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Let’s Look: September

Let’s look at…your calendar

It’s the middle Wednesday of the month, so that means Shay and Erika are linking up again for Let’s Look. This month’s focus is: Let’s Look at your calendar.

My type A personality is both a blessing and a curse. There’s a sort of thrill for me (I’m lame, I know) about being super organized. I love on Sunday to sit down and plan the week, but then again, sometimes I’m completely overwhelmed by all of our daily activities. Let’s get one thing straight–if I didn’t write it down or put in on my phone calendar, I would completely forget to show up to a certain meeting, take my kids to a doctor’s appointment, or miss a soccer practice.

As far as calendars go, well, I have lots of them.

Phone Calendar

Definitely my #1 calendar is my calendar on my phone. That’s where I keep all the dates and even set reminders for myself. Travis and I don’t have a shared calendar; I know people who do that, but for some reason we just never have. I guess he knows I will tell him what’s on the agenda, and he can also look on the fridge calendar. There have been times where I have sent him a calendar invite for “Get s$%! done Saturday” when we are up to our eyeballs in chores to do…and he knows better than to decline that invite request 😉

Fridge Weekly Calendar

My weekly fridge calendar is where all my people look to see our activities and what’s for dinner. I love sitting down on Sunday and planning out the week. I always write my workout days, what we have going on and our dinners. I cross each day off as we go because that makes me feel like I’m accomplishing something 😉 I’ve been using these paper calendars for many years as my mom put one in my stocking at least six or seven years ago…and then I’ve found them at Michaels and now on Amazon #becauseAmazonhasallthethings

Note on my phone

I have many notes on my phone, but the one that I visit daily is my weekly note. Every Sunday, I update with with our schedule, my workouts, and any chores or errands I need to accomplish. Just like crossing off the days fridge calendar, I love deleting tasks too!

School organization :

At school, I couldn’t live without my desk calendar, but more importantly my lesson planner. The desk calendar has most of my after school and weekend appointments or activities but also school meetings. I used to buy the cheaper calendars from Walmart or Office Depot (or, at times, there are free ones at school), but this is the second year I’ve purchased this Bloom calendar and I love the bright colors and floral pattern.

I love my lesson planner. I used to buy one at the Parent Teacher store at the end of every summer, but then a couple years ago, I found this one by Blue Sky on Amazon. Like the ones I bought in previous years, I liked the layout (which I am picky about). The vertical layout with room for lessons, a to do list, and activities is exactly what I need.

While this isn’t an #ad for Amazon, I should be sponsored 😉 …at least for calendars as all my calendars have been purchased from there 🙂 Links below to the desk calendar and lesson planner.

That’s it for September’s Let’s Look.

Next month’s focus is on yummy fall recipes. I have a favorite pumpkin pasta to share. The recipe came, from all places, the Kroger coupon packet they send in the mail! It’s one of my family’s favorites. I hope you are having a great week.

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