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Fall Fashion Finds

These cooler mornings have me ready to dress for fall. That being said, our extended forecast has highs in the upper 80’s going into next week. *Sigh*

so…currently me:

Oh the irony of sharing my tidy closet yesterday and now the new items that I’ve purchased recently from Target and Walmart.

Amy had shared this dress from Target, and I saved it on the app.

Well, over Labor Day weekend, Target had a 30% off sale, so I went ahead and snagged it in green and gray. ($17 each!)

Well, if you give a mouse a cookie…I noticed the boots on the model, and figured they had to be from Target. I found them, and they were also on sale for $30. They are a western style boot, so I wasn’t sure if I’d like them, but *newsflash* I do! I got them in tan which seems to be very limited in stock, but there are other colors. The tan, cognac, and gray are a suede material whereas the other options (black and off-white) appear to be leather.

After my closet clean out this summer, I did make note that I was due for a new pair of tall boots. The pair I parted ways with were about ten years old. I also got rid of a couple of pairs of ankle boots, and decided to give these a try in tan when I saw they were also on sale for $28. They also come in gray, cognac, and olive green.

Please excuse the wrinkly dresses, but I just try things on and snap photos when I have a few extra minutes.

Army green color dress with ankle boots:

Gray dress with tall boots:

No picture, but I wore the olive colored dress to school on Tuesday with a cardigan and sneakers. It was a good put together but comfy outfit.

I usually wear a 9, but sized up in both to a 9.5 because of the narrow toe. Both fit perfectly.

Again, I’m not one to “power shop” like that, but I had a feeling the dress and the boots were going to be “hot ticket items” this fall. Plus, with the sale, I was saving money, right?!

Walmart has been upping their game the past couple of years, and when Ashley shared this Free Assembly Walmart dress and popover top, I wanted to give them a try too.

The dress comes in pink as well!

Here it is paired with my Target ankle boots:

I wore the dress yesterday with some gold sandals that I’ve had for years.

I really wanted the popover top in gray or green…

but I bought it in pink as the other two colors never seemed to be in stock.

I think it will be perfect with jeans, workout shorts or leggings with a tank.

Now if Mother Nature would take the hint, I’d love to be able to wear the boots and popover without breaking a sweat!

See you back here tomorrow for Friday Favorites.

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Hello Monday

Hello (Monday!) How was your weekend? We had a really good one. Our mornings were slow paced followed by busy afternoons, but it was a great weekend. Also, even though the temps are still cool, the sun was shining all weekend which made me want to be productive and cross some things off my “to do” list(s).

I’m linking up with Holly and Sarah to share about the weekend.

Here’s my…

After school, I came home and took a quick nap because I couldn’t shake the headache I’d had all day. Both of the kids had after school activities, I so I had some time to close my eyes for a bit. Then, I went to Walmart for a few things for school (and a couple other purchases…you’ll see below!)

Then, I picked up the kids, and we stopped at home quickly for everyone to get ready for Hayden’s basketball game.

We picked up Hadley’s friend and decided to stop by a favorite restaurant and have pizza before his game. Then, the the girls decided we should have the Nutella pizza for dessert. Travis and I thought it sounded delish…and it was.

Hayden’s team won by ONE point to advance in the end of the season tournament. It was an exciting game to watch!

Once we got home, the kids did their own thing, and Travis and I started Inventing Anna. We watched one episode. We loved Ozark, and I can’t believe Anna is Ruth from Ozark. Once the episode was over, it was 11:00, so I was very ready for bed!

I slept until almost 9:00, and the kids slept past 11:00. I don’t know the last time we had a Saturday morning without anywhere we needed to be. The slow start to Saturday meant coffee, Wordle, watching the last episode of season 2 of The Morning Show, I and had plenty of time to lounge in some comfies that I scored at Walmart. The past couple of years, I’ve had great luck finding lounge wear, athletic wear, and even summer dresses at Walmart.

I have a few pieces of the Secret Treasures brand of pajamas. I got this top in “teal dust print” and “teal dust” and bought the pj pants in “teal dust” as well. The pants are true to size for me, but the top can definitely be sized down (or not if you want it over-sized). Run, don’t walk…you won’t regret picking up these mix and match sets!

Hadley and Travis went for a run, and then Hadley told me she’d run some errands with me. She mentioned that she wanted to try the acai bowl at The Press, so we stopped there. While she enjoyed her snack, I got a smoothie as well.

Then, we headed to Save-a-Lot to purchase snacks for my after school program.

I really didn’t want to, but when I got home, I did my 30 minutes Beach Body workout before heading to Hayden’s basketball game. Of course, I’m glad it “pushed play,” and it was fun to watch Hayden play.

On the way home from his game, Travis suggested we pick up dinner from The Pasta Garage, so we did just that. We enjoyed a drink while waiting for our “to go” order. We hadn’t been there in a while, but the food was perfect for Saturday night dinner.

After dinner, I placed our Kroger Clicklist order, showered, and read my book while Travis and Hadley watched a movie. Then, it was time for bed.

Sunday morning, I slept until about 7:45. Travis picked up Parlor Donuts for the kids. I had a couple bites of a couple of them, drank my coffee, and watched an episode of The Rookie. Then, we woke the kids and got them moving.

While the kids got ready for church, I ran to Trader Joe’s for my produce items (and a couple of things that Kroger said they didn’t have in stock). Then, we headed to church.

After church, I stopped in TJ Maxx before picking up my Kroger order.

Then, I cut up peppers and cucumbers for the week, ate lunch, and took down the Christmas tree in Hadley’s room. While Hayden was at basketball practice, and Hadley was at youth group, I worked on this post, and then put dinner in the slow cooker.

I had some time to read my book (I hope to share my February books later this week) before Hayden’s basketball game. (He still has school ball and rec league ball going on.)

After Hayden’s game, we enjoyed dinner. I made Narci’s Crockpost Beef and Broccoli.

Then, it was time to get everyone organized and ready for the week.

We ended the weekend watching American Idol. I cried no less than two times. Season 20 will be a good one!

So, that’s a wrap on our weekend. I will be back tomorrow to share Prime Purchases!

I hope you have a great week!

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Friday Favorites {#82}

Hello and Happy Friday! How was your week? Overall, we had a good one. It’s always nice when the week starts off with no work/school on Monday!

It’s Friday, so I’m linking up with Erika and Andrea for this week’s Friday Favorites.

Favorite Moment:

Hayden has been running for the middle school cross country team. Hayden is definitely running with the big boys…there’s quite the difference in some 6th graders vs some 8th graders! Last Saturday, Hayden ran his first ever 4K (2.4 miles). You may remember that Travis was the kids’ coach for 4th and 5th grades at their elementary school. This is Hadley’s first year not running since she wants to focus on dance, so Travis has been helping Hayden on his off days and during the meets. I know he was so proud of Hayden’s effort. He was the second 6th grader to cross the finish line!

Favorite Clothing Item:

I was clicking around on Walmart looking for this jacket that someone had shared, and purchased this dress on a whim to get free shipping. #math

I wore it the other day to school, and love it. It’s perfect for spring, summer, transition to fall…and it’s only $9!

Favorite Food(s):

Hadley woke up at 10:00 on Sunday and requested IHOP for breakfast. It was a dreary and cool day, and IHOP actually sounded good. We got a round of crepes, pancakes, and French Toast. It definitely hit the spot!

Also, I picked up these frittatas at Trader Joe’s last week, and they are so good. There are two in the box, but I’ve just had one with some fruit a couple of mornings this week. I will definitely buy them again.

Other Faves:

Hayden’s been loving golf, and his first match was last Saturday. He was on a team with two friends, and they scrimmaged another group of three. I hope my kids always have fun in whatever they do, but golf is certainly more recreational for him, and it’s nice to see him just go out and play.

Hayden usually has a weekday race as well as a Saturday race. The weekday races are 3k, and Hayden ran a minute faster than last week’s 3k. While the weather was warm, it wasn’t 98 degrees like in previous weeks. Also, I can tell he’s finding his groove and feeling more confident.

Homer under the kitchen table is a favorite from the week. I moved the basement rug up and put it under the kitchen table, so I think he likes a softer place to rest!

Favorite Mom Meme:

My kids definitely ask for less things now, so my years of saying “No” must be paying off.

Bonus Fave: Flashback Friday

With the big MU vs UK this weekend, this flashback from 2012 is timely. My kids (especially Hayden) bleed blue now, but at least they were Tiger fans for a while.


Weekly Recap:

This week I shared my (many) Amazon purchases, some of the shows and podcasts I’ve been enjoying as well as how I meal plan. Here are the posts in case you missed one:

Also, Monday is our Not Just a Mom link up….

This month’s topic is morning routine. We’d love to have you join us!

Lastly, I’d be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge the anniversary of 9/11 tomorrow. The world feels so heavy right now. There are times I feel anxious and sad. I remember feeling that way twenty years ago as well. The years may pass by, but I will never forget that day, how I felt, and the ones who lost their lives when the unimaginable happened.

C/o Fox Baltimore

See you back here on Monday,

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What’s Up Wednesday

Hello! How is it already the last Wednesday in October? October is my favorite month, and I feel like it needs at least 14 more days! haha Y’all, it’s completely flown by!

As always, I’m linking up with Shay and Sheaffer for their What’s Up Wednesday series.


I’m back to cooking this week which has been good for me!

  • Sunday– Chicken chili and cornbread
  • Monday- easy pork loin, Bob Evans mashed potatoes, and veggies
  • Tuesday- leftover chili and cornbread
  • Wednesday – Baked chicken thighs (my dad’s recipe!), Trader Joe’s Risotto, and fruit
  • Thursday– leftover chicken, bagged salad
  • Friday Spooky Halloween dinner (hot dogs, mac and cheese, and grapes)
2019 Spooky dinner
  • Saturday– It’s Halloween. I usually make chili and/or Shay’s Chicken Tortilla Soup and some other family faves.


This pic of Hadley popped up in my Facebook memories from 2016 when she dressed up for the 50th day of school. I can’t get over how the elementary years have flown by and how fast this crazy school year is going!


I’m loving this Chex Mix that I whipped up after seeing it on Instagram Stories.

  • Chex cereal
  • Candy Corn
  • Peanuts
  • Reese’s Pieces


I’m just continuing to rest up and heal from my surgery. I have my two week appointment with my doctor today. This week, I’ve definitely been easing back a bit more into “real life” with cooking, laundry, helping the kids with school and continuing to work from home.


This week we’ve had a little more down time now that baseball is over. Cross country and dance have continued, but we’ve had a few extra weekend days and weekday evenings just at home rather than running around everywhere.

The kids have been focused on their Pod President campaign. Over the weekend, they worked on their slogans and signs before taking them to their class pod. The election is next Wednesday, I believe. Before then, they will each give a speech and participate in a debate with the other candidate (three kids, total, are running for the position).

Pod President gets to choose the seating chart for the day, bring their favorite snack to share, and choose the recess activity.

Hadley upped her campaign game with buttons! 🤣


Nothing really at the moment. I’m just always overwhelmed with the school situation (even though we have a great routine going), and now I guess we need to start thinking about the holidays. I’m not sure how all of that will shake out.


My Missouri Tigers beat Trav’s Kentucky Wildcats in football last Saturday.

They say, “If you’ve got it, flaunt it…” Well, I have an MU garden flag, and it’s flying! 🎉#zerochill Hayden noticed right away, and I’m not sure if Travis has noticed I changed it yet or not.


Last week, I binged Million Dollar Beach House on Netflix in a matter of a couple of days. In my defense, there are only six 30 minute episodes.

Then, I moved on to Virgin River which a few people suggested. I just finished episode 7, and I really like it. A perk to be late to watching VR is that I will finish Season 1 and Season 2 will be out next month! (Side note–Travis saw me watching it, and said he’d watched it back when shut down/quarantine started! I had no idea. 😂 )

I’m almost finished with The Guest List. This was definitely a popular read, and I was on the library wait list for quite some time. It’s pretty good. I hope to share about the books I read in October tomorrow or early next week.


Honestly, I haven’t been listening to my regular podcasts recently since I mostly do that on my walks and while working out. I hope to get back on track with listening to those very soon!


Landyn shared about this Target robe that she’s had for years. Apparently, Target quit selling it a couple of years ago, but a follower of hers shared that they saw Target was selling it again. #rundontwalk This is the best robe ever. I had a Target gift card, so I felt even better about the purchase.

I was in Walmart recently and saw this lightweight tunic jacket. It comes in a few colors, and I picked up the dark gray. I like that it’s lightweight, so I can wear it in the house or layer it to wear outside.


It’s Halloween! This is one of our favorite holidays. Cool weather, candy, and costumes. So fun.

Hayden and Hadley’s costumes through the years..

2019: Ghostbuster and nerd


The kids’ birthday! Hayden and Hadley will be 11! How is that even possible?!

I think we wrapped up the birthday t-shirt tradition last year. I loved it so much, but I thought 10 was a good age to move on. I’ve said before that Hadley probably would have let me buy a her a b-day t-shirt until she’s 50, and Hayden was over it a couple of years ago.

We haven’t made any solid birthday plans just yet. This year, their birthday falls on a Friday, so we may let them hang with a few friends and keep it kind of simple.

Thanks so much for reading my What’s Up Wednesday post! Don’t forget to check out the other ladies’ posts too!

I hope you are having a great week.

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What’s Up Wednesday

Y,all! My mind is blown. How in the world is July almost over?

I do feel like July flew by and now all eyes are on back to school…whatever that may look like!

Since it’s the last Wednesday of the month, I’m linking up with Sheaffer and Shay for this month’s What’s Up Wednesday post.


  • Sunday: I made Bev’s Meatloaf in Tomato Sauce. It’s easy, hearty, and so delish! I paired that with Trader Joe’s Mushroom Risotto and watermelon.
  • Monday: Leftover meatloaf and bagged Ceasar salad.
  • Tuesday: Trader Joe’s carnitas with salsa verde. (I mentioned in my Trader Joe’s post that I put the carnitas and salsa in the slow cooker for a few hours for a delicious dinner. I eat the carnitas with a salad, or we do nachos or tacos). Trader Joe’s Street corn will be our side dish.
  • Wednesday: We will have carnitas leftovers and fruit for dinner.
  • Thursday: I’m making one of my favorite summer pastas. The Pinterest link doesn’t work anymore, but it’s as simple as cooking the pasta and then drizzling it with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and mixing it with the other ingredients. For a side, we’ll have roasted broccoli.
  • Friday and Saturday: Like most weekends, we’ll do carry out for dinner. #mamadontcookontheweekends


My Memory Lane post yesterday had me reminiscing about when I was a kid. It’s crazy to look at pics of me at the age my kids are now and wonder what they’ll think and remember about their childhood.


I’m loving Hayden’s new glasses. He’s been wearing these as well as his sports goggles. He looks like such a big kid!


We’ve been checking appointments off our list (ortho, dental, vision and more).

The kids have been playing outside quite a bit as well as beating the summer heat at home.

Hayden has baseball a few days a week, and Hadley’s been taking dance workshop classes.

We’ve also been checking things off our “Summer Fun” list one thing at a time.


I don’t know if “dread” is the word, but I am disappointed that we aren’t starting school in a normal fashion this year. I just hate it for my students who need to be at school and, of course, I hate it for my own kids. It’s the last year of elementary school for them as they will be 5th graders this year.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think they’d start their last first day of elementary school online. As a teacher and as a parent, I completely understand the decision. I just can’t believe we’ve been out of the school building for almost 5 months. I’m disappointed that our COVID numbers continue to rise, and we appear to be in a worse situation than when this all began.

Of course, I will have a good attitude about it though because I firmly believe that the kids are looking at us, as parents, and will respond accordingly. Hadley is bummed that this is how school is starting. Hayden seems pretty indifferent about it all. So, even within my own household, I have to choose my words carefully and react in a way that will be best for my kids.

I saw this recently on social media, and it certainly rings true.


I’m working on getting organized for the school year. I buy a new lesson plan book every year. I always feel better once I get all the dates and my preps written in it. I always buy new colorful pens to brighten up the pages. I do love a planner and pens!


Hadley starts back to her dance classes next week. They are going to use August to brush up on their recital routines and then have an in studio dance recital before starting the new semester of dance in September.

Hadley had dance recital pics yesterday. I always underestimate how long it takes to get a girl in tights, her hair up in a bun, and some blush on her cheeks! And…Hadley’s better at the hair and makeup part than I could ever be!


I love the show The Rookie on ABC, I’m a big fan of Nathan Fillion. I’d fallen behind with watching it, so I’ve been getting caught up on it. I just have one more episode of the season left to watch.

Hayden and I started watching Alone on Netflix. This is apparently the sixth season, but I’m not sure how to see the other seasons. Ten contestants are placed in the Arctic wilderness to see if they can survive 100 days (I think?) and win $500,000. Each person films themselves, hunts the land for food, makes their own shelter, etc. Let me just go ahead and say that I would last 1/2 a day. 😉 I don’t even think I could make coffee over a fire…and, I guess I’d first need to know how to start a fire!

I just finished reading Feels Like Falling and then started The Family Upstairs. I’m working on my What I’ve Been Reading (in July) post for Friday.


I usually only listen to podcasts when I walk, and I haven’t been walking as much lately. I still love Landyn’s podcast when I am out for a walk.

Also, as I type this post, I’m hearing silence! Both kids are outside playing 🙂


I’ve been loving my new sandals from Amazon. I’m sure before summer is over, I will get another pair in another color!

When we went to Walmart last week to pick up Hayden’s glasses, I saw these workout shorts. I’d been on the hunt for a black pair, and these have been a perfect fit. They are the Avia brand. I can’t seem to find them online, but they were only $12 in the store and remind me of Athleta or Lulu shorts. They do have a built in biker short which I didn’t realize until I got home, but I actually like that detail.

I also didn’t immediately find the exact workout tank I bought, but I bought one in coral and one in gray. They have a split hem and cover your bum if wearing leggings. The tanks were only $6.96 each. My tanks seem similar to these.

I’m also a sucker for pajama shorts! I’ve purchased a few mix and match Secret Treasures pajamas over the past couple of years from Walmart. I picked up this pair of shorts to add to my collection.

My Shop Style Your Senses bracelets arrived recently, and I’ve been wearing them on the regular.


We don’t have too much planned. I’m sure we will lay low at home in between Hayden’s baseball games.

#30 up to bat!
My favorite pitcher!


No matter what school looks like when we start, I will certainly treat my kids to our traditional Back to School breakfast.

Thanks so much for reading. Don’t forget to check out Sheaffer and Shay’s posts too!

I hope you are having a great week.