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Friday Favorites

Hey. Hey. Happy Friday.

This week was a mix of crossing things off my “to do” list, working on school stuff, running a few errands, going to Hayden’s baseball games and much more.

We’re glad it’s almost the weekend.

As always, I’m linking up with Andrea and Erika for this week’s Friday Favorites post.

Favorite Moment:

Definitely a favorite moment this week has been seeing some of my family that we haven’t seen in months. It’s been good for all of us.

Favorite Kid Quote:

Wednesday, 8:30 am in the Starbucks Drive-thru: Hadley said she would like a hot chocolate. I looked at her kind of surprised since it was 85 degrees outside, and she said, “Well, I doubt you’ll let me get a vanilla bean Frappuccino in the morning, right?” 😂 Good point.

Favorite Homer Pic:

Homer often hops up on the stool in the kitchen. It’s like he’s bellying up to the bar. He’s so funny.

Favorite Clothing Item:

These pjs I purchased from Amazon are definitely a fave. They are lightweight, comfy, and perfect for summer! I got the “galaxy” color/style.

Speaking of tie dye, Hadley is embracing this style too. She tie dyed a t-shirt with a friend recently, and even tie dyed a pair of socks too. I’m not sure about the socks and sandals looks, but “you do you, girl!”

Favorite Book:

I finished Our Little Lies the other day. My library didn’t have it, so I purchased it from Amazon for my Kindle. I try not to buy Kindle books often, and when I do, they are less than $5. This one was $2.99 and worth every penny. Definitely a great read.

Favorite Mom Meme:

I love to cook…but I struggle with cooking motivation in the summer. This meme definitely applies to me!

Bonus Favorite: Flashback Friday

Facebook continues to bring some favorite gems in “memories.”

This pic is from July 2010. We’d visited family in KC and made it just outside of St. Louis during our car ride back to Lexington. The kids were eight months old and kind of fussy….so we got a hotel room for the night. They were so cute sitting up in the bed with their pacis. The Run DMC onsie was a gift from my brother and one of my favorites.

Then, this pic is from July 2011 when we were in South Carolina. It was the kids first time at the beach. Such a sweet pic. They definitely don’t hold hands anymore!

Weekly Recap

That’s a wrap on this week’s faves. Don’t forget to check out the other ladies’ posts too!

Have a great weekend.

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July Prime Purchases

Of course I’ve made some Amazon purchases over the past month, so I thought I’d link up with Tanya again for her Prime Purchases post.

Y’all, Amazon Prime continues to be the real MVP. From clothes to water bottles to an inflatable pool, Amazon has it all. Here are a few of my recent Amazon purchases.

I’ve made it a goal this summer to drink more water, and this water bottle had done the trick. Hadley says it’s somehow embarrassing, but I love it 😉 I fill it up at least twice a day to get in my daily water goal.

My dad usually buys me a big Nest candle for Christmas. For Father’s Day, I thought I’d get him one that has a summery scent. I didn’t even know Amazon had Nest candles, but he received it the next day, so I was very happy with that purchase!

I’ve shared this pool in the past. Since we didn’t join our club pool this summer, I purchased this inflatable pool. It’s done the trick for keeping us cool. I use it the most, and Travis hates that there will be a big patch of dead grass in our backyard, but it’s been a good solution for this atypical 2020 summer.

And because the kids need to earn their keep…pool skimmer…to get the random leaves out before taking a dip.

I tend to only wear stud earrings. I also tend to lose earrings under a dresser, down the shower drain, or out in the yard. This is why I can’t have nice things. Anyway, I recently purchased these earrings and love them.

Shay shared this visor in one of her posts. I love wearing ball caps and have worn visors in the past. I love that these are plain, and I can keep my hair up high off my neck in the hot days of summer. I’ve purchased this visor in a couple more colors too!

Homer “needed” a larger patriotic bandana just in time for the 4th. Amazon….for the win!

The BEST Amazon purchase of the month (and maybe even the year) were these water shoes. After seeing them on social media, I saved them to one of my Amazon lists. After reading the info for our canoe trip, they mentioned wearing close toed shoes, and I remembered I had saved these. They were perfect for our canoe trip last Friday, and I know that I will wear them during the summer when we go for walks or hikes because I won’t have to wear socks and my feet can breathe!

I bought one more thing recently but it’s a gift for Trav’s birthday, which is today. So I will share it next month as I don’t want to give it away just yet.

Here are the other link up dates for Tanya’s Prime Purchases posts. Make sure to check out her post too.

Have a great Tuesday. Thanks so much for reading.

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Prime Purchases

Resharing this post from May and linking up with Tanya for her monthly Amazon post.

Well, we made it to another Friday! Seriously, the weeks are running together. I’ve just realized howclose we are to Memorial Day Weekend, and we only have one more full week of distance learning. I’m so ready to have passed the 4th grade again, y’all! 😉

Amazon is my lifeline…always has been, always will be. I used to rely on Amazon when I didn’t have time to run around to a million places looking for stocking stuffers or art supplies. Now, I rely on it because I can’t leave the house!

Also, I love seeing what other people order from Amazon, so I thought I’d share some recent purchases.

(Pictures are linked)


I swear I’m finished talking about the Sunroom Refresh 2.0, but with the refresh came my desire to purchase a couple new throw blankets. In all honesty, we’ve had some throws for quite some time, and I made a pile of bedding and older throws to donate.

Y’all, this leopard print one ($17) is out of my comfort zone of style, but I wanted something a little different, and this has delivered. It’s super soft and cozy…so much so, Hadley has stolen it every night to sleep with in her bed.

This “slate” colored waffle fleece blanket ($17) is more in my color palette. Again, it’s a perfect way to keep warm while reading a book or watching tv.


I think I’ve mentioned these pajama shorts ($12.50) before, and I ordered another pair. Again, it was kind of time to purge some of my older pajamas and start fresh. So, I have these Amazon Essentials shorts in aqua and grey heather stripe, and they are perfect for spring and summer.

I’ve talked about these Soulomelody tops in the past. I have a couple long sleeve tops as well as one short sleeved tee. So, I bought the tank ($15) in gray and love it. I’ve worn it on a bike ride but also with jeans and a cardigan. There are lots of options between the long sleeve, the short sleeve, and the tank versions.

Books and Games

Hayden’s teacher has been doing a read aloud of the first Harry Potter book in the afternoons. They read a chapter a day together. They finished the first book on yesterday, and he was so excited to start the second book that he asked me to order it. I don’t buy many books online, but with the $6 price tag, I went ahead and purchased it for him.

One of my favorite authors came out with a new book, so I pre-ordered it on Amazon. It arrived a couple of weeks later, and I can’t wait to read it.

I saw this game mentioned in one of Andrea‘s posts, and we’ve enjoyed playing it. The game is a combination of math and strategy, and it’s been good to throw into the mix of games and puzzles we’ve been doing to pass the time.

Household Items

We’ve had our outside patio furniture forever. We used it in our screened in porch at our old house, and now have the love seat on our patio. For years, I’ve hauled the cushions in if it looked like rain, but last summer I bought this cover. It’s perfect and has space for me to put the chair cushions under it as well. That being said, the one I bought last summer, was #Homered. So, I’m trying again, and, at under $20, if it can last me through the summer (by not being #Homered), I will be happy! Again, the quality is great…Homer is the issue 😉

Lastly, after completing our mini gallery wall for our master bedroom refresh, I thought it needed one more touch. The mini boxwood wreaths provided color and filled the space nicely!

So, there you have it! Just a few things I’ve ordered off of Amazon recently. Are you an Amazon person? What are some of your favorite Amazon finds?

I hope you have a great weekend! The weather looks to be nice today and tomorrow…but the rain chances come back in full force on Sunday. I know where I will be…snuggled up in one of those Amazon blankets while reading a book in the sunroom!

Thanks for reading,

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April Prime Purchases

Happy Wednesday. Also, Happy April 1st! I hope this week is treating you well. I know it continues to be very different for all of us, but I do feel like we are kind of in a routine at this point. BUT…I still continue to not know what day it is! 😉

Amazon has continued to come in clutch for me with Easter basket ideas, comfy clothes, and activities for the kids…So, I thought I’d share a few recent purchases.

That being said, I know times are tough, and many aren’t spending frivolously, so please don’t take this post in a negative light.

A couple of weeks ago when I realized the only sense of normalcy I may have over Easter is what I put in the kids’ baskets, I went ahead and ordered a few things. Also, for me, in these times, I want to feel comfortable. So, a few clothing options that are very reasonably priced and great quality did the trick for me. Self-care is important for me to keep my mind right. Whether it’s painting my nails, washing my face, or applying eye masks a few times a week, I feel so much better. Lastly, I continue to search for ideas to keep education a priority in my kids’ minds, and can always find items on Amazon.

Also of note: Amazon is prioritizing shipping for essential items, so of course, there may be a delay on some items. That being said, I did find that items with a delivery date of mid to late April, have either already arrived or are on their way. I’m sure it depends on the product and location.

Current Status:

A few recent purchases:

Y’all, I think I learned a new trick. If you click on the picture, I think (I hope!) it takes you directly to the product rather than when I hyperlinked it in the past. I just thought I’d try a new feature (and maybe check that off my blogging Professional Growth Plan 😉 …man, I must miss school!)

Shay shared this crossword book last week on her blog. The kids have completed a couple now, and I’m just using it as a supplemental resource and as a way to keep them busy for a few minutes while I make lunch.

Hadley is quite the dancer, and this band popped up on my Amazon feed. I thought she’d enjoy it and will be perfect for an Easter gift.

I actually saw this Snow in a Jar at Target awhile ago and made note of it as an idea for Hayden’s Easter basket. As you know, Amazon has everything, so I went ahead and purchased it with my other list of Easter items.

Sheaffer shared about the next two items on her Amazon Haul last week. Both items looked right up my alley and appeared to be a good “momiform” while spending much time at home. I do feel better if I go ahead and get dressed each day (even if I don’t so until 11:00 ;). These items have made me feel put together while also comfortable and ready to tackle the day.

These pants are giving me life. Seriously, I love them so much. They are light weight, my favorite jogger style, and so comfortable.

I bought this sweatshirt in the light pink color. At less than $9, I figured “why not?” I wasn’t disappointed at all. It’s good quality (Hanes must know what they are doing! ;)), light weight, and cozy.

Lastly, I’ve had this long sleeve shirt for awhile. I bought it in blue after Amanda posted about it in a Friday Favorites post a bit ago. Again, the quality is great, and it fits just how I like shirts to fit…not too tight and not too loose. I see that there are also short sleeve and sleeveless options too which I will keep in mind for the future.

Lastly, I’ve been using these gold eye masks for quite some time. I only use them a couple of days a week on my tired eyes, so the pack lasts me a couple of months. Again, with self-care, I wash my face, apply toner, and moisturizers morning and night. Then, I usually do a couple of face masks a week (charcoal and gel) and then add in these eye masks when I feel like I need them.

I hope you are having a great week and getting outside to enjoy some fresh air. I know that always helps me feel a bit better! Thanks for reading.

Take care,