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Friday Favorites {#4}

Yeah for Friday! Linking up with Narci, Erika, and Andrea for their Friday Favorites.

Now that shows are back on tv, I thought I’d share a few family favorites that we can actually watch together.

Young Sheldon

We all love Young Sheldon. I watched The Big Bang Theory for years and the last couple of seasons, the kids would watch some of the episodes with me…especially Hayden. Hayden has some Sheldon-like tendencies, so it’s no shock to me he likes both of those shows. Sheldon is a hoot, and by being the smartest in his family provides for another layer of comedy. Besides Sheldon, his grandmother (MeMaw) played by Annie Potts makes the show for me. I love her, and she adds a lot of sass to the show. Young Sheldon is definitely a hilarious show that has something for everyone.


The Goldbergs is one of my favorite shows. The whole family is hilarious. The show is produced by Adam F. Goldberg, and it’s based on his life and his family growing up in the 80s. They often show true footage of videos that he made during his childhood which are hilarious. The 1980’s references alone are enough to keep my attention. How they dress, how their home is decorated, and every part of their day to day life reminds me of my childhood. The mom, Beverly Goldberg, makes the show! She’s loud, overbearing, and embarrassing! She’s obsessed with her kids and often calls them by loving nicknames like schmoo….and now I’ve started doing that to my kids and Homer…but never in public πŸ˜‰ . One time, I got fired up a Hayden’s basketball game, and my brother said, “Sit down Beverly Goldberg!” So funny! The seventh season just started, and I can’t wait to watch!

Fresh off the Boat

I’ve watched every season of this show, and the kids enjoy it too. It’s loosely inspired by the life of chef Eddie Huang (who apparently has an autobiography by the same name (I didn’t know that) thanks to the info on Wikipedia #bloggingresearch) πŸ˜‰ The Huangs moved from D.C. to Orlando and opened Cattleman’s Ranch restaurant in the 90’s. #lovethe90s The kids are all very different but funny together and Louis and Jessica are opposites in parenting and personality. She’s the tough cookie to his softer side. Their neighbors as well as Louis’s mother Jenny provide even more comic relief. Like I said, I’ve watched all five seasons and feel like it’s a pretty good family show. My only complaint so far is with season 6, episode 1…we watched it earlier this week, and it was a little more “middle school” in content (for my liking while watching with two almost ten year olds). I’m hoping the rest of the season is like the first five seasons.

Kids Baking Championship

My kids (and myself) love all kinds of competition shows. The kids watch American Ninja Warrior, game shows, Top Chef, Food Network Star, Guy’s Grocery Games among others. But…Kids Baking Championship is one that we love and watch together. The kids always end up rooting for two different kids to win which amps up the competition from our living room! haha. I’m always amazed at what these kid competitors can do in the kitchen!! Also, my heart breaks each week when one gets sent home. I think Duff and Valerie do an awesome job both critiquing and encouraging the kids!

Just a few favorite shows that are pretty family friendly! What do you watch with your kids and family?

I hope you have a great weekend; we are still enjoying our fall break (and fingers crossed, I think the temp is starting to drop this weekend!)


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