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Holiday Home Tour


Today, I’m sharing one of my favorite posts of the year…

Honestly, not too much has changed since last year, and I even referenced this post when I started getting out my Christmas decorations. That being said, of course I picked up a few new things, and I always love getting a peek inside other people’s homes…especially during the holidays.

So, come on it!

Front Porch:

Of all the spaces, the front porch pretty much stays the same from year to year.

We’ve had rain for the past few days, so I wasn’t able to get a pic, but here it is last year:

That being said, I haven’t picked up the fresh garland from Trader Joe’s yet, and I did pick up a new doormat at Michael’s this year. I think I will leave it out all winter.

We didn’t put lights out this year. We might get to it this weekend, but I had to tell myself that it’s ok if we don’t get it all done in this season of our lives.

Decorating early:

In early November, I put up my two pencil trees. One goes in the sun room…

…and the other goes in the living room until we get our real tree.

Front hall:

The front hall table is one of my favorites spots.

I picked up a couple of new things including the green and red frosted tree at Michael’s as well as the new tealight set from Amazon.

Living Room:

I did change the chest in the living room up a bit this year. I added a new tree from Home Goods and put lights on the tree and mirror. Then, the rest of the string of lights fit perfectly in the snowman lantern.

….and we played “musical trees” with one of the pencil trees. Once we got our real tree, we moved this one to the corner behind the chair in the living room. I love the reflection of the tree in the mirror as well as the extra glow of light in the living room.

The Santa that sits on the fire place is one of my favorites, and then I have a few festive odds and ends that I put on the antique chest.

I love the contrast of our new dark brown leather couch with the white pillows. (Truth be told, 90% of the time, the couch is covered for Homer, but I do love this set up when we can enjoy it.)

The tray on the coffee table holds the same flocked tree I’ve had for years as well as a candle. I usually leave the tray styled this way through January for winter.

Our built ins house a few decorations like ornaments, a snow globe and nativity scene. The light up present is one of my favorites. I’ve had it for years.


I joke that we are a “5-7 day business” tree decorating family. We got it on a Sunday, let it “fall” until the next day. Then, Travis strung the lights, and on the fifth day, we finally had time to hang the ornaments. #itsaprocess

Ta da….!

The nutcrackers and presents top our office cabinet.

Festive Touches:

Some of my favorite pieces are the most meaningful. I’ve always loved this pic of the kids with Santa. Also, when the kids were a month old, I took this photo of them under the tree. I put it out every year. Lastly, last year, my Gma gave us this framed sewing hoop with ice skates that she made. It sits on our desk in the office.


I always change out the tray that sits on our island. I love the snowman that holds the tea light, and the candle in the lantern provides an extra glow.

I picked up the tartan plate at Home Goods this year, and love it next to the Trader Joe’s candle. An easy way to decorate is by switching out kitchen towels. I put the monogrammed one out every year.

For the second year in a row, we put out the Christmas village. On the cabinet, I add ornaments to the cloche that sits out year round. The cabinet is also perfect for the snowy tree and Christmas dishes. The mini wreath with red ribbon is the perfect finishing touch.

Last year, Hadley got the Christmas village organized. She helped me again this year. Hayden promptly moved the pieces around, and now I often find the village rearranged from day to day.

I’ve had the tree pillow and chair decorations for years. In our cabinet, I have one of my snow globes, a Christmas tree that my Gma painted years ago, and a Merry and Bright plaza lights (KC people #iykyk) print that my mom gave me last year. We have three swags with ribbon for our chairs, and they’ve yet to be #homered through the years.

This is the second year that I hung the stockings on the side with command strips rather than using stocking holders. The mantle is the same as last year…

…except I did pick up these gold bell trees at Michael’s. (A few new things this year from Michael’s, but just one trip to Michael’s! haha)

I still love my plates from Target. I have Santa, snowman, and Christmas tree plates that we use this time of the year.

The plaid table runner is a festive touch, and I just add in some faux holly trees and ornaments to the tray.

Sun room:

The sun room is easy to decorate with pillows, a red and white blanket and berry wreath.

The pillows add more pops of red and green.

A mix of trees and ornaments as well as a candle are on the tables out there.


Musical trees continued when I moved the sun room tree into the bedroom. Since we decided to keep the other pencil tree in the living room, but I still wanted one in our bedroom, I moved the sun room tree. The pencil trees sure are easy to move around…😂 While I miss a tree in the sun room, we don’t really hang out there this time of the year.

The crock that holds a tea light and another tree are all that I have in our room (besides the pencil tree and a candle). I just wanted a few festive touches. I love falling asleep to the glow of the tealight in the crock after I turn off my tree.

In last year’s post, I mentioned that I’d thought about decorating all of the house in early November because last year I felt like by the time I finally got everything put out, it was time to take it down. This year, I had the house mostly decorated by mid-November, and that has felt like a really good compromise.

By January, I’ll be ready to get the house back in order after a few months of fall/Christmas decorations. That being said, the pencil trees may stay out through January. I love the glow of the light in the winter months.

Thanks so much for reading. See you back here tomorrow for Friday Favorites.

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Happy Holidays Home Tour

‘Tis the season for reds, green, and sparkly. Well, at least that’s what you’ll see at my house.

This is the first year I didn’t decorate until after December 1st. I typically try to have my house decorated the Sunday before Thanksgiving, but with the kids’ birthday that weekend and then holiday travel, I just didn’t get it done until the first weekend in December.

My holiday decor tends to stay the same year to year, but I tend to always pick up at least one or two new things to add to our home. These posts are a way for me to share how I’ve decorated, but they also help me remember where I put things each year.

Come on in…


For the second year in a row, I purchased two strands of garland from Trader Joe’s. I have no clue if it actually helps but I take a spray bottle of water and midst them every couple of days hoping they will stay green until December 26th 😉

I love my door hanger from a local artist, the Rudolph pillow covers are from Etsy years ago, and the light up trees fit pretty perfectly in the planters I keep out year round. I also add bows and a few pieces of leftover greenery to the planters.

Travis puts lights in the bushes which are a nice finishing touch for the front.

Front Hall:

This area pretty much stays the same year to year. Next year, I may find something to replace the light up tree…it can be glitchy.

Our elf left the bow on our new mirror, and I forgot to take it down. I kind of like the added touch.

I add a few holiday touches to our built in’s.

I love this tall Santa, and I found him the perfect spot on the living room fire place.

I’ve had the same pillows and blanket for quite a few years. Next year, I may find one to replace the “Peace” pillow because a red pillow and Homer hair aren’t a great combo.

I always love decorating the tray on the coffee table. I have quite a few trays and tend to move them around. I light this candle every morning while I have my quiet time.

I gave Travis a hard time about the size of our tree, but I really do love it. The snowflake pillow, picture of the kids under the tree at a month old, and a few packages (Amazon boxes I wrapped a few years ago) round out this corner of our home.

I added a few festive touches to the top of the cabinet in the office.

My Gma made this winter shadow box for me as one of my Christmas gifts. This week, I found a perfect spot for it on our desk.

The view from the kitchen to the office is a fave of mine. I added a few holiday pieces to this tray on the island as well.

A friend made me this sign a few years ago, and I love displaying it every year.

I shared in a previous posts that Hayden was insistent that we find a place for the village my Gma gave me years ago. I can’t believe I didn’t think of the buffet sooner. It’s perfect there.

This glass dome sits here almost year round. In the fall, I fill it with pumpkins, and for Christmas, I fill it with ornaments.

The small wreath with ribbon was a last minute addition to the tobacco basket. The wreath typically sits on my candle holder, but I wasn’t using it right now. I just tied it to the basket with a leftover piece of ribbon, and it was the perfect touch.

I always swap out my china for Christmas plates, and the angel can hold a tea light; I’ve had it for years.

Here’s the village lit up at night:

I purchased new garland for the mantle last year, and I’m still pleased with it.

Last year, one of our stocking holders broke, so this year, I decided to just use command hooks. I also moved the stockings to either side, and I like that the fireplace looks less cluttered.

I loved decorating this tray on our kitchen table. I kept it simple with this lantern, some ornaments, and these red berry boxwoods. I only purchased two new things this year. These boxwoods for $5 each at Target and a new pillow for the chair in the kitchen.

I love setting the table with my Target plates that I’ve had for a few years.

Here’s the new pillow I picked up at Michaels.

My mom gave me this cute “Merry and Bright” Plaza lights art, and I love it in our kitchen hutch. I also added a few trees and a favorite snow globe. My Gma painted the tree next to the snow globe years ago, so it’s also one of my favorite pieces to put out each year.

This is the second year I’ve decorated the sunroom. The tree and slip covers were purchased last year.

A few trees and a seasonal candle are perfect for this tray.

In our room, I have one of my cashmere pencil trees and a crock that I add a candle to at night. Both are from Michael’s.

One more peek at our living room tree. She gives off quite the glow in the morning and nighttime hours.

It’s so much work, but I’m always happy when I get everything in the right place. Also, as I wrote this post, I realized that so many of the pieces I put out each year are from (or made by) family. That makes this time of the year extra special.

Next year, I’m seriously considering decorating in early November. I love my fall decorations as well, so I tend to keep them out as long as possible. November is a hectic month for me, but I do think it would be worth it to have fall decor out in September and October, and then have more time to appreciate the Christmas touches in November and December. We’ll see!

I will say that I always love a fresh start in January, and it’s nice having everything back in its place. That being said, I will also enjoy the twinkle of the lights and the cozy decorations for as long as possible.

Happy Holidays from our house to yours!

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Friday Favorites {#48}: Holiday Home Tour

Hey, hey! We made it to Friday. We’ve had a pretty good week around here, and we are counting down the days until Winter Break! It’s right around the corner, so we’ll just keep chugging right along until break arrives.

Of course, I’m linking up with Andrea and Erika for this week’s Friday Favorites post.

One of my favorite things to do for the holidays is decorate. Even before my blog, I would always take photos of where I put decorations to make the process as easy as possible. The weekend after Thanksgiving is when I do most of my decorating, and it’s typically a one (wo)man job…until I can’t carry something or need Travis to hang the garland. 😉

I saw this meme recently, and, of course, it fits today’s blog topic.

While 90% of my decorations have been used through the years, I do move things around and often can’t help myself from buying a new item or two along the way. #michaelsiswhereitsat

Here’s a little tour around our home:


My kitchen buffet stayed pretty much the same, but I added fresh garland to the top for about a week.

I figured it wouldn’t last long with Homer. He did pull it down a couple of times, but thankfully, he didn’t destroy it.

I love the Christmas dishes that I display this time of the year.

In the cabinet near the buffet, I added in some trees I’ve collected over the years and a cinnamon scented candle. I actually made the burlap trees a few years ago.

Our fire place and mantle remain the same, but I did buy new garland. What I’ve had for the past few years is extra bulky, and I just wanted a more seamless look. Hadley pointed out that the red and the green of the garland match our stockings perfectly. My previous garland was pre-lit, but I had to add lights to this new garland.

I used some extra greenery on our table centerpiece.

I definitely do the love traditional red and green Christmas decor.

This view is definitely a favorite.

One of my friends painted this pallet a few years ago, and it’s one of my favorite holiday pieces.

Office Area:

In the first few years in this house, we never really knew where to put the tree. Once we made this space the office rather than the dining room, the tree fit perfectly in here. I like that you can see the glow of the tree lights from the kitchen and the living room as well as from the street when the shutters are open.

I always put out the picture of the kids under the tree for their first Christmas. They were a month old (and a few days) old on Christmas 2009.

Front Hall:

I kept the front hall the same as years past with the light up tree, Christmas card holder, snowman tea light, and Merry and Bright sign.

I love Bath and Body Works and always have a few candles to burn like the peppermint one on this entry table.

Living Room:

The tall Santa was a Home Goods find a few years ago. I kept it simple on the coffee table with the flocked tree and candle. The light up present provides the perfect glow in the morning and night. I added a lantern and Merry Christmas canvas to my regular decor on my antique chest.

I always keep my cream pillows out and add seasonal pillows for fall and Christmas.


This is the first year we’ve put garland out front. I’ve mentioned previously that I was on the hunt for some artificial garland, but never really found any I liked. Then, I saw the real garland at Trader Joe’s and thought I’d give it a try. Travis was kind enough to hang it for me. Now, I have no clue how long it will last, but after a week, it still is looking good. I’ve sprayed it with water a few times. I have no clue if that’s what I’m supposed to do, but that’s what I’ve been doing!

I’ve had the lanterns and poinsettias for years. My cute stocking door hanger was painted by a local Lexington small business. It’s perfectly festive and, again, I love the traditional red and green.

The Rudolph pillow covers are from Etsy, and I’ve had them for years. The trees in the planters light up, and the Merry Christmas garden flag is the final touch outside.

When the garland on the kitchen buffet was starting to look tired, I sprayed it with water and then put little pieces of it in the outside planters.

Sun room:

I’ve shared this room already as it was the first room I decorated for the season. Until this past spring (#thanksquarantine), we didn’t really use the sun room that often. This year, I thought I’d go ahead and decorate it since we are out here so much now. The pillow covers are new (from Amazon) and the basket wreath is a new find from TJ Maxx this year. We’ve had the tree for years as it’s the one we used for a few years before starting to get a real tree for the living room/office area.

I added a few little trees to the tray that’s always on this table, and I burn the Bath and Body Works Winter scented candle when hanging out in the sun room.

A few other faves:

Dinners this week:

It’s no secret that I use Shay’s cookbooks (especially Simmers) quite frequently for meal ideas. Well, last week, she posted about 24 Crazy Easy December Dinners, and I used it as my guide for meals this week. This week, we’ve eaten: Chicken Tortilla Soup, Beefy Mushroom Pasta, Cheesy Ranch Tacos, and King Ranch Joes. (I don’t think KRJ were listed in that post, but here’s the recipe.) This one post was a life saver for me. We eat the soup and KRJs pretty often, but the pasta and tacos were new recipes for me to make. We all loved them.

The Outsiders

A neighbor had a few books in her garage to give away. One of the books I brought home was The Outsiders which piqued Hayden’s interest. He started reading it Monday night at bedtime and then was telling me all about it Tuesday evening. I stopped him, mid-summary, because I was shocked he’d already read the entire book. Hadley then said that he was reading some during the day while listening to his teacher on Zoom. Anyway, he loved the book so much. With his summary of the stabbing and teenagers smoking and drinking, I was reminded why this is a classic middle school book! haha

He deemed this the second best book he’s ever read. Hatchet was recommended by my mom and still his fave.

I hope he always loves reading as much as he does now.

Then, Wednesday night, he begged us to watch the movie. Travis and I watched it with him. He really liked it, but said the book was better. A friend of mine shared a @historic_imagery post with me on Instagram. I never knew that Francis Ford Coppola hadn’t planned on making the movie but then did so after receiving a letter from a librarian as well as over 100 of her seventh and eighth graders in Fresno, CA. They also share that fact in the credits of the movie.

Southern Lights:

Our Southern Lights Horse Park tradition continued this week. We drove through the park on Tuesday night, and loved seeing the upgraded and updated displays. They had the usual displays, but had also added other lights and features. Also, Santa was sitting outside the North Pole waving at the cars. Usually, Santa is inside the pavilion.

Classic Kentucky lights with the horses, Wildcat basketball player, and Keeneland.

Winter Drive-Thru:

The kids’ school had a Winter Drive Thru this week where they handed out fun packs and free books (as well as supplies for the beginning of second semester).

There was a line around the school, and it was so wonderful to see the teachers outside, waving, and so excited to see their students. Teachers and staff were dressed as Elsa, Rudolph, elves, and Santa! To see the hustle and bustle at school as well as the staff and teachers literally brought tears to my eyes. I hope my kids are able to go back to school sooner rather than later.

Books, games and hot chocolate!

Trader Joe’s Snack Mix

It’s the time of the year for Trader Joe’s to have my favorite snack mix. I found out the hard way a couple years ago when I was looking for it in January that it’s seasonal.

Some people are hoarding toilet paper again, and I left TJ with six cans of this mix! Delish!

Favorite Mom Meme:

Y’all, I feel this deeply.

Bonus Fave: Flashback Friday

Facebook memories from 2017 provided this gem. I love this picture from Trav’s work holiday party. It didn’t really dawn on me until seeing this that we are missing out on some fun during this season. There’s always the work party, a neighborhood party as well as a party with some of our friends. Hopefully, those traditions will be back in 2021. Sometimes I do miss the normal chaos that the holidays bring.

And for fun….here’s a 1980’s flashback for you…it’s a classic!

Weekly Recap:

Here are my posts for this week! We sure have been busy!

Make sure to check out the other ladies’ posts, and I hope everyone has a great weekend!