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Weekend Top 5

Hello and happy Monday! Tuesday! I took yesterday off from blogging because I was swamped from our action packed weekend! So, I’m recapping that for you today…just on on Tuesday rather than a Monday!

Here’s our Weekend Top 5:


Hadley requested Chick-fil-A for lunch on Friday (what’s new?!), so I picked up a peppermint milkshake for myself! (Also, I’m late to the party using the Chick-fil-A app–I’ve been using it now for a couple months, and it’s life changing. Even better is usually Hadley rides along with me to pick up our order and runs inside to get it!)


Cookies, cookies and more cookies.

My mom came to visit, and we baked lots of Christmas cookies over the weekend. Hadley helped her bake gingerbread cookies on Friday. On Saturday, most of us helped make Spritz cookies and Pfeffernuse. Then, Hayden helped her make more gingerbread men because he missed out on that fun on Friday. Saturday night, Hadley helped GG make fudge, and then on Sunday, Hadley (and others) helped dip the Lebkuchen in the icing.

Ta da!!! the finished Pfeffernuse…

Pfeffernuse, Spritz, and Lebkuchen cookies. Often times, GG bakes ahead of time or when we are in KC for Thanksgiving and sends us home with the goodies. Some years she mails the the cookies to us. This was the first year we all baked together (or took turns baking because…too many cooks in the kitchen…) 😂

A few weeks ago, I ordered cookies to decorate from a local small business baker/decorator (One Smart Cookie). The kids decorated those on Sunday after dinner, and those cookies were our dessert.

We always save a decorated cookie + a few of the family cookies for Santa. I just put them in a baggie and freeze them until Christmas Eve.


I always put a few front porch decorations out, and Travis always puts the lights out on the porch and/or bushes. This year, I wanted to add garland to the porch. I couldn’t really find any I liked until…I made a stop at Trader Joe’s for a few goodies and saw their beautiful (and inexpensive!) garland.

I bought two swags of it…and Travis worked his magic in hanging it! I love it so much.

This may be what I do every year since I only need it a few weeks, it’s inexpensive, looks beautiful, and we won’t have to store it.


Well, it happened! I know I mentioned last week that our favorite Santa spot wasn’t hosting Santa. This year, our club organized a drive thru Santa visit, so we decided to go for it. I’m assuming this will be our last year to visit Santa, so I wanted to take advantage of this offer. We waited in the car line and pulled right up when it was our turn. The kids got to chat with him outside for a few minutes, we hopped back in the car, and headed home.

It was a really sweet experience even if we didn’t get to enjoy all the usual festivities that the club typically offers.

Chatting with Santa, hand “Santa”-tizer, and waiting for their turn to see Santa while wearing their masks.


Holiday lights! We usually drive by these festive lights at some point in December, and we decided to go ahead and swing by while we were out after visiting Santa. We ooh and ahh at them every year!


My mom brought Hayden the rest of her Harry Potter books. Hayden’s read the first few, and she gifted him the rest, so he can continue reading them through the years.

Shew! I told you we were busy! I was even able to wrap a few gifts while watching the Chiefs game on Sunday night! That made for a late bedtime, but it was worth it to cross one more thing off my list!

I hope you’ve had a great start to your week. See you back here tomorrow for Let’s Look.

7 thoughts on “Weekend Top 5

  1. So much fun! I guess you are German? I had a high school boyfriend who I made Springerle cookies with – helped by his grandma. Plus I am part German and Tom is half German. Is your mom not worried about being around the kids? I know yours are pretty isolated but just curious.

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    1. Yes part German, so those are the cookies I’ve grown up eating via my gma and then my mom. Honestly, I’m more worried than anybody about spreading germs…she knows the “risk” and is just willing to take it to see us. My kids (& myself) have had a recent negative test, so that eased most of my reservations

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      1. The best cookies are the ones from childhood.
        Yes, I have been saying that you have to defer to the older person but now because my boys – especially Jack – are so conscientious about the virus I have been thinking more about the guilt we would have if we spread it. I am so sad. I feel like we sacrificed at thanksgiving while I saw so many on social media gathering. I think we have decided that for Christmas each of the three families – my two sisters and me – will
        Visit my mom separately. I haven’t seen them since July and I am really missing them. One of the families – 6 people – are all in person at school – my sis and her hub are teachers. The other family is all at home but my sister is in person. We had a Zoom to discuss ideas Sunday. We also have a shared custody crazy schedule of my sister to contend with.
        Ugh – so over Covid but still scared my family will get it.

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      2. I know. It’s so much to thinking about, and it’s exhausting. I sent most of my KC gifts home with her in case we don’t get to go there for the holidays. I can’t even begin to think about that yet (& I sometimes feel like I’m the only one overthinking it)

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  2. I had such a wonderful weekend making ALL of our cookies…spreading the joy to the fourth generation. I’m pretty sure the kids had fun. When Connor made that first perfect Spritz Christmas tree, it renewed my faith in my recipe. I doubt the cookies last until Christmas! Stay safe and healthy. Mom


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