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Hello Monday

Hello! {Monday} How was your weekend? We had a nice three day weekend. All day Saturday I kept thinking it was Sunday. I was so happy to have that extra day. We had a mix of down time, family time, errands, athletics, and more.

I’m linking up with Holly and Sarah to share about the weekend.

With no school, we all slept in a bit. My dad arrived for a visit on Wednesday, so it was nice to have this day off. Per his request, we had breakfast at his favorite spot.

Then, we came home for a bit until it was time for me to take Hadley for a trim. She loves having longer hair and puts off getting a trim. I took advantage of being able to snag a daytime appointment with a recommended stylist. Hadley was pleased with the trim and styling! She looks so much older with straight hair.

We came home, watched basketball, and my brother came over for a few hours.

I actually got an afternoon nap before getting ready for Hayden’s basketball game.

It was the end of the season tournament this weekend, so Friday night was the All Star game.

After his game, we had pizza and watched more basketball and then it was bedtime.

Saturday morning we all slept in a bit. My first task was getting the corned beef in the slow cooker. I actually borrow my sister-in-law’s slow cooker each year to make double the food to feed us all.

I served the kids “Lucky Pancakes” on Thursday, but forgot to share on Friday.

Then, I watched some tv, cleaned up the kitchen, and my brother and nephew came over. Early afternoon, I worked out, and then went to Trader Joe’s.

When I got home, I had a quick lunch, and then went to Hayden’s basketball game. They won and moved on in the tournament.

After his game, we had to take the traditional front porch photo with the Major. #thisishishappyface 😉

I made two Irish soda breads, and they turned out sooo good. I need to make the bread more than once a year. We all love it. The corned beef turned out great as well.

For the kids, dessert was lime sherbet with some ginger ale. I could only find rainbow sherbet, and it was a hit too.

We all hung out and watched basketball. I was so tired, and in bed by 10. Travis and Hayden stayed up later watching all the games.

I heard my dad around 6:30, so I got up because the Major leaves early. He left around 7:00, and I took that extra quiet time to start laundry and do my Kroger pick up order.

The kids slept until almost 10:00. When Hadley got up, she wanted to make waffles. We all benefited from that!

Then, we went Hayden’s basketball game. Unfortunately, his team lost, but he had a great game. At least he was able to end the season on a high note. Now it’s time to juggle middle school track and spring baseball.

I went to Target to return a couple of things, and then I picked up my Kroger Clicklist order. Actually, as I was walking into Target, I got the substitutions text from Kroger. Thankfully, I was able to find what I needed at Target including almond milk, an onion, yogurt, and my liquid foundation.

Everyone helped me unpack, and then the kids headed to Countdown Games with youth group. They “saved the princess” with two seconds to spare!

Once they got home, I did some lunch prep for the week, and then made dinner. I made Andrea’s Creamy Beef Casserole which is a family favorite.

Then, it was time to get organized for the week. Travis helped the kids with math (#nothankyou) while I finished up this post.

It’s Spirit Week this week which has Hadley written all over it! My kids do have testing this week too. I know we will all be happy to see Friday afternoon!

My posts may be a bit more sporadic over the next couple of weeks. This is the week before Spring Break which always proves to be hectic at school. Then, we have next week off, so I will probably just see where the days take me!

Thanks so much for reading,

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St. Patrick’s Day Foods

Hello! With St. Patrick’s Day only a couple of days away, I’m sharing a few food ideas.

Listen, we take St. Patrick’s Day very seriously…I’m only like 2% Irish, but I can drink green beer with the best of them! #college

Seriously, I grew up knowing about my Irish and German heritage, but I finally took an Ancestry DNA test only a couple of years ago only to find out that I don’t have much Irish blood!

That being said, I still look forward to the traditional corned beef, cabbage, and Irish soda bread meal that I always grew up enjoying.


Last year, I made the kids some green pancakes and sprinkled some Lucky Charms marshmallows on top with the syrup. I plan on doing the same this year as well.


I shared about our traditional meal last year, so make sure to check out that post again. I always use two slow cookers to cook two corned beefs because my brother’s family always comes over for dinner too. The Irish soda bread is probably my favorite part! It feels like it’s going to be a lot of work, but really it’s not…and it’s so worth it anyway.


Amy shared some fun St. Patrick’s Day ideas, and I loved the lime sherbet and Ginger Ale idea. I think the kids will love it, so I’m going serve that as an after dinner treat.

This year, I think I’m going to make the traditional feast on Saturday. We’re too busy on Thursday, and I’d rather choose a day where I know we can sit and enjoy the meal.

Go Green:

I guess it’s another thing they’ve kind of outgrown, but I always loved dressing the kids up in green (so they don’t get pinched, of course!)


Do you have any St. Patrick’s Day traditions?

May your troubles be less and your blessings be more. And nothing but happiness come through your door.” ~Irish blessing

Take care,

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Life Lately

Hey! I hope your week is off to a great start. Yesterday, I shared a Day in the Life post from Saturday, but we’ve had some other things going on as well. Here’s a look at Life…Lately.

Hadley is almost finished with her first season on the middle school dance team. She had a big audience last week when my brother and his family attended her halftime performance along with my mom who was in town visiting.

The same crew came to both of Hayden’s middle school games on Friday night.

Wyatt, Layla (and GG) are some of the kids’ Super Fans!

Then, on Saturday, we attended cousin Wyatt’s game. It was fun watching him shoot around with Hayden after his game.

I fondly remember Hayden playing in this same gym (and Hadley was on his team for one season!)

Since Monday mornings can be hectic, we celebrated Valentine’s Day on Sunday morning. And…by “celebrating,” I just mean we gave the kids a few gifts, and I baked some cinnamon rolls.

Maddie’s Cookie Co is the best, and I always try to order cookies from her for special occasions. She had some many cute options for Valentine’s Day this year.

Cinnamon rolls with Valentine’s Day sprinkles (and some strawberries) were the perfect easy breakfast.

Speaking of breakfast…I went to brunch with a bunch of my friends on Sunday. We went to Dudley’s, and the food was delicious.

Then, we headed to the Lexington Opera House to see Waitress. It was amazing.

While I was out with my friends, the kids were with my mom (and cousins) decorating cookies my mom had baked. Check out the ballerinas for Hadley and Layla and t-shirts that Hayden and Wyatt decorated for the Chiefs and UK.

We went to my brother’s house for the Super Bowl. It wasn’t the same with our Chiefs not in the big game, but we made the best of it. In a nod to our “favorites” dinner, I told the kids to choose their favorite appetizers, and I’d make them.

Well, Travis must have taken to heart my love language being acts of service, because when I came home from the musical, he was making cheeseburgers sliders for Hayden, and had picked up the frozen mini tacos from Trader Joe’s for Hadley. I was so impressed. Travis picked up wings (his fave!), and we took all that food to my brother’s. My sister-in-law made soup, and we all enjoyed the evening.

Then, yesterday morning, I woke up to find a sweet card from Travis. He’s known for his bubble letters! Twenty years of being Valentines, and I feel very lucky.

So, that’s a bit of our life…lately! I have a couple more posts planned this week, so I will see you back here soon.

Thanks so much for reading,

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Valentines Day Ideas

Well, with Valentine’s Day less than a week away, today I’m sharing with you a few Valentine’s Day ideas.

I’ve shared before that Travis and I typically make a point to go out to dinner around Valentine’s Day, and then we exchange cards. We don’t go over the top, but it’s nice to set aside some time of the two of us. We were able to go out to dinner on Friday while the kids had plans with friends.

Once we had kids, I started doing a bit more for them. When they were little, we’d do crafts or color pictures, they would have Valentine’s Day parties at school, and I’d get them a box of candy as a sweet treat. Through the years, I started buying cookies from local cookie decorators and pick up a few gifts as well.

I shared my Valentine’s Day decor post last week, but here are a few food, dessert, and gift ideas.


For breakfast, heart shaped pancakes are always fun. I’ve also made cinnamon rolls and then added pink and red sprinkles. At the grocery store on Sunday, they were out of cinnamon rolls. I was trying to plan ahead for breakfast this weekend. I guess I will have to check back later in the week.


This was the first year that I did a Valentine’s Day lunch. I loved Andrea’s lunch idea, and I planned ahead a bit knowing that we may not have school at the end of the week last week. So, when I went to the store to pick up some items we might need during the ice storm, I had a few lunch ideas in mind.

Since Valentine’s Day is on a Monday this year, and Mondays tend to be our busiest evenings, I thought we could have some family time a bit early (even Travis was home on Friday), and I put out a platter with lunch bites and candy.

We had:

  • PB & J heart shaped sandwiches
  • Chomps
  • Apples
  • Pretzels (and hummus)
  • Strawberries
  • Carrots (and Ranch dressing)
  • Pretzels with peanut butter
  • Turkey sliders

For sweet treats, I included:

  • Conversation hearts
  • Gummy X’s and O’s from Trader Joe’s
  • Birthday Cake Granola

I kept the table simple with a few decor items I already had out and put out cute paper plates and napkins for everyone to serve themselves.

The last few years when Valentine’s Day was on a the weekend, I made a point to make a special dinner.

We’ve also done “Dinner of Favorites” which included bacon cheeseburgers, tacos, and mac and cheese.

One year, I also attempted a heart shaped pizza!

Sweet Treats:

Trader Joe’s always has a great selection for every holiday season.

I picked up the gummy X’s and O’s as well as some jelly bean hearts the last time I was there. Also, I found the Safe + Fair brand and Kroger and the Birthday Cake granola is a family favorite.

Over the weekend, I made Shay’s Valentine’s Chex Treats.

They were a big hit with the family.


I keep things pretty simple and buy a few items I know the kids will enjoy, but maybe something that they also “need” (like a book! 😆)

For Hadley:

  • I remember loving Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, and I hope that Hadley will too.
  • I saw this bracelet in a Nordstrom ad, and thought it would be perfect for Hadley.

For Hayden:

  • I thought this book looked perfect for Hayden. He’s my reader, and I know he loves basketball. This book of letters looks to have great advice, and may be perfect for Hayden.
  • Travis ordered this reusable tournament bracket for Christmas. He thought it was clipboard size, but really it’s poster sized! haha I think Hayden can hang it in the basement by his basketball hoop and keep up with the bracket during March Madness.

I also picked up a sweatshirt, candy, and some cookies for both of them.

Valentine’s Day Card:

Every year, I get a card printed from Shutterfly to send to our immediate family. So many family members send the kids cards, so I want to send them something as well. I usually get ten cards for about $15.


Do you have any Valentine’s Day traditions? Let me know!

{this post contains Amazon affiliate links…}

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Valentine’s Day Decor

Hello! We’re home today due to the impending ice storm. The kids have an ortho appointment and then we will be inside for the foreseeable future.

It’s a perfect time for me to share with you some of my Valentine’s Day decor. I don’t go overboard with decorations, but I love to add a few things here and there around the house.


I change my garden flag with the seasons, and the heart door hanger is one of my favorites!

I add this simple X O X O banner to the mantle every year.

It’s a cute little festive touch along with the wooden love sign.

The Hershey Kisses don’t last long in our house, but I refill the heart jar a few times. My friend made me the wooden heart sign a few years ago, and the conversation hearts are another family fave in the pink bowl.

The gold X O X O and white ceramic heart are TJ Maxx finds from a few years ago.

That’s about it for the Valentine’s Day decor.

Mix, Match, Move Things Around

Mid-September is when I put up fall decor followed by Christmas decorations. Every January I try to remember where my regular decorations go! I even take pictures, but then fail to look at them. I do kind of like moving things around until everything is “just right.”

I’ve tried to use what I have rather than purchase new when decorating. I’ve seen some decorate with a wooden tray to hold their cooking utensils. My friend gave us this personalized cutting board for our tenth wedding wedding anniversary in 2015. I use it often for charcuterie, but I thought it was the perfect touch for this corner of my kitchen.

I’ve had the “T” and “J” for years, and moved them to this little corner of our built in. Usually, I have a candle there, but decided I wanted these on display for now.

I also like changing out this frame of the kids. Usually, it includes a precious photo of them at the beach a few years ago. That being said, I will rotate seasonal photos as well to freshen up the frame.

If I buy something, even an inexpensive piece, I try to use it for a variety of seasons. I bought these these metal risers at Hobby Lobby in the fall, and have already used them to hold pumpkins and pinecones. I moved them to mantle and found these topiaries at TJ Maxx. I love the pop of green with spring right around the corner.

Lastly, I’m about to play “musical” wall art with a few pieces. I’ve had a family photo on this wall for years, but wanted something a little bigger for the space. This wooden arch has been on a wall in our office, and I’ve just propped it on our entry table for now. I actually purchased another one (on the half off week), and may hang both together somewhere. I need Travis for hanging things…otherwise, we end up with lots of holes in the wall!

I’m happy with how everything is put back together now that the big holidays are are over. I always feel better once I declutter after the first of the year, and I always feel like the house looks so much brighter once I get everything back in the right place.

See you back here tomorrow for Friday Favorites. In the meantime, I’m going to hunker down at home.

The governor declared a state of emergency, and this was Trader Joe’s last night:

No bread, no dairy, no produce, no freezer items, oh my!

Stay warm and cozy,

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Monthly Musings: Love and Valentine’s Day

Hello! How is your week going? I can’t believe it’s already Thursday. I do feel like this week is flying by! I’m happy that Holly and Patty are continuing their Monthly Musing link up for 2 0 2 2!

It feels crazy to be thinking about Valentine’s Day already, but I guess it is just a couple weeks away.

1. Favorite Valentine’s Memory?

I don’t have a special Valentine’s Day memory that jumps out to me, but I do remember how fun it was to exchange valentines during the elementary years. I loved a class party and always thought it was so fun to exchange valentines with classmates.

I loved re-living those days when my kids were in elementary school. The kids’ Valentine’s Day boxes from a couple of years ago crack me up. Hadley was all about the bling, and Hayden just wrote his name on the box. This says a lot about both of their personalities.

2. Chocolate, Flowers, or Both?

I love chocolate…probably too much! That being said, my favorite part of holidays and birthdays has to be receiving a card. For some reason, Travis always writes my name in bubble letters on my cards. It’s now a sweet tradition.

3. Favorite Romantic Date?

We don’t really purchase gifts for each other, but we typically make a point to go out to dinner around February 14th. We do exchange cards on the 14th though.

4. Any Valentine’s Day Traditions with Kids?

I always buy the kids a little box of chocolate, a book, and a few other things. Sometimes, I purchase a game I know we can play as a family.

The past few years, we’ve had a Valentine’s Day dinner at home where we eat everyone’s favorite dinner item which means a fun mix of foods for our meal.

5. How Do You Show Love?

I get a lot of grief for not being a big hugger, but I think I show love with kind gestures and notes/cards. My “love language” is Act of Service, and I really do appreciate when Travis helps me with an errand or an at home chore that I don’t want to do.

When the kids were babies, I decided to order a card from Shutterfly to send to immediate family for Valentine’s Day. I love this tradition.

2020 card

6. Do You Decorate for Valentine’s Day?

I don’t go all out with Valentine’s Day decor, but around February 1st, I put up a few Valentine’s Day touches.

7. Do You Wear Red or Pink on Valentine’s Day?

If Valentine’s Day falls on a school day, then I will wear something red or pink. I’ve always loved having the kids wear red/pink for Valentine’s Day through the years.

I guess we are probably past that stage, but Hadley will find something festive in her closet, I’m sure.

8. Valentine’s Day—Big Deal or Small Remembrance?

I’m team “you should show your love year round,” so I just think the day is nice to celebrate small. Again, I love a card, and it’s nice, with our hectic lifestyle, to make a point to go out to dinner around Valentine’s Day. Honestly, I have loved celebrating at home through the years with the kids too.

9. Favorite Ideas for School Valentine’s Parties?

I typically couldn’t help with holiday parties as I was usually at school myself. When the kids were in elementary, I was always happy to donate baked goods or craft supplies. Again, I have fond memories of holiday parties from elementary school, so I wanted to help my kids’ teachers as best as I could.

With my kids now in middle school, I guess the days of buying class Valentines are over. That being said, for a couple of years, I used Andrea’s awesome printable Valentines. She has so many amazing ideas. Like her directions say, you just save the design and then print (I print to Walgreens) and add to whatever snack, candy or toy you are sharing.

Hadley chose the s’mores one to give to the kids in the class pod last year.

10. Have You Ever Had a Secret Admirer?

I don’t think I’ve ever had a secret admirer. Again, with my kids in middle school, I’m reminded of the fun notes and candygrams that can be sent via Student Council, and sometimes they say “secret admirer.” It’s always fun to guess who may have sent the sweet treat.

Do you have any Valentine’s Day traditions? It will be here before we know it.

See you back here tomorrow for a different kind of Friday Favorites + a GIVEAWAY!

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Christmas Recap

Hello and Happy Monday! I love a Monday with still over a week left of break!

Today, I’m sharing some of our break so far as well as our Christmas.

On Monday evening, Travis and I attended my school’s holiday party. While we were there, the kids decorated their gingerbread houses with the sitter.

Tuesday was cookie baking day. We usually bake two cookies: Peanut Butter Blossoms and Chocolate (Peppermint) Crinkle cookies. Sometimes, we will also do sugar cookies, but we decided to just stick with these two recipes.

The chocolate cookie dough has to go in the freezer for a bit, so Hadley and I made that dough while Hayden was at basketball training. Then, when Hayden got home, he helped me make the peanut butter cookie dough, and we baked all the cookies.

Both kids like to help, so it simplifies things (*read: less fighting) if I make one type of cookie with each kid. That being said, all hands on deck for the Kisses!

Both cookies turned out perfectly.

On Wednesday, cousins came over, so I baked gingerbread cookies ahead of time and the kids decorated them.

Our elf has been up to a bit of fun this past week. The kids loved the cookies he left, and they had fun searching for the candy canes he scattered around the house.

Homer has been really good with Red this year except for one time when he got him! So, Red thought it would be best to hang out in the Mason jar! The kids loved the lottery tickets he left (but, no winners!), and of course we needed reindeer food (oatmeal + glitter) so Santa could find our house.

We had our Louisville Christmas on the 23rd. The kids loved their gifts…

and cousin time.

Christmas Eve morning was pretty low key. I had some time to finish wrapping gifts, and then I baked the cake I make every year: Shay’s Chocolate Peppermint Mocha Bundt Cake.

It’s a family favorite!

Then, we went to my brother’s house for a cousin Christmas. The kids exchanged gifts, and…

we enjoyed a few Spritz cookies that my brother’s family made (another family tradition!)

My kids usually exchange their gifts on Christmas Eve before bed. That being said, I had a feeling we were going to have a late night, so they exchanged gifts Christmas Eve afternoon once we got home from my brother’s house.

Last weekend, we all had lunch out and then I took Hayden to pick out Hadley’s gifts while Travis took Hadley to get Hayden a gift. It’s always so fun to see what they choose for each other.

Hayden and I went to Buff City Soap, and he picked out a few things for her. Then, he said we should go to Joseph Beth (a local bookstore…and one of his favorite places. haha) JB does have so much more than books! He was excited to find this stuffed dog that he said looked just like Homer!

Hadley picked out Nike shorts and a shirt for Hayden as well as the Jordan magazine that I told her he had his eye on it at the bookstore.

We had Christmas Eve dinner before church. We had salmon, Bob Evans mashed potatoes and bacon wrapped green beans.

Before Christmas Eve service, we took a couple of pics:

Our church looked so pretty…

…and my favorite part is Silent Night.

After the Christmas Eve service, we stopped by our friends’ house for some apps and drinks. They were having an open house for neighbors and friends. It was nice to see everyone and hang out for a bit.

Then, we put cookies and milk out for Santa along with a few carrots for the reindeer. (We will do this until they graduate high school, right?!)

Per tradition, the kids stayed up too late, and I had to force them to *finally* go to bed.

We set the presents out and headed to bed close to midnight!

Hadley told me she was going to set an alarm to wake them at 7:30, so I set one for 7:00, so I could be up and have a few minutes of peace and quiet.

They woke right around 7:30. We opened presents while Red watched from the tree, per tradition.

The #1 thing on Hadley’s list was a pink cowgirl hat. Hayden asked for a UK basketball jersey and Kobe’s Mamba Mentality book. Both were very pleased on Christmas morning, and I love that their wish lists are pretty simple.

Then, it was stocking time which is everyone’s favorite part.

I wish I could say the rest of the day was super relaxing because we did stay home all day, but the day still somehow passed by quickly. From breakfast, to gift assembly, clean up, organizing, family phone calls and more, we were pretty busy…but a good kind of busy.

The weather was so mild that the kids actually played outside with friends most of the afternoon.

Finally, Christmas night, I watched A Christmas Story per tradition.

Yesterday, we eased into the day, but then we spent over three hours purging and organizing drawers, closets, and the kids’ bedrooms.

Travis reminded me that we didn’t have our traditional Christmas morning mimosas. So…I treated myself to one yesterday afternoon as a reward for all the cleaning and organizing I did. #treatyoself

Then, I watched the Chiefs vs the Steelers game while Hayden and Travis went to a local high school basketball game.

We’ve had a really great first week of break, and we had a wonderful Christmas as well. It has been different being home so much, but we’ve had a good mix of productivity and a bit of relaxing.

This Week:

I plan on posting two more times this week:

On Wednesday, I will share the books I read in December as well as my Top 5 books of 2021:

Then, on Friday, I’m going to take a look back at 2021…

I hope you had a very Merry Christmas and the happiest of holidays.

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Merry Christmas

Happy Wednesday! With only a few days until Christmas, I wanted to take this opportunity to wish you all Happy Holidays and a Merry Christmas.

I tried and tried to find a time to snap my kids’ photos for a card, and the best I could do was asking them to put on some nice clothes, sit, and smile in the hotel lobby over Thanksgiving.

Not too shabby for a spur of the moment photo sesh:

Of course, Hayden and Hadley were insistent that Homer make the annual Christmas card too! Well, he wasn’t at the hotel with us, so we took a quick photo once we returned home from our KC Thanksgiving.

Again, this was the best we could do because Homer refused to get near the tree in the living room. So, on the sun room couch, kind of near the tree is the best we could get.

I think the cards turned out great.


I was pleased that we got an impromptu family Thanksgiving photo, and that the kids ran into Santa at Union Station. We were able to add a few informal photos to the back of the card.


I believe that I shared last year that I typically order two cards. I purchase one set from Shutterfly on Cyber Monday, and then I also print some at Walgreens. I love making two cards because I always have a hard time choosing just one template.

Also, it’s time consuming (but worth it!) to send cards, so I love being able to get started sending cards while waiting on the Shutterfly order that typically takes longer to arrive.

2021 card #2

Bonus Holiday Photos:

I shared this photo that I ordered from Narci a few weeks ago…

…but I also ordered this one to have out during the holiday season:

These photos are so sweet and special. I will certainly cherish them for years to come.

Also, Homer is excited for Santa Paws 🐾

I know that the holiday season is such a special time for so many, but for others it can be a very difficult time as well. Trav has recently lost a special member of his family, and I know they aren’t the only ones who’ve lost a loved one. Also, with the recent devastation from the tornadoes here, so many are starting over and rebuilding their lives while mourning lives lost.

My thoughts and prayers are with those who have experienced loss and sadness making this a difficult holiday season.

We’re staying home this year, and while I know I will enjoy a slower pace these next few days, I’m certainly missing my KC family.

I’m taking the rest of the week off to spend time with my family, but I plan on posting a few times next week.

Please know how grateful I am for this community.

From my family to yours, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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Friday Favorites {#94}

Hello and Happy Friday! Well, we made it to the end of the week!

Today is the best kind of Friday…the last day of school before a two week break!

I’m linking up with Andrea and Erika for this week’s Friday Favorites.

The kids both had a very busy Saturday last weekend. Hayden had his last club cross country race of the season, and Hadley’s dance studio had their Winter Showcase.

I missed Hadley’s first performance trying to get to Hayden’s cross country meet, but I was able to make it to her second performance. My mom was in town, and was able to see both her grand daughters’ performances.

Hadley performed in both a ballet and competition jazz routine.

Hayden was supposed to run at 11:00, but the race got pushed back to 12:30 due to the storms. I thought I could watch Hayden run, and then make it to Hadley’s second performance, so I tried to do both. Well, it’s a forty-five minute drive, and Travis warned me about the long line of traffic to park. Right as I reached the mile long line of cars, it started to rain again. Travis texted me that the race got pushed back again to 1:15. So, I drove all that way just to turn around in order to make it to Hadley’s performance.

This was a USATF National race with top runners from throughout the country…and these were the running conditions:

While I know Hayden didn’t finish where he wanted to, he still ran a great race. He gave it his all which is all we can ask for from our kids.

My mom was visiting, and brought the kids these hot chocolate bombs which, of course, were a favorite.

Then, they helped her bake cookies. This is definitely a favorite Christmas tradition.

On Sunday, my brother and sister-in-law hosted us for an early Christmas dinner.

The kids were excited to open some gifts! My mom was able to stay a couple of extra days and help with school drop off, pick up, schoolwork, and was able to see my nephew’s Christmas performance too.

Homer welcoming us home is always a favorite. He’s been such a good boy this year with the trees and ornaments.

Wednesday night, we were able to carry on with another favorite tradition. We drove through the Southern Lights at the Horse Park. I love this tradition, and it was the perfect night to see the lights.

Red has been back in action at our house…

He hasn’t been getting into too much trouble.

Hayden brought home this ornament he made in art class. The wooden Santa belt is the perfect addition to our tree.

Usually, I share a “favorite mom meme,” but this one seems fitting right now as a teacher:

Weekly Recap:

I was a busy bee blogger this week. There are my posts:

What are your plans this weekend? Hayden has a basketball game, I have a friend’s birthday party, and we hope to make time to let the kids shop for their gifts for each other!

Thanks so much for reading,

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This or That: Christmas Edition

Hello! I’ve shared a few This or That posts, and I think they are a fun, quick way to share thoughts on a topic. Shay recently shared her This or That for Christmas on Instagram, and here are my responses too!

  • Fake Tree or Real Tree: We used to have an artificial tree for years, but have gotten a real tree for the last few years. I do love having a real tree as our main tree in the living room.

…but I love having a smaller artificial tree in the sun room and our bedroom to enjoy for a bit longer than a real tree lasts.

  • White Elephant or Secret Santa: Why is it that both of these options stress me out? I swear I’m a fun person. 😆 I guess I just feel like it’s one more thing to do / gift to buy when the time comes. I do think if I had to choose, I prefer Secret Santa because at least then you give and get something you’d probably actually want.
  • Egg nog or Hot cocoa: I love egg nog in December. I’m not a big cocoa person…but Hadley sure is! Hayden prefers egg nog. Sweet story: when the kids were little, my dad started calling egg nog “Christmas milk,” and it’s stuck! Also, my kids prefer the AE brand, and we don’t get that in Lexington. So, my brother bought a few at Thanksgiving, and put them in a cooler to bring back to Lex. Then, my mom brought a few cartons when she visited last week. So, Hayden has been so happy to have some extra “Christmas milk” on hand.
  • The Grinch or Elf: ahhh! I love the Grinch story, but prefer the Elf movie.
  • Mariah Carey or Michael Buble: Well, 1997 me would have been blasting a Mariah Carey CD in my car this time of the year, but the 40+ year old me definitely loves Michael Buble.
  • Black Friday or Cyber Monday: Hands down, I’m a Cyber Monday girl. I’ve never understood why people Black Friday shop. It’s too much pressure, too hectic, and too crowded! I love to make a list and be ready to go on Cyber Monday for probably 70% of my shopping. Then, I enjoy taking my time while out and about in December to choose other gifts when I have more time to do so.
  • Christmas Day or Christmas Eve: I think I’m more of a Christmas Day person. While I love the traditions of Christmas Eve, Christmas Day has a slower pace to it and a bit more time to relax.
Christmas Eve service is a favorite
…as is Christmas dinner
  • Ugly Sweater or Matching PJs: I love pjs! It’s always fun seeing my kids in their Christmas pjs excited for Santa. I hope as they get older, they will still continue this tradition in some way.
  • Giving Gifts or Getting Gifts: I definitely enjoy giving more than receiving! It’s always fun to see someone open a gift you think they’ll like.
  • Eating treats or Baking treats: BOTH?!? I do have quite the sweet tooth, so I enjoy eating treats, but I also love baking them. The kids and I bake some cookies with family this time of the year which is fun.

So, that’s a wrap on those topics! What about you? What are your preferences?

I can’t believe we only have two more school day until break. I can’t wait to not set an alarm and have some time to actually wrap gifts, bake cookies, and have a little extra time to relax.

See you back here tomorrow for Friday Favorites.