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Funny Friday

Last Saturday, Hadley had a very loose bottom molar (actually, she had two very loose bottom molars) On Sunday morning, when she went to brush her teeth, she noticed the tooth was missing. We searched high and low for the tooth, but we didn’t find it by Sunday bedtime.

Each kid has swallowed or misplaced a tooth at least once or twice, so we pulled our normal Tooth Fairy trick, and placed a mini marshmallow under Hadley’s pillow.

Monday morning, Hadley put the $2 from the Tooth Fairy in her piggy bank…but then, while making her bed, found the tooth on her floor! She was so excited. As I put on my Facebook post, she put the tooth “under her pillow in hopes that the TF will return for a second night in a row because apparently she’s (the TF) a moron?!” Well, the verdict is in: The Tooth Fairy is a sentimental moron. $1 for the return trip.

Hayden has lost all of his teeth, so his Tooth Fairy days are over, and Hadley has a few left still to lose. Someone pass me the parenting handbook, please. haha

Ready for the Tooth Fairy to visit again.
Homer was wondering why Hadley didn’t have a guilty conscience about tricking the TF.

Just a little humor from our house where there’s never a dull moment.

I hope you have a great Friday.


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