wyatt, and Layla

If you know anything about the state of Kentucky, you know they love their basketball team. Travis took the kids to Big Blue Madness Friday evening. Both kids loved seeing both the men and women basketball players as well as the coaches…BUT Hadley loved watching the dance team the best! She showed me their dance routine when she got home.

While they were gone, I had a glass of wine, read my book, and binge watched Shark Tank with my dad. #winwin

When we were dating, Travis took me to Big Blue Madness once and back then it started at midnight. Full circle moment taking the kids. Memories I know they will all cherish.

All the big blue merch

Lots of UK activities this weekend as Hayden and Travis also went to UK’s football game with their exciting win over Arkansas! (Missouri won their game too!)

Saturday morning started with another cross country meet. It’s been fun to see the kids and their teammates improve each week. This was the first meet with much cooler weather, so the kids actually looked like they enjoyed running during this race. haha.

Both kids had top 10 finishes with Hadley placing 7th out of 100 3rd/4th grade runners, and Hayden placed 5th out of 123 runners for the same age group. AND…so exciting….BOTH the 3rd/4th grade boys and girls teams finished in 3rd place and brought home a trophy.

Running is in my kids’ DNA (#notmysideofthefamily), and I preach to them how fortunate they are that running comes so naturally to them, but again, it’s always so awesome to see the team come together and cheer for one another. Each runner reaches some kind of personal goal each week which is amazing to watch.

And, what’s better than two top 10 finishes?? Having so many of their fan club there to cheer them on. People who have family who live nearby tend to take for granted grandparents, cousins, etc who can just pop in to watch the kids or attend athletic and school events. In our lives, most visits are planned around the opportunity to see a ball game or field day.

Quite the cheering section: Cousins, the Major, Mamaw, and Uncle Connor

Hayden had two soccer games this weekend. This team is so fun to watch play together. They won on both Saturday and Sunday, and Hayden was one of the players of the game on Saturday. More soccer next weekend!

It’s no secret that my favorite time of the year is fall. We make it a point to go to the pumpkin patch every year. We go to Evans Orchard and we usually have time for the kids to run around on the hay bales, go down the slides, feed the animals, and play on the inflatables, but this year we were on a time crunch…so we went to the orchard Sunday for about an hour to pick out our pumpkins to carve, get our hot apple cider and apple cider donut fix, and enjoy the beautiful weather.

Family fun
My favorite part of the pumpkin patch!


I made pumpkin muffins Sunday morning. I used the mix from Trader Joes, and it made 18 muffins! The kids love these as much as I do!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend and are ready to tackle the week!

Have a good one,


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